Ballad 丨 Babies have hemangioma because the mother is playing mobile phones during pregnancy?

Recently, when a mother brought her child a doctor, she said that the child had hemangioma as soon as she was born. The family had been complaining about herself, saying that it was caused by playing mobile phones during pregnancy.I also blame myself, I regret playing mobile phones every day during pregnancy.So, is the child’s hemangioma grow long because his mother has been playing with his phone during pregnancy?

of course not!It is believed that the radiation of mobile phones during pregnancy causes the child to have hemangioma after birth!

First of all, mobile phone radiation does not cause hemangioma. In the strict sense of hemangioma, hemangioma is a deformity of vascular deformity and a hemorrhage. Although the mobile phone has radiation, the radiation of the mobile phone is far from reaching the vascular lesion.The degree of extent, and at present, there is no saying that radiation has caused hemangioma.

Hemang tumor is a common benign tumor for infants and young children. It appears mostly at the time of birth or one month after birth.Wait for special parts.When a child with hemangioma is born, the affected area is manifested as a point -like erythema or capillaries.Although it looks small, within a few weeks, the affected area grows rapidly.

Hemangioma is a congenital common disease. The cause is relatively complicated. Its pathogenesis is not clear. At present, most scholars believe that in the process of human embryonic development, especially in the stage of differentiated vascular tissue differentiation, due to the occurrence of its control gene sectionSmall dislocation leads to abnormal tissue differentiation in its specific parts and develop into hemangioma.Some scholars believe that in the early days of embryo (August to December), embryo tissue suffers mechanical injuries, and local tissue hemorrhage caused some hematopoietic stem cells to be distributed in other embryo characteristic cells, and some of them were differentiated into vascular samples and eventually formed hemangioma.However, there is still no generally accepted theory to explain.

If you find that your baby grows hemangioma, please go to the Department of Hemangioma as soon as possible, and professional doctors give diagnosis and treatment suggestions.As long as hemangioma is properly treated, it generally does not affect function and development. Parents are requested to rest assured.

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