Because of a classmate party, she was pregnant unexpectedly!(Story around)


"Doctor, how about my son? Didn’t premature babies live in the insulation box?"

"Don’t need it, how healthy he is, 7 pounds and 8 two! Don’t worry!"

Just now, Xiaoshuai was still worried that the premature wife would be dangerous. He wandered anxiously outside the delivery room. He did not believe that there was God, Allah, and Guanyin Bodhisattva, but he kept praying in his heart.Mother and son must be safe, be mother and child peace!

After listening to the doctor, the little handsome was not at ease. After all, the child had been serving for a month for a month. He insisted on letting his son enter the insulation box.

A doctor came over next to him, the director of the obstetrics and gynecology department. She glanced a few glances, "You can rest assured, the child is full of moon, no premature birth!"

"No premature birth? How is this possible?" Hearing the doctor’s words, sweetness also widened her eyes, and she was very weak lying on the bed.

The director is fully grasped, "You can rest assured, I have been doing this line for more than thirty years, and I will not read it wrong. It must be that you remember the wrong date!"

When the doctor left, there were only one family of three left in the ward. The child ate a few mother’s milk and fell asleep.Xiaoshuai had a heavy mind. He had been looking at the calendar in his mobile phone. He threw away his mobile phone and was emotional.

"You tell me clearly, what’s going on? If the child is not a premature baby, the date is not right, then I still did not come back in Africa! Who is this child?"

How can this kind of thing be admitted? He argued in every way, and that the child was premature.

Xiaoshuai didn’t want to listen to her words. He found a duty doctor and retracted all the pregnancy test records. The case was written clearly. The due date: April 28th, today is April 30.It’s two days later.

Xiao Shuai usually worked abroad. That time he lived at home for ten days, and naturally he had no cultivation land.After he left for more than a month, his wife told him that he was pregnant.Xiao Shuai was very busy at work, and he didn’t rush back until his wife was about to give birth.

Faced with all this, the wife’s eyes became guilty, fear, and hesitant, "I … I went to a classmate party and indulged it once! Really only one time! Husband, you believe me!"

"Go to your mother once!" Little handsome slapped in the past regardless of his wife’s weakness.


Three days later, sweetness was discharged.The other pregnant women were embraced and hugged, lest a little mistake, but the sweetness was deserted. The discharge procedures she went through by herself, holding the child by herself, taking a taxi, and the little handsome went home.

If it wasn’t for the driver’s help, sweetness would definitely not be able to move his luggage upstairs. Xiao Shuai was lying on the bed, as if she didn’t see her in.

"Which house do we sleep?" Tiantian asked, whispered, whispered.

"Which house to sleep? You give me a sleeping room!" Xiao Shuai rolled over and sat up, and broke out again. "I said you are so shameless, right? This green hat is worn by me.Come out, stinky shame! "

"I … you have been walking for more than half a year. I haven’t done anything sorry for you. That time was a classmate party. I drank too much and met again … My first love!"

As the saying goes, the classmates will be the classmate, and one pair of dismantling a pair is a pair. This is really true. With the role of the wine, he holds the opponent’s hand and talks about love.The two disappeared.

Sweetan thought that the past was over, it was a secret that could not be told to others.

Xiaoshuai wanted to divorce directly. Who should you find who should be looking for a child? It doesn’t matter if you don’t recognize it.I don’t dare to raise children for others.

The next day, her old mother came from other places.Xiao Shuai lost his father at an early age, and his mother pulled him up.

The mother’s body is not good, the sequelae of the cerebral infarction, and the heart is not good.After she saw her child, she was excited and tears, staring at the child every day.

"Son, how do you let the sweet sweet mother sleep in the living room? Seet my big bed, just sleep in the living room!"

"Mom, the living room is good, they are more sunny!"

The old lady knew that she had a bad health and could not live for two years. She saw the grand grandson before dying. There was no regret in this life.After excitement, she wrote a suicide note directly. The 300,000 deposit of her Carius kept it to the grandson, and even the little handsome had no share.

Xiao Shuai blew up as soon as he heard it, leaving the money to the son of the enemy.However, he didn’t dare to tell the truth, and he knew that he would kill his mother on the spot.


In front of her mother, Xiaoshuai was so relieved to care for the sweet mother and child, and looked at the family who was happy. The mother was very pleased.

But the situation behind it was not the case. Xiaoshuai liked to play games before. Now it is even more fierce. The child’s crying is upset. He rushed into a bottle of hot milk and stuffed it directly into the child’s mouth.

The sweetness that wakes up from his sleep, scolding Xiao Shuai is not a person. Even if he has a thousand mistakes, the child is innocent.

"You tell me less, I will not strangle him if you do it! In my mother’s portrait, I make up with you, do you really think of yourself as a mother?"

Xiaoshuai dragged his sweet hair and wanted to beat her again. Suddenly he put down his fist. He changed his mind and ordered sweetly. "Take off his clothes!"

Sweet and sweet just gave birth to a child, a little postpartum depression, and she was exhausted every day. She had no desire at all.No matter how much Xiaoshuai, he became brutal and rude. "Other men can touch it, I can’t touch it, right, do you still think about him?"

The fist crackled down!

Sweet and silently endured all of this. Since then, she deleted all the contact information of her first love and never had any intersection.Who knows that fate is so tricky, just once, she will be recruited.

Xiao Shuai’s heart was extremely distorted. In front of outsiders, he would pretend to be happy, and colleagues, friends, and relatives knew that he had a big son.Xiao Shuai is most afraid that they will discuss the appearance of their children. Where do they look like a mother and where they look like a father.

Xiaoshuai looked at the child in front of him, and he didn’t look like himself. He picked up his slippers and pulled it towards the child’s arm and legs fiercely.

If it was not sweet and stopped in time, I am afraid that the child would be killed by Xiao Shuai alive.Sweet sweetly called a 120 and sent the child to the hospital.After some examinations, the doctor came to the conclusion: the child only suffered some skin trauma, and it didn’t have much to do.

The result of the blood test was like a thunderbolt -the child suffered from congenital AIDS.


The child’s AIDS is spread by breast milk, but how did the sweet AIDS come from?

After Xiao Shuai learned, he snorted disdainful, "You just explain it honestly, in addition to that time, you should go to bed with whom, you should be shameless!"

"Really, that time, there is no others except you!" Sweetan could conclude this matter.

"Then you doubt me? I tell you, I am very clean, it must be your first love problem!" Xiaoshuai went directly to test a blood in order to make sweetness and nothing.In less than half an hour, the result came out, but the result was heavy, and the little handsome also had AIDS.

Xiao Shuai worked in Africa all year round, and the conditions were extremely difficult, but they were treated well, and they were more than earning in China.Leaving the hometown, plus his wife was not around, the lonely and boring little handsome, she found the local black girl.

In the face of this result, Xiaoshuai was unwilling to believe that he firmly believed that the virus on his body must be transmitted to himself. The source of the problem must be a sweet first love.

"How is it possible, if it was his reason, I would definitely find out during the pregnancy examination, it must be brought back!"

After all, this incident could not be covered. Soon the little handsome mother and the people around them knew it. The sweet first love also knew it. Due to the pressure of public opinion, he went to the hospital for inspection.Essence

Heavenly reincarnation, who used to spare?Little handsome, God reported his revenge without knowing the ghost.But he himself fell into the trap of death.

After the sweet first love learned everything, he resolutely chose to leave. He had his own wife and children, and he would not abandon his current family.Moreover, sweet mother and child have AIDS. This is a bottomless abyss. He is unable to rescue them.


A few months later, Xiaoshuai died. Although AIDS is incurable, as long as they actively cooperate with treatment, their life span is close to the normal population.

Sweetan hated him, and added a little disinfectant to his meals every day, because the dose was very small, and he would not notice it at all.Xiaoshuai thought his wife changed his mind and intends to cross the difficulties with himself.

As the body collapsed day by day, Xiaoshuai thought it was a normal reaction of AIDS. Before dying, he also thanked the sweetness of sweetness."Sweet, these … the days have worked hard, even the previous things, I … don’t care about it!"

After Xiao Shuai’s death, the hospital conducted some inspections, and nothing was found, but the police expressed doubt that they questioned sweetness and found nothing.

At this point, the dust should be settled, but a police officer still doubts that he insisted on giving the sweet rigid rigid meter. In front of the polygraph, the truth can be found.I have to say that this is a very fatal trick.

The sweetness has her own countermeasures. She secretly hid a nail on the soles of the shoe, and the nail tip towards the feet. No matter what the police asked, she stepped on the nail.The severe pain caused her heartbeat to increase sharply, and her blood pressure rose, which were all physical instincts.

But in this way, the polygraph seems to be incompetent. No matter how the police ask, the sweet response is the same. Finally, the police sent the conclusion. "Sweet sweetness does not lie.! "

Before the death of her son, the sweet mother -in -law left the world because of sudden cerebral hemorrhage, because she had no time to modify her will.

In this way, sweetness took a large legacy, took the child, and left the house.Life has been crushed, but this is not the worst result. She has children and deposits. She wants to bring her children to live again.

Even if the future is uncertain, she has to accompany the child more, the grievances between adults, why should a child bear it?


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