Be wary of invisible killer on the road of pregnancy

Red Net Moment News August 29th (Correspondent Liu Ting) In recent years, Hunan Provincial Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital has diagnosed several cases of "uterine adhesion".Less, two days gone.Usually, the amount of menstrual flow is not paid attention to. When preparing for fertility, I find that I can’t conceive or have a habitual abortion …

There are not a few women suffering from "uterine cavity adhesion", and "uterine cavity adhesion" is a veritable "three high" diseases, that is, high incidence, high infertility rate, and high recurrence rate.

What is the uterine cavity adhesion?

Gulfic adhesion refers to the cause of endometrial damage due to various reasons such as trauma and infection, which causes the uterine cavity or cervix to be completely or partially closed by the fiber adhesion, which causes a series of clinical symptoms, such as decreased menstruation, amenorrhea, and cyclicality.Lower abdominal pain, repeated abortion, secondary infertility, etc., which seriously affects the menstrual and fertility functions of women of childbearing age.

What are the causes of uterine cavity?

1. Trauma

According to relevant statistics, 90.8%of patients with uterine cavity adhesion are caused by the uterine cavity operations caused by pregnancy, such as early pregnancy abortion negative pressure suction, medium pregnancy claw scratching, medium pregnancy culinary curettage, postpartum bleeding curettage and natural abortion curettage palace curettage palaceSope, etc.; The uterine cavity adhesion caused by non -pregnancy -related uterine cavity, the incidence rate accounts for 2.7%, such as the resection of fibroids, diagnostic curers, cervical surgery, and ringing surgery.

2. Infection

Uterine tuberculosis, menoparable endometritis, subsequent infection of subsequent occurrence of uterine cavity operation, infection during puerperium, and subsequent secondary infections in the placement of intrauterine samples.

3. Human factors

Artificially destroy the endometrium base layer, such as endometrial electroconduration, intrauterine microwave, freezing, chemical drug treatment and local radiation therapy.

What are the symptoms of uterine cavity adhesion?

1. Menstruation changes

Those who are completely adhered to the cervix may occur with amenorrhea, part of the cervical partial adhesion, or the endometrial part.

2. Abnormal pregnancy

Infertility, repeated abortion, placental adhesion, placental implantation, and premature birth.

3, lower abdominal pain

Patients may have periodic abdominal pain, abdominal abdomen will have sudden spasm pain, and the anus will have a swelling.

Why does the uterine adhesion cause a small amount of menstruation or even infertility?

The process of flow and curettage may damage the endometrium of the uterine, causing some uterine endometrial defects.Menstruation is formed by the periodic exfoliation of the endometrium, and the endometrium after injury cannot be new, the more defects, and the fewer menstrual flow.

The fertilized eggs are on the endometrium of the uterine, just like the roots of the seeds in the soil.The more endometrium is damaged, the more fertilized eggs are nowhere to "settle", and if you want to get pregnant, you will become more and more difficult.

What should I do?

Repeated abortion and patients with less menstrual and fertility requirements can be used as the preferred treatment method.

Hunan Provincial Medicine Hospital adopts a comprehensive treatment method of combining traditional Chinese and western medicine.After the surgery is separated and adhesive, it is filled with a cooker balloon for 5-7 days, and the internal adurator is placed in the palace to prevent adhesion again. After surgeryGovernance, governing the kidney to nourish the kidney with blood circulation, the spleen and phlegm, and conform to the law of the women’s menstrual yin and yang changes. Select medication in installments: the combination of warm kidney yang and nourishing kidney yin in the early stage, promoting the longeval long nourishingThe downlink is used as the use, which prompts the uterine endometrium and eliminates the blood to cause new blood. After the later period of strengthening the temper, it can recover the yin blood; eventually allow the patient to return to normal menstruation and get pregnant smoothly.

Experts remind: The culprit that caused the adhesion of young women’s uterine cavity is the operation of the uterine cavity. It is hoped that Guangda women do scientific contraception, reduce unexpected pregnancy, and cherish their uterus.

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