Be careful in pregnant women’s stomach pain, be careful that may be early peeling on the placenta

Recently, Wu Mou, a pregnant woman who was pregnant for 9 months, had a self -service barbecue the night before, and diarrhea occurred at 3 o’clock at night, and then the abdomen was tight.Although there is no obvious discomfort such as abdominal pain, Ms. Wu and her family still decided to go to the obstetric department of Wangfu Hospital.

Deputy Chief Physician Zhou Jing of the obstetrics clinic was asked to find that the pregnant woman was 36+4 weeks of pregnancy, the second child, and the abdomen was tight for more than 5 hours.Dr. Zhou Jing immediately contacted the B -ultrasound for emergency B -ultrasound. Considering that the placenta may be early -strip, Dr. Zhou Jing quickly reported to the deputy director of the obstetrics and gynecology Wang Aijun.

Deputy Director Wang Aijun immediately instructed to open a green channel for the patient and sent it directly to the ward.After the deputy director of Wang Aijun and the doctor on duty, Liu Peilan, who was diagnosed with a pregnant woman, found that the pregnant woman’s life signs were stable. The contraction was once every 3-4 minutes.Difference.With the results of B -ultrasound and many years of rich clinical experience, diagnosis of pregnant women is prematurely peeled by the placenta, and a cesarean section is needed immediately.

After explaining the situation to the patients and their families, the patients and their families agreed to perform surgery.Deputy Director Wang Aijun and Dr. Liu Peilan actively prepared preparations and blood for blood. At the same time, he contacted Director of Pedicoa and Fengfeng to ask the Kyoto Children’s Hospital to guard Taiwan to ensure the safety of newborns.

After doing all the preparations for all surgery, Dr. Cheng Wei Guang completed the anesthesia quickly. Deputy Director Wang Aijun quickly gave birth to the fetus.During the operation, it was found that the placenta was completely stripped, and the uterine stroke was 800ml of bleeding. Due to the timely rescue and proper treatment, the uterine resection was avoided and the uterus was kept.

After careful treatment and care by the obstetrics and gynecologists and nurse, the maternal recovery was very good. The hospital was discharged smoothly for 6 days. The newborn was discharged from hospital for 9 days at the Kyoto Children’s Hospital.

The placenta at the premium of the placenta after 20 weeks of pregnancy is before the fetal delivery, part or all from the uterine wall, which can be manifested as vaginal bleeding and abdominal pain.Internal blood vessels coagulation (DIC) can endanger mothers’ lives if not handled in time.

Deputy Director Wang Aijun introduced that this case of pregnant women’s placenta peeling symptoms and signs is very unprecedented. It is easy to miss and misdiagnose. The successful rescue benefits from the highly vigilance of the obstetricians, decisive diagnosis, timely and rapid surgical treatment.In the dead palace, uterine resection, blood loss shock, and even endangering mothers’ lives, the consequences are unimaginable; it also benefits from the combination of multi -disciplines such as B -ultrasound, anesthesiology, operating room, pediatrics, emergency department, inspection department, blood transfusion room, etc.Cooperate closely.

In recent years, the placenta has an upward trend early, the cause is unknown, and the onset of the disease is hidden. Mark doctors are required to be good at discovering clues and timely discovering the abnormal situation of mothers and children.Deputy Director Wang Aijun reminded all expectant mothers that they must go to the hospital for check -up. If they find bleeding, abdominal tightness, backache, uterine tenderness, abnormal fetal movement, etc.

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