Baby, when did you come out so long in your mother’s belly?

Many pregnant mothers have been thinking about the baby from the first day of pregnancy.The hospital will tell you, but you still need to be better in your heart.How to calculate the due date?Please look down.

Except for the fetal abnormalities or twins, the average pregnancy period is 279 ~ 282 days, about 40 weeks.Based on the accurate due date, you can verify whether the fetal development is normal.

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1. The last menstrual period+280 days is the day when you are expected

From fertilization to birth, the average is 266 days.The beginning of the beginning of pregnancy starts from the day when the eggs and sperm encounters fertilization, but we cannot accurately know which day it is.Generally, we believe that the fertilization is completed two weeks after menstruation, so the due date is basically calculated from the last menstrual menstruation.Let me give an example: If the menstrual cycle is 35 days, the due date is 280 days plus 7 days (35-28 = 7), which is 287 days.If the state of pregnancy is normal, but there is no pain after two weeks of due date, such delayed delivery accounts for 10%of the overall.

2. Calculation formula for the due date

(1) The start time of the last menstruation is from April to December.

(A-3) Month (B+7) Day

For example: the last menstrual date is September 20, then the due date is 6 (9-3) month, 27 (20+7).

(2) The last period of menstruation starts from January to March, and the expected formula is:

(A+9) Month (B+7) Day

For example: The last menstrual date is February 5th, the due date is 11 (2+9) month 12 (5+7).

3. Basic body temperature curve confirmation method

Basic body temperature refers to the body temperature that continues to sleep for more than 3 hours, and immediately measured after waking up.Generally, the body temperature before ovulation is maintained at 36.1 ~ 36.3 ° C (low temperature period), and increases to 36.4 ~ 37 ° C (high temperature period) after ovulation.If you have not conceived after ovulation, your body temperature will continue to decline as menstruation starts. If you have conceived, the temperature will continue to be high temperature until the production.The average temperature difference between the average body temperature of the high temperature period is about 0.55 ° C. Generally, it can be accurately known after 3 to 4 months of measurement, so we must persist in measurement and record.But please note that if you take the contraceptive orally, the results may be inaccurate.The last day of low temperature can be considered a ovulation day, plus 38 weeks (266 days) here can calculate the due date.The ovulation day may not be pregnant, and it may be different from the hospital calculation.

Hospital calculation

1. You can know through ultrasound

After 5 weeks of pregnancy, you can confirm whether you are pregnant and the state of the fetus through ultrasound.The length of the fetus from the head to the butt (long head and hip) can calculate the date of fertilization.This method is suitable for pregnant women who do not know the last menstruation or irregular menstrual cycle, but if you are pregnant for more than 12 weeks, because the growth and development of each fetus is different, sometimes you may only see a few parts of the fetus, plus each attending doctorThere are also differences in the understanding of the picture, so the error may be more than one week.

2. Measure the height of the bottom of the uterus

The height of the uterine bottom refers to the distance from the pubic bone in front of the pelvis to the highest point of the uterus.At 20 to 31 weeks of pregnancy, except for pregnant women with particularly obese or light weight, the height of the uterine bottom is almost the same as the number of pregnancy weeks.In other words, at 21 weeks of pregnancy, the bottom of the uterus is 21cm.Hospitals often use this method to judge the state of fetal development.The highest uterine bottom is when the nine months of pregnancy is about to be in the basin, because the fetus goes down, the height of the uterine bottom will become lower.Generally, we do not recommend calculating the due date through the height of the palace bottom. It is best to calculate the combination of ultrasonic inspection and fetal movement status.

Special reminder: After all, the due date is calculated. Even if the actual childbirth day is early or later than the monthly production period.Generally, the first maternal maternal will be later than the due date, and the maternal avoids the due date.

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