At the annual meeting, I became famous!During pregnancy, the thunderbolt is collected. After watching it, I promise you will laugh!

Disrogen interruptions will also appear in the joy of pregnancy.

One day during pregnancy, you will suddenly find that you are like a newborn child, and even the most basic control ability is gone.

For example, when you laugh, accompanied by farting or urine pants.

The scene was very embarrassing …

How embarrassing is the embarrassing thing after pregnancy?

Today, let’s discuss the discussion that the "embarrassment" sweeping the floor because of pregnancy.


@:: When I was pregnant with Qin Bao, I once took a bus person. At that time, I wanted to fart, but I was always holding it, but I did not expect that the bus suddenly had a sudden brake.It’s been too long for fart, which is particularly smelly, and spit the people behind him.

@:: Last year, the company had a dinner. When everyone was happy, it was the turn of the leader to speak. My fart came out first, and one after another, at that time, I couldn’t wait to find a sewing drill in.

@小: Hey, my husband was almost smoked because of my fart during pregnancy. I wanted to fart when I lay in the quilt at night.I love fart when I sleep.

The bacteria said: Put of farting during pregnancy is due to the surge in progesterone levels that slow down the gastrointestinal tract. Therefore, almost every pregnant mother will become very fart, and even the fart is more difficult than usual because the pregnant mother is right to the mother.The control of the anal muscles will weaken with pregnancy.

Of course, such physiological changes occur during pregnancy are unavoidable, but pregnant mothers can make them less easy to fart in some ways. In short, it is a reasonable diet+appropriate exercise.

Bacteria recommends that you temporarily put carbonated beverages, beans, and potatoes. These easy -to -produce foods are put into the "blacklist".

Body "smelly"

@: Since I am pregnant, I can sometimes be smoked by my own tone since I get up in the morning. I can’t bear it. I dare not talk to people at close range.

@: After pregnancy, my nose became extremely sensitive, and I could always smell all kinds of tastes, especially underwear. Although I was washed one day, I always felt that I had a baby.Essence

@: Don’t say, when I was pregnant with my son, I always felt that my whole body was stinky, bad breath, and the vaginal odor was heavy. Sometimes when I saw food, I felt stinky. Fortunately, my son was born.Everything is fine, otherwise I will become neuropathy.

Bacteria said: This is due to the significant changes in the hormone level of pregnant women in pregnancy. Among them, there is a hormone called "estradiol".It was much bigger before.

Pregnant mothers do not need to care too much about the above things. As long as they usually eat less spicy food, brush their teeth, and take more baths, there is not much problem to change underwear.


@: When I was Huai Erbao, I once went to the supermarket to shop, sneezed, and the urine suddenly came out. My husband said that I would use urine without wetness when I went out in the future.

@怀: 5 months of pregnancy, still working in the company, once waiting for the elevator with colleagues. Someone told a joke. At that time, I didn’t hold back. I laughed at all at the same time.

@小 Boy: Seeing this, I also remembered the stupid things during pregnancy. At that time, I was pregnant with a dragon and phoenix. My mother -in -law accompanied me to watch "Happy Camp". One of them was particularly funny. I smiled and urinated my pants.

The bacteria said: urinary incontinence during pregnancy is called "stress urinary incontinence", mainly because as the fetus grows and develops, the uterus will gradually increase, and the bladder under them belowIt can cause urinary incontinence.

In order to alleviate the symptoms, even if there is no urine, it is recommended that pregnant mothers can go to the bathroom to urinate once every two hours. In special occasions, they can be spare -urine.

Love long hair

@: I grew around my belly button to the middle of the chest, looking uncomfortable!

@: Since pregnancy, the long hair on the stomach is many, many, like a man, I don’t know if it has anything to do with the sex of the fetus?

@: I don’t know that my son’s belly will grow Mao. Anyway, my belly is long. Today, the B -ultrasound is a male baby, but everyone who knows me said that I seemed to be a woman who should be pregnant in all aspects.Baby, I can’t believe it is a male baby.

M in: In fact, except for the belly, some pregnant mothers’ breasts, abdomen or faces may suddenly grow black hair. This is because the hair follicles are affected by hormones during pregnancy, and many of them are in the growth period.When the child is born, these hair follicles will enter the "rest period" like many hair follicles on the hair, and these black hair will also fall off.

But if many pregnant mothers feel unacceptable, you can consider shaving the hair carefully.

Long hemorrhoids

@: I have been pregnant for 26 weeks now, but the constipation has been very powerful these days. I often can pull the stool once a few days, and my stomach has been painful. I went to the hospital to check the doctor and said that I had hemorrhoids, and I alsoTell me that women in pregnancy are relatively easy to get hemorrhoids.

@: When Huai Dabao gave birth to hemorrhoids, he was super uncomfortable when he went to the hospital. Doctors let the doctor eat more vegetables and drink plenty of water, but it was useless.

@Oh: Women during pregnancy are not easy. Most of them are constipated. Many hemorrhoids have deteriorated constipation. When they have hemorrhoids and Erbao, they feel uncomfortable when they think of it.

The bacteria said: In fact, hemorrhoids are problems that many pregnant mothers will encounter, and they often induce or aggravate due to constipation and stool defecation, and constipation is one of the most common discomfort symptoms of pregnant women.

In order to avoid constipation, pregnant mothers of hemorrhoids should drink water frequently and eat more foods rich in cellulose. If hemorrhoids are not controlled, they can also use some external medicines under the guidance of a doctor.


@: After pregnancy, my mother -in -law kept letting me eat a lot of things without letting me move. As a result, I got 10 pounds in two months. I went out to bask in the sun.It seems that the bear is the second, she will not be their mother, what else can I say.

@: Sisters come to the house to play. When I go out for dinner at night, I quickly change to good -looking clothes, but I ca n’t wear a few sets in a row.

@: I took the bus once, a man saw me, did not give me a seat, and let me lose weight. It was painful when I said too much.

Bacteria said: Many pregnancy always worried that the fetus is not nutritious enough. If you eat a meal, you don’t even have nutritional nourishing products.There are many, but the right food, so pregnant mothers should eat reasonably, do not make up too much.


@小: After pregnancy, I always feel absent -minded. Sometimes someone else can forget what I want to do, and then I don’t remember it for a long time.

@Crying water pain: I am like this now, I can’t remember what I want to do. When I return home, I always find that the lights at home are not closed, and the door is not locked. My husband said that I am a typical pregnancy silly three years.

@Is you: I took the bus once, and after sitting, I told my husband that I did not invest in coins. My husband said that you had invested twice, but I didn’t have any impression at all.

The bacteria said: This is mainly due to the progress of pregnancy, and more and more unexpected situations disrupt the rhythm of life, and some pregnant mothers may also experience the negative emotions caused by psychological fluctuations, leading to great mental stress.The mentality has changed, but this is normal, don’t care too much.

Pregnancy is a difficult process. As the stomach grows day by day, there will be more and more embarrassing things. For these things, pregnant mothers do not need to worry too much, as long as they think of this round little guy in the stomachIt is about to be born, and these things are not considered!

Come and talk to the bacteria, the embarrassing things you experienced during pregnancy, I am looking forward to your cheerful message!

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