August Peach Sweet

Twenty years ago, she planted a peach tree that ran away for love.

"Exit at high speeds in front, buy a box of peaches for your sister."


Yao Yihua responded to the inner road slowly.Since learning that her sister Dahua is about to be in the basin, her father has mentioned her for the first time.

His father Yao Maorong stopped talking, turned his head, and stunned half of the window.Outside the window, in August, the hot Nanfeng poured into the air -conditioned carriage and hit Yao Yihua’s arm.He suddenly felt that he was warm up and down.

"Nong wants to smoke again?" The mother sitting in the back row asked.

"I breathe out."

"Dahua, like Nong, likes to eat Fenghua’s" Huang Yulu "peach." The mother said softly.

The car drove out of high speed.On both sides of the highway are the booths that sell peaches with sun umbrellas.The large and small peaches are coded together into a hillbag. Some are Jin Chancan, some are red and attractive.Yao Yihua ignored the stall owner of the business and drove the car to Taoyuan.He has been running on this road with his father since he was a child.

"It’s been a few years, it is really a big change." Yao Maorong said, pulling out a pack of profit groups, and skillfully played on the buttocks of the cigarette box.A sign that flys out of the visa in the temple.

Yao Maorong thoroughly pressed the window, the "sign" on his lips, ordered the fire, and twitched it.In the past, he watched his father smoking on this Taoyuan Road. Nowadays, time has passed for more than 50 years.Yao Maorong and his father liked to "solve the sign" for their own days in the way of smoking.

It was in the 1960s, Yao Maorong’s father Yao Shuisheng was in his forties, and five children at home were waiting to be fed.Yao Maorong was twelve years old and was the boss of his brothers and sisters.Yao Shui has a brain light. In the season when the peach is mature, his most important opportunities for making money in the year will come.

At that time, there was a large wheat land in the east villages of Ninghai County.After the autumn harvest, no one wanted it on the yellow mud road on the ground.Yao Shuisheng asked Ningbo’s paper mill to acquire straws as raw materials. He pulled his own large board, tied dozens of tied to wheat straws, and sent money to more than 100 kilometers of paper mills.In order to send more wheat straws for each trip, Yao Shuisheng often called Xiaomao Rong to help fight.

Xiaomao Rong was working hard, rushing to help his father tie straw straw, and his hand -stalling rope was working hard, and he all made a bright red seal.When he tied up, he jumped into a large board again, took the wheat straw bundle from his father, and placed it on the board.His father had a bundle of landing, and he bundled one by one, until he piled up a hill on the board.

At that time, the father and son always went out after lunch, tossing in the wheat straw for a long time, and when the car was installed, it was often dusk.

"You climb to the top, help Dad put the hemp rope over, and knotted it."

"Okay -the knot is good, Dad."

"Let’s go, I smoke the root cigarette."

Yao Shuisheng pulled out a cigarette case, a cigarette popped up, sitting on the long push of the big board, and began to smoke quietly.Not far away, the evening wind rolled the leaves of the camphor tree.Xiaomao Rong squinted his slender eyes and sat on the wheat straw pile, wiped away the sweat beads that were dripped.The setting sun has fallen into the winding mountains, and the red and clear tomato is like a sandy tomato.

"Get up -send it early to Ningbo and change money early."

Yao Shuisheng got up and held the car to push the car. Xiaomao Rong grabbed the rope, slid down from it, holding his hands with his hands on the wheat straw behind the car, and supported it hard.

"Ah, Ara, 阿-"

The father and son are working together."Squeak" -the bear’s bearing of the board of the board made a sharp scream. The wheat straw stack was like a little beast who woke up with the head, and twisted his back.From Dongxiang Township, Ninghai County to Ningbo Paper Factory, more than a hundred kilometers of Tu Road, the father and son would have to go all night and one day.

Fortunately, Xiaomao Rong does not need to start a whole process. As long as he hits the wheat straw stack when he goes uphill, be careful to tighten the hemp rope when he goes downhill.Even so, when he walked late at night, people had already yawned and exhausted.

"Why is it slow again, boss, push hard."

"oh oh!"

Yao Shuisheng urged in front, Xiaomao Rong tried to open his eyes and keep up with his father’s steps.

"Mo sleepy, come back, buy peaches for Nong Nong …"

"Okay, okay!"

In the grass next to Tu Road, the 蟋蟀, 蚱蜢, and textiles were noisy into a ball, and there was a large board "squeak, squeak" to the yellow cavity.But for a while, Xiaomao Rong fell asleep again.

"Pap!" Xiaomao Rong fell straight on the soil road, his knees hurt.

"Don’t leave, I don’t go anymore -why are they all at home, let me follow each time?"

"Get up, hurry up! You can rush to Ningbo before it is dark tomorrow." Yao Shuisheng burst into a car on the flat road and looked back at Xiaomao Rong.

"I don’t do it!" Xiaomao Rong ran behind him.

"Hey! Stand -run out of your legs again!" Yao Shuisheng snorted.Xiaomao Rong didn’t dare to run again, and simply sat on the ground and cried.

Yao Shuisheng came over, and brightened a match shot according to Xiaomao Rong’s knee, patted his shoulder and said:

"Allah can’t afford to sting, be sleepy next to the road."

Yao Shuisheng is not a irritable person.That phrase "interrupting your legs" is not so much scaring the child, it is better to say that he is leaking out of his life.If it wasn’t for the early to rush to Ningbo, he would not drag two sore legs and walked silently for a night.

Yao Shuisheng found two stones behind the board wheels, and asked Xiaomao Rong to sit on his hand, leaning on wheat straw stacks.He took a cigarette, and he took a sip with his energy.

It was dark around, and Yao Shuisheng raised the cigarette butt in his hand.Xiaomao Rong suddenly felt that the cigarette butt was so tall that he could scald the black sky into a hole.The gray smoke was like a cloud of clouds leaked from the cave. It was not until it was blown by the wind, and then I saw a brilliant star around the entrance of the cave, shaking on the top of the head.

At noon the next day, the two rushed to eat some dry food and walked for nearly 4 hours, and finally rushed to the Ningbo Paper Factory.A car of wheat straw actually paid 36 yuan -it was a family’s spending one month, and Yao Shuisheng quickly counted the money twice, and his lips trembled.

"This night, Lennon trapped the car. Ah Da Ron goes back."

"When passing by Fenghua, I want to eat peach!"

"Okay, be sleepy."

Yao Shuisheng picked up the car and pulled Xiaomao Rong. The step was even lighter than when he came.

The next day, when the sky was bright, Xiaomao Rong woke up.

"Where is it?"

"Passing Fenghua."

"Dad, Taozi …"

"What peach?"

"Peach! Ah Denon —"

Xiaomao Rong jumped from the board.Yao Shuisheng pointed at the sack bag on the pushing hand and said, "Authentic Huang Yulu -nong first picked a big top to eat. Everyone can divide one more."

Xiaomao Rong’s thin eyes were full of light.He was busy touching a big peach from a sack, pinched with his hands, stretched to the nose to sniff, a light fruity aroma was refreshing -only the authentic Fenghua peach pinched this aroma, the outside world, the outside area, the ones in the field.Peach is absolutely not available.Eat peaches, and do not need to be washed, just find the softest part of the peach, stretch with your fingers, and then twist the peach skin of the thin cicada wings, slowly pull it open.The crystal and tender peach meat is like a white skating shirt exposed after the coat.Gently suck, the entrance of the peach meat is melted, the strong sweetness, the note is full of taste buds, and even the teeth and the cheekbones become soft.

"Ah, Nong also ate a peach." Xiaomao Rong sucked, as if biting the sweet red sun in the dusk on the day of departure.

"I eat at home. The top peach will give you a lot, and I will always help Dad in the future."

"Hmm! Dad, I took off the vest and fan the fan …"

As soon as he returned home, Xiaomao Rong was surrounded by his brother and sister.He stood on the stone pier outside the gate, holding a sack bag with one hand, and touched the peaches with one hand to everyone, like a big goose with a long neck in the duck group.Soon, the family was sitting around the yard, and the noise of the noise was intertwined with the sound of the "Zizi" Panto, and the parents murmured how to dominate the "huge sum of money", which made Xiaomao Rong feel thatSuch summer is practical and happy.

Since then, the family’s sweet scene has been deeply rooted in his heart.

After growing up, his brother and sister left his hometown in Ninghai.Yao Maorong insisted on staying with his parents.He opened a daily grocery store in the town and often hired tractors between Ningbo and Ninghai. The business has always been good.

The night when his father died, only Yao Maorong beside him.When my brother and sister rushed back from other provinces, it was the next night.Yao Maorong was out of the old house in the crying and sobbing house, sitting on the stone pier outside the door, and lit a cigarette.In the grass under his feet, the rushing cry reminded him of the night when he had rushed with his father, thinking of his father’s lips that could not be closed when he counted the money, and he remembered that he had stood on this stone pier and pulled out the sweetness from the hemp bag.The nourishing peaches- "Shouldn’t the family stay together forever?" Thinking of this, Yao Mao wiped out the cigarette butt.He staggered into the hall and began to comfort his younger brother and sister.

"Ah, Ama -I brought two boxes of Huang Yulu to my sister."

Yao Yihua stuffed the two boxes of peaches into the trunk, and a bang -Yao Maorong’s memories of his father were interrupted.

"Now Huang Yulu is not delicious when I was a kid. People have changed, and even the fruit has changed." Yao Yihua thought, shook his head silently.

Yao Yihua never thought that this time he could take his parents to Dali to see his sister.Two weeks ago, he was going to lie to his parents that he would travel for a few days, and then secretly ran to his sister.However, after a heavy rain last weekend, his father suddenly changed his indifferent attitude and intentionally or unintentionally inquired how long will he go from Ningbo to Dali?Yao Yihua simply went down the donkey, and checked it with a mobile phone with a mobile phone. The airline had discounted activities on Monday and bought two get one.So, without waiting for his parents to express his statement clearly, he placed three tickets directly.

"Who told you to buy a plane ticket …"

"Uh … then I will retreat." Yao Yihua continued to press the phone and pressed the phone. "Oh, the special ticket cannot be retreated!"

"Mo retreat, buy it and buy it. Allah flew to see Dahua together." The mother helped.

"Old grandson!" Yao Maorong scolded, and no longer squeaked, pulled out a lingering niche on his lips, and hurriedly fell away.Yao Yihua secretly rejoiced that fortunately, his father was not furious this time, and forced him to retreat his ticket.Otherwise, he lied again and said that the company had a business trip for a few days.

Unexpectedly, at dinner that day, his father came back with a new hairstyle.

Yao Yahua took a look: Yo!Even white hair was stained.

"It’s pretty good, the level is young." Mother said.

"There is just a discount today …" My father said to himself.

Dad’s lies were too creative. Yao Yihua wanted to laugh but didn’t dare to laugh, lowered his head, quickly killed two bowls of white rice, and ran to his room to clean up his luggage.The mother did not say hello to him again. After a while, there was a shiny painting sound in the kitchen.

The car finally drove to Ningbo Airport.This is the first time that his parents have taken a plane. Yao Yihua settled on the seat on his seat and put two boxes of peaches on the luggage rack.He did not go to the consignment. The peaches were soft and juicy, and they were most afraid of being pressed.Yao Yihua and other passengers put their luggage well before putting two boxes of peaches on the outermost, and from the handle of the carton, tore out two small holes to ventilate.

"The seat belt is good."

Yao Yihua said that he helped his father pull out the seat belt next to him.It was this action that suddenly made him a little stubborn — twenty years ago, on his father’s van, the family sat together, that is, the father pulled the seat belt for the first time.

At that time, the business of the grocery store became more and more popular. Yao Maorong saved some money and set up a small van.This made him a good scenery in the whole country.One day during the summer vacation, her sister Yao Dahua wanted to go to Ningbo with her father Yao Maorong.6 -year -old Yao Yihua also noisy to go to Ningbo to watch the train.Yao Maorong was in a good mood that day, and simply took the whole family to set off.

The van was bumpy on the Tu Road. Yao Maorong and his wife sat in the front row. Dahua and Yihua sat on the rear seats. The family talked about it.Yao Maorong’s high -headed head, his fashionable curly hair was blown into the hot wind of the carriage, like a cluster of jellyfish, shaking up and down in the air.

"Fenghua arrives, go to buy some peaches for you," Yao Maorong said, slowing down the speed, turning into the path of Fenghua Taoyuan.Before the car entered the park, Dahua and Yihua began to rush sweet bubbles.

Yao Maorong would pick a peach. He bent down three fingers and squeezed it on each peach, and immediately knew which one was good at this time, and it took a few days to taste it.

"Great Sister A, choose another one." Usually at home, the delicious and interesting one always tighten Xiao Yahua first. Only when the peaches were peaches, Yao Maorong always stubbornly asked the big sister to choose first.EssenceXiao Yahua was unconvinced, crying and going to pick up the big one.Yao Maorong simply raised him over his head and placed it on a low peach tree.

Yi Hua tilted his butt and climbed up.Yao Maorong just let go, "click", Xiao Yahua actually hugged a thin peach branch and fell to the yellow mud.

Xiao Yahua cried, and the cheeks were even more popular than peach blossoms.Sister Dahua hurried down and handed the largest peach to Yihua, and finally stopped his tears.

"Ama, I want to take this peach branch home to plant it. Next year, there will be peaches to eat at Allah’s house." Dahua said.

"Uh … Nong Nong can live alive?" Mother asked.

"Take it, ask the children to try it." Yao Maorong said.

From Fenghua to Ningbo, the carriage has always been filled with sweet peaches.Yihua was not in a hurry to eat the largest peach, and he pushed the peach in his hand religiously, feeling very fulfilling.Another hour, Ningbo arrived.

Yao Maorong parked the car on a stone road near the railway station.At 3 o’clock in the afternoon, there was no trace of wind in the burnt air. The whole family hid under a camphor tree and waited for the train.The sun was dangling, hitting the leaves of dark green, like a large crystal sugar.Yihua still holds that peach steadily -this is the biggest peach he has seen in his life, and he can’t hold both hands.From time to time, he looked up and looked at the shiny sugar blocks on the leaves, and felt that his mouth was full of sweetness.

"The train is here!" Sister Dahua jumped straight.

The whole family came together to the railway together.A green locomotive, whistling passed by in front of him.

Yi Hua’s courage was the smallest. He hid his mother’s "really good" skirt with his fingers and hid behind.

"Wow!" Dahua screamed.

"Speak" -the mother’s skirt is like a sail that was opened on the side, and suddenly flew up in the wind.Xiao Yahua shook his palm, almost let Da Taozi fall.

"Are you wishing?" Yao Maorong asked suddenly.

"Why?" Said Dahua.

"When the train rushed over, what would you like, he lowered his head quietly." Yao Maorong said.

"Ling?" Dahua asked.

"Ling is very good!" Mom said with Dahua’s head and said, "Before your dad sent wheat straw with your grandfather, he also came here to see the train. Dad’s wish to buy a car when he grew up -now our family is really trueThere are cars. "

Yao Maorong under the sun was tall, his head was bright, and his lips were smiling proudly.

Xiao Yahua hid behind her mother and never squeaked.Because his wish is that his sister can always let her, and the peaches in the future will be the biggest.

"Come again -the train is here again!" Yao Maorong shouted.

This time, the family stood in a row very piously, all of them lowered their heads silently.

The big skirt of "snoring" mother raised sails again, and the curly hair on Yao Maorong’s head like a black smoke ring emerged from the cruise chimney.

"Wow -so cool!" Xiao Yahua couldn’t help crying.

When returning to Ninghai, the back row of the van was filled with groceries by Yao Maorong.Dahua held a thin peach branch and squeezed on the co -pilot’s seat with her mother. Xiao Yahua simply sat in her mother’s arms, still holding the big peach steadily in her hand.

"Dahua, Dad knows what wishes have been promised."

"Dad, Lennon Listen to my speech–"

"Lennon, when you grow up, you must take a train to a far -reaching place."


"Hey -it’s really a woman who doesn’t keep it!"

"After I go back, plant a large peach tree in the yard." Da Huabi scratched a thin peach branch, "Ah, Ah, I will bare me under the peach tree in the future, and I can’t go."

"Hahahaha." Yao Maogen laughed in the carriage.He reached out and bypass Dahua, pulled a seat belt from the window, and covered the mother and son in it.

"Click!" The bayonet made a crisp.

"Click!" Yao Yihua also tied himself on his seat belt.Time passed so fast. In memory, he was still a little boy holding Da Taozi, but in a blink of an eye, he was young to take care of his parents.

When I was a child, a photo of a father and mother was placed on Taoyuan on the wooden cabinet at home. The peach blossoms were pink and pleasant. His father and mother stood side by side under the peach tree, but it looked serious.They met in Taoyuan.

Once, my sister Dahua asked her father, why did she give her a boy’s name?

His father said that he used to listen to the recitation of the article on the radio: "Tao Zhi, burning his Hua." He felt beautiful, just his surname Yao Homing was "夭", so he named Dahua for his sister -"Tao Zhiqi, let it go."At the birth of the second child, his father seemed to be too lazy to think about it, and simply named him "Yihua". It was about that he was a bit small with his sister.

Yao Yihua thought: My father obviously loves his sister more -from taking the name to the peach, all show that his father is more concerned about the elder sister.At that time, the thin peach branch was taken home, and his father helped the eldest sister to dig a pit.He also went to the town deliberately, and found the uncle who was working in the agricultural science department to come to the nutrient solution, and miraculously supported the peach tree in the yard.Could it be that my father really wants to use this peach tree to tie her sister to home?

The sister is not only like a boy, but she is as bold and hearty as a boy from a young age.When she played in the ground, she didn’t hold home, swimming, climbing trees, and bird’s nests were all good hands.In high school, he participated in a long -distance running competition and won the medal of the city Games.After graduating from college, her father forced her to meet several guys in the county.Dahua was not in the same way. Later, he found a reason to hide out of the house and became a donkey friend in "Yunnanchuan" all year round.

The war between Yao Dahua and his father began with her love.

That year, Dahua traveled alone in Dali.She rented a motorcycle at Dali Airport and drove east along the provincial highway.When he arrived at Xiangyun County, the black cricket’s Yuncai pressed the top of his head.Before Dahua had time to take out the raincoat from his backpack, the rainy rain of broad beans slammed like a machine gun, and it was scanned by the sky.

Da Hua was brave and moved along the slippery mountain road.The cold wind group raised the rain point, like a large water, and smashed directly on the face.Dahua couldn’t open his eyes, and had to turn down the mountain road, and stopped in a young tour of "Xiangyun Pan".

At that time, there was no guest in the off -season of the tourism.

Dahua shouted in the foyer, and only a Bai Jing boy came from the backyard with a book.

"There is still the room -Miss, are you living alone?"

"Well, do you have wine here? It’s cold!"

"There is a peach blossom brew, when the peach blossom bloomed in March last year …"

"Give me a pot! How much money?"

"No, don’t have money." The boy pushed his eyes and said, "Peach blossoms were collected from the slope of the mud whistle last March last March. There is no cost."

"So -Is there enough wine?" Dahua asked.

"Enough, I have fifty pounds!"

"Okay boss, sit down and drink a glass?"


The boy held two pots of peach blossoms and sat down at the wooden table opposite Dahua.

So white boy.Dahua thought that it was really like a man who was pinched with a certain dairy -it looked delicious.She sipped a sip of wine.

"It’s so sweet!"

Those who drink this kind of wine are too good, right?Dahua thought like this, but said, "Buddy, your wine is too sweet. If you don’t mind, there are half a bottle of Vodka in my backpack. Let’s drink it a little bit.

"Okay, I will follow you."

The refreshing boys made Dahua add a lot to him in his heart.

The boy said that his name is Yu Ming and is an architect.The previous year invested in the construction of this hostel in the mountains.

"Why do you repair this place -there is no village before, and the shop will not be. If it wasn’t for this rain, I am afraid I will not come here all my life.",IMHO!"

"It doesn’t matter. If I don’t open the shop here, what can you do this rain today?"

Unexpectedly, this white brother was not ambiguous at all.Dahua Duan details Yu Ming, the previous white cheeks, raising the peach petals like a peach petals after the wine.There was a stun in her heart.When drinking the fifth pot, Yu Ming staggered and got up to add wine.As soon as I walked to the door of the hall, I squatted on the ground and vomited.

"I can’t do it anymore! You … you are really the best girl I have seen!"

"I said, did you use this wine to confuse a lot of passing girls before?"

"No, they are all a little bit, and then to the end. How can I drink it like you and what else do I still deserve to vodka? I really serve you."

Yu Ming was sitting on the stone step, like a water belt that was only broken, his nose and tears were chaotic.

Dahua finally said, "If you go upstairs, you vomit in the hall, in case you are scared away by you."

"That’s it, you can see the shop for me -the key is in the second lattice drawer of the bar. The room will be 380 a night."


Yu Ming walked back to his room.

Dahua was sitting in the living room, and slowly drinking peach blossoms to vodka -feels that this wine has inspired her owner’s spirit.The house in the foothills is really beautiful.

Early the next morning, Dahua was woken up by the "slap" of the clockwise outside the window.She glanced out -she saw a blue lake in the valley not far away.Under the sun, the lake was golden, and she narrowed her eyes.

"That’s Qinghai Lake in Xiangyun County. It is particularly beautiful. Where should you go and see!" Yu Ming, who knocked on the door, said.

"No wonder you will build a youth trip here, and your vision is really good!" Dahua noticed that the tray on Yu Ming’s hand. In addition to porridge, eggs and cakes, there is a small bowl of peach blossoms in the

"I’m really sorry yesterday, I’m too rude to drink."

"It doesn’t matter." Dahua sipped a small sip, "Well? Is this wine that drank this wine yesterday? Why is there a sense of rose in addition to peach blossom fragrance?"

"You are really amazing, really put a little rose."

"Strange, why did I just feel sweet yesterday? It must be that I drank too hard.

"No, I am too bad for me -the house fee last night is free."

"How can that be?"

"Really, I apologize."

"Boss, I want to go around the lake today, can I go from here?"

"Panshan Road at the door is quite smooth, you can go to the lake all the time."


Dahua jumped into a motorcycle and stepped on the throttle.Unexpectedly, after a few laps of mountain roads, she saw Yu Ming, who was panting under a locust tree.

"Are you here?"

"When I just cleaned the room, I saw that your raincoat fell on the table. This season, God said that he turned his face and turned his face. I’m afraid you will pour it again, so you can follow the path to catch up."

"Thanks, boss!"

"You get on the car, I will carry you back to the youth travel." Dahua pointed to the back seat of the motorcycle.

"Forget it …" Yu Ming changed his breath solemnly. "It is estimated that there will be no guests anymore today, otherwise -or you will pull you to Xiangyun Qinghai Lake."

"Does it fit?"

"Anyway, I also see the sky …"

"That Cheng!"

The slim clouds on the top of the mountain, like a feather sliding into the blue sky, can see itching in people’s hearts.The cool breeze brushed across the cheeks, and it also set off a soft hair like cuttlefish on the top of Yu Ming’s head.Dahua suddenly remembered that he was sitting in the back row and seeing his father driving a van.The motorcycle was on the winding mountain road. Yu Ming was afraid that Dahua would not sit behind him, and deliberately put the speed slowly.

"Really a careful beautiful man! If he sings a song now, I will marry him." Dahua’s thoughts were full of thoughts, and he tightened Yu Ming’s shirt without consciousness.

"Small, the abdominal muscles are pretty good!"

Suddenly, Dahua heard that Yu Ming in the front row blew out a loud whistle -the whistle was clear, as if a agile hand, fiddled with her heartstrings.She actually sang with melody and emotionally: "Let the youth blow your long hair and let it pull your dream."

The one -day tour around the lake hurriedly ended.Dahua didn’t play enough. The next day Yu Ming simply packed the equipment and accompanied her to camping by the lake.

Men and women with a good opinion of each other are actually most afraid of traveling together. In the tent that hangs the horse lamp, Yu Ming slowly relieves the shirt, and his smooth arms jump out.

"You look like a peach. Hahaha …" Dahua made a hearty laughter.

Yu Ming was laughed, staring at Dahua stupidly with his placket.

"I’m sorry, I’m laughing. Let’s start again." Dahua wrapped Yu Ming’s shirt tightly, and immediately pulled away.A dense kiss made Yu Ming sigh deep.

"Hey, in fact, the taste is quite like Huang Yulu, but I really can’t laugh anymore." Dahua thought quietly.

Two weeks later, Dahua decided to return to Ninghai’s hometown to confess to the second old old.Yu Ming sent her out of the hostel. Dahua glanced at the golden signboard of "Xiangyun Pan" on the door, and laughed out: "Yu Ming, it turns out that you are looking forward to Xiangyun when you open the youth tourism here -It’s a pity, that day, a big black cloud brought me here … "

"Don’t be nonsense, go back quickly! If you talk smoothly, take your parents together for a while."

"Okay, okay! Let them look at the Taoyuan here too." Dahua said with ambition.

After the plane hovered two laps over Kunming Airport, it finally landed steadily.

Yao Yahua woke his father softly, took out his mobile phone and turned on.

A piece of Yu Ming’s WeChat jumped in.Yao Yihua shouted: "Oh, my sister has been promoted to the delivery room -how can I earlier a week before the due date!"

The parents’ eyes suddenly came.

"How far is from here to Dali?"

"Dad. There are more than 300 kilometers, let’s go to buy a bus ticket."

Yihua dragged a large piece of luggage and walked in front, and his parents followed behind a box of peaches.The three hurried through the flow of people and went straight to the bus ticket office.Yi Hua thought that a few days ago, his father was not allowed to mention his sister’s affairs. When he heard that he was about to be a father -in -law, the old man even played a 120th spirit.

It wasn’t until the bus on the bus that Yi Hua thought to send a text message to Yu Ming.Soon, he received Yu Ming’s reply.

"Both the doctor and the anesthesiologist are in place, rest assured! Brother -in -law said that his friend would pick us in Dali in the afternoon." Yi Huadi shook his mobile phone towards his parents.

The mother nodded with a smile.Yao Maorong suddenly changed his face, his face was as dark as a laver.

Yi Hua’s heart trembled, it must be the word "brother -in -law" that stimulated his father.When her sister Dahua returned home last year, she mentioned something that she wanted to stay in Yunnan, and her father’s face was so ugly.

"Nong think about it again." My father tentatively said.

"Dad, I have seen several of them. I have a lot in my heart -that is, he."

"Who agree with you to marry Yunnan? Such a remote place."

"Sister, what is the name of my brother -in -law?" Yihua asked.

"Yu Ming."

His father didn’t speak anymore. He got up and walked to the peach tree in the center of the yard and took out a cigarette.

"Ah, give me the household registration at home …"

"Stop your mouth! I just burn the account, I won’t give you!"

My father did not allow her sister to mention the marriage, and she asked her sister to go to the attic and reflect on it.Sister ran up pouting her mouth and threw the door of the attic.

Who knew that his father quickly followed, took out a black iron lock, and locked the door of the attic from the outside.

"Want to marry Yunnan? Old grandson -I interrupt your legs!"

His father finally said a ruthlessly, and his head went back to the house.

In Yihua’s memory, his father hasn’t been so angry for a long time.Even if the business of the grocery store was lost a few years ago, his father was idle at home, and he packed the grass and trees in the yard every day.Yihua chased it out. In the dimness, he saw his father walking towards the old house of his grandfather’s house. Like a child, he stood on the stone pier at the door of the old house, and he stood for a long time, for a long time.

Yihua went upstairs to deliver food to her sister every day. Dahua ate the meals, and did not forget to ask Yihua to help her buy a new issue of "Lonely Planet" magazine.When I lived in the attic for a while, Dahua was a lot of fat, but she was unwilling to serve softly.

Dahua ran out of a thunderbolt night.She turned the glass window of the attic, jumped to a peach branch nearby, then slid down along the trunk, opened the door of the yard, and fled.When I also gave breakfast the next day, she found that her sister was gone.He looked at a peach branch that was pressed in the yard, and suddenly realized that his sister had been planning to be premeditated -even twenty years ago, she planted a peach tree that ran away for love.

His father stood in the center of the yard for a while.Yi Huasheng was afraid that his father would be excited, and he would lift the ax to cut the peach tree to cut off his waist.Fortunately, my father held back.He smoked several cigarettes under the tree, and finally, he kicked the peach tree fiercely.

Soon after, Dahua La Yahua and Yu Ming built a WeChat group together, and from time to time, they would throw a few photos in.She will also regularly transfer money to Yihua, and let him quietly buy some nutrients for her parents.In March of the following year, Yu Ming and Dahua ran to the upper mud whistle to pick peach blossoms.The pink peach blossoms, like the flames, rushed to the mountains, and made people really happy.The style of Dahua imitated his parents that year also took a group photo with Yu Ming in this festive peach tree.

Yihua can see that her sister lives happily.Dahua in the photo narrowed into a seam, and even the pink gum meat jumped out of the mouth.

"Oh, the queen’s future life." The mother praised her on the side of her mobile phone.

Seeing that my father did not squeak, he said with his boldness: "My sister has been pregnant for five months …"

"Old grandson!" The father smashed the table, and the white porcelain tea cup was shocked.

"In the future, no one is allowed to mention them again!"

"Okay, okay …" The task of his sister’s explanation was completed.

That night, "Sister" and "boyfriend", "Dahua" and "Yu Ming" have become words that are strictly prohibited in this family.After a while, Dahua asked on WeChat: "Dad has been angry recently?"

"Hey, my face is dark every day. However, I recently found that Ah Da had secretly watching the childbearing section." Yihua said.

After getting off the bus, Yu Ming’s friends were waiting at the bus station long ago.

"Don’t worry! Mother and son are safe. The big fat boy with 8 pounds and 6 pounds, his face is like Yu Ming!" Friend said.

This was encouraged to immediately encourage everyone.Yihua saw his father’s hands even cigarette.

At 7 o’clock in the evening, the family finally arrived at the hospital.As soon as the mother entered the door, she hugged her sister Dahua, and Yi Hua grasped Yu Ming’s hand tightly.Yao Maorong went to the order, and a cigarette with a hand in touch with one hand, but when he thought of being in the hospital, he had to embarrassed his hand in mid -air.

"Wow …" The little baby beside him made a milk sound.

Yao Maorong quickly put his face over.

"The thin and clever eyes are exactly the same as me!" Yao Maorong couldn’t help exclaiming.

"Dad!" Dahua’s voice trembled.

"Well -today’s public." Yao Maorong thought about it, and immediately opened his suitcase.

"Ah! Dad! Nong first rest for a while, the red envelope is not in a hurry …" Dahua’s voice did not fall, but he saw Yao Maorong turned around, and his hands held a jujube red hukou book.

"Ah Dad …" The warm tears turned up and down in Dahua’s eyes.

Yao Maorong stumbled and said, "Listen to the TV, say that there are no certificates on the birth of children, and national medical insurance will not be reimbursed …"

Three days later, Dahua was discharged from the hospital.

That night, Yu Ming took another self -made peach blossom brewed, and Yao Maorong tasted: "Amin, Nong, this wine is too sweet, it should be delicious to drink it."

Yu Ming quietly looked at Dahua and smiled.

"I’m afraid that you are too sweet. I have prepared it in advance of shochu -I will give you full, dad." Yu Ming vomited clearly, but said the last word "dad" very short, very light, like a leaf, like a leaf, like a leaf.Discover into the lake.

The air suddenly was quiet.

"Okay, Amin, Amin …"

Yao Maorong caught up in succession, just like a little ripple that cut through the calm water.

Unfortunately, Yao Maorong and Yu Ming were not very good. The two drank three pots of wine and returned to the room to rest, leaving only Yao Yihua to clean up the tableware.

"Brother, how do you do the work of Dad?" Dahua, who was sitting on the sofa, asked softly.

"I? Actually, I don’t know what to do? Last week, Ninghai made a typhoon, and the peach trees in the yard broke a big branch. Dad was worried that the tree would die, and he specially found the bamboo poles and hemp ropes.The branches were tied back. He sat down under the tree and smoked one by one. Then he suddenly asked me how to get from Ninghai to Dali, how long will it take for the road … "Yi Hua said, picking up the biggest in the fruit plate,A peach, handed it to my sister.

"Well." Dahua teared a small piece of peach skin and took a deep sip.

"Wow! From childhood to now -this peach flavor has always been so sweet!"

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