Avoid "Tang’s", pregnant mothers need to do so!The probability is greatly reduced

Bringing life is a process of happiness, and the arrival of the baby will bring endless joy to a family.However, there is a class of children "Folding Angels" -onon, Tang’s will always be a heavy topic for the family, and Tang’s syndrome has a great impact on children’s health.

More and more advanced medical technology is still difficult to eliminate more and more "Tang’s".According to statistics, there is a "Tang family" born every 20 minutes in my country, so why is Donal’s more common?How to avoid, the probability of Tang’s appearance is greatly reduced?

Husband and wife of the family "Tang family" or abnormal chromosome

Tang’s syndrome is a genetic disease. If the family has a history of this aspect of any family, it will have a higher chance of Tang family. Compared with ordinary pregnant women, it will be 10 times higher.Therefore, for the health of family and fetuses, Don screening must be performed during pregnancy.


The current research shows that elderly pregnant women (more than or equal to 35 years) are the main reasons for Donal.Women are more than 35 years old, and their physical functions are not as good as before. The quality of eggs is lower than the quality of the eggs of appropriate pregnant mothers. Eggs with abnormal number of chromosomes gradually increased.It is impossible to provide good conditions for the development of fertilized eggs, and the chances and risks of fetal defects will be higher.

Infected by virus during pregnancy

If the pregnant woman is unfortunately infected by the virus during pregnancy, the fetus will have a certain chance to suffer from the Tang syndrome.This is because the virus will stay in the human body for a while. Entering various organs through blood will also enter the fetus through the placenta, which may cause chromatin to break, destroy the normal division of fetal cells, leading to deformity.

Use medicine during pregnancy

Be sure to remembers the medicine during pregnancy and pregnancy, especially some drugs that may cause fetal malformations, which will increase the probability of Tang’s.Therefore, you must follow the doctor’s advice during pregnancy and don’t take the medicine without authorization.

Frequent contact with harmful substances

Harmful substances have a great impact on the fetus. Chemical agents, radiation, biological toxins, and radioactive substances may cause changes in chromosomes during replication, which will cause chromosomal deformities and disadvantage to the health of the fetus.

The first is a marriage check and pregnancy check.Before marriage, it is best to go to the relevant genetic outpatient clinics, obstetrics and gynecology clinics, and conduct some testing of eugenics projects to see the use of folic acid, nutrition during pregnancy, etc., and do some related genetic testing.There are also detection of thyroid, heart, virus (such as bowworm).

Regarding the pregnancy test, both sides should not smoke and drink before pregnancy, avoid contact with radioactive substances, use less or use radiation items such as less or computer, eat less or do not eat barbecue foods. It is best to supplement some folic acid 3 months before pregnancy.Through pre -pregnancy examination, early diagnosis and timely treatment can be made for some genetic diseases and invisible teratogenic factors.

The second is prenatal screening and prenatal diagnosis.If there is a family history, unknown abortion history, both husband and wife have related diseases, and contact the pathogenic factors such as virus pesticides, they are all high -risk people. It is recommended to do a prenatal screening.The birth of the child.

After pregnancy, in addition to conventional pregnancy health care, four -dimensional color Doppler ultrasound screening, Tang’s screening, etc., observe the growth and development of the fetus in the palace in multiple directions and angles.Provide accurate scientific basis.At the same time, the fetal body surface can also be checked, such as lip cracks, spinal spine, brain, kidney, heart, bone dysplasia, etc., in order to be treated early.As well as


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