Bai Baihe became pregnant again?I was photographed with a big belly and seemed to be pregnant with three babies. My Weibo revealed a lot of information

Recently, Bai Baihe and the eldest son Yuanbao were photographed shopping, and everyone was attracted by her slightly bulging belly. The media reported that the copywriting directly wrote that her pregnant belly was obvious, and she guessed that she was pregnant with three babies.

Wait a minute!

Netizens who saw this news were instantly stunned, 1, 2, 3, 4 … when did "two" suddenly "three"?

Don’t worry, don’t panic, let’s make up the class here.

In fact, I do n’t blame netizens. Maybe it ’s“ being bitten by a snake and a rope for ten years ”. Since Bai Baihe’s divorce, she has never responded to any private life issues, from love to pregnancy to giving birth to children, and then having children.Including whether there are children and who is the child and the child, etc., there are no official announcements at one time, and the relevant information depends on the media shooting and Reuters, so everyone will just take a look.

Let’s talk about pregnancy and giving birth to children.

The media inferred that the third child may be about four months from Bai Baihe’s belly. She posted a Weibo in mid -to -late April.In the photo together, the iron powder message also had a sense of intention and pointing. The comments asked her: "When can I open a kindergarten at home."

Coincidentally, in October 2021, the media exposed Bai Baihe’s second child. After that, she also took the same dolls. The copywriting also mentioned the keyword of "new friends".

There is also Bai Baihe’s recent photos of Weibo, and I do n’t know if it was affected by media reports. She always felt that her waist and abdomen really stout …

There is also a delicate detail. Bai Baihe’s Weibo update has always been very regular. She will go out to wear look regularly, but she does not know why she has never took pictures of high heels after January.

In order to calculate, this time point seems to be in line with the media infected by the media, and if you look closely, Bai Baihe Weibo will find that even the last high -heeled shoes are inventory.

The actor who starred in the drama with Bai Baihe also specifically mentioned that she did not wear high heels. After that, Bai Baihe showed this high heels.

Not only that, Bai Baihe’s latest blog post is "love to buy high -heeled shoes, love to wear flat shoes, I don’t know if it is alone."The source has been deleted.

Once you find the small details of the heel, you will immediately notice more information exposed in Bai Baihe’s Weibo.

It is still a comparison between the third and second babies. In 2021, the media took Bai Baihe to take the children to go out. It was suspected that it was her second child. Bai Baihe himself went out for a long time to go out for a long time.

Probably after watching the rhythm of Bai Baihe’s pregnancy and having a child, now it is the second question -who is the child!

——Axitated accident should be Bai Baihe’s first love boyfriend Zhang Silin.

Although there have been no foreign officials, Bai Baihe never shynly associated with Zhang Silin before the people. The media repeatedly photographed the two of them and went together to eat, go shopping, go to the supermarket, and even was photographed to the obstetrics and gynecology department.

In April, they were photographed twice in a row. The two were intimate on the street, showing their waist off their waists, and Bai Baihe also put his chin on the man.

According to the media shooting timeline, Bai Baihe and her boyfriend can be described as stable. There are also news that the two have been married. The boyfriend has been upgraded to her husband. In view of this news, it is pure news. Without any photos and videos, we will be a man or a man.Girlfriend relationship.

Regarding Bai Baihe’s pursuit of new happiness, netizens’ response was good, and she also expressed her hope that the media would not pay too much attention to her private life, but some netizens were worried that she would have risks when she was pregnant.

Finally, I mentioned it. When Bai Bai still exposed to the group some time ago. I do n’t know if the child ’s arrival will affect the shooting of the new drama. The female star is still very hard. Once you are pregnant, you must consider the effect of the career. Here I also hope that Bai Baihe is healthy.Everything goes well.

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