At 41 weeks of pregnancy, the abdominal distension, the expected date of due date has not responded for 1 week, what should the pregnant mother do?

Pregnancy is a process of "tiredness and happiness, pain and happiness". Friends Xiaoli has a deep understanding of this.

Yesterday, Ying Xiaoli invited her house for dinner. I thought about her for a long time, and wanted to see her, so she promised to have dinner at her house.Xiaoli has resigned at home since she was pregnant. She is now in the third trimester. She usually has a busy writing and rarely meet her.

After I arrived at her house, she felt very happy, so she sat and chat with me in her room.After her husband greeted me, she was busy in the kitchen, and at a glance, she knew that her husband was very good to Xiaoli.

I asked her when the due date was expected. She said that the due date has passed for a week. It is now 41 weeks of pregnancy. The baby hasn’t had to come out yet, but the lower abdomen is so uncomfortable that she asked me what to do.

I think her story is shared here. Pregnant mothers who have the same situation as her can also take a good look at them, and it is helpful to herself.

Even if the baby born between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy is full, the fetus at 41 weeks of pregnancy is already full, and it will soon be produced.During this period, the baby’s weight can reach 6-8 catties, and it is about 50 cm in length.

As the pregnancy increases, the fetus gradually increases in the pregnant mother’s body. Coupled with the reasons of the fetus into the pot, the pregnant mother has a feeling of falling in the abdomen.The degree of mother’s stomach decreases, so the pregnant mother’s stomach is comfortable and appetite will increase.

The pregnant mother feels that the stomach often swells. This is the phenomenon of uterine contraction. If this situation appears several times a day, it is a precursor to the birth.a feeling of.

Generally speaking, within two weeks before the due date or 2 weeks after the pregnancy period, that is, it is normal to give birth within 37-42 weeks of pregnancy.

Xiaoli has been pregnant for 41 weeks now. She has already experienced a reduction in fetal movement, vaginal flowing or bleeding, and regular contraction, and it is greater than 6 times per hour. Therefore, I suggest that she go to the hospital for delivery in time.It is worth celebrating her husband to accompany her to the hospital for delivery.Is there a pregnant mother similar to Xiaoli?Pay attention to going to the hospital early to give birth.I wish all pregnant mothers a smooth production and safe mother and baby!

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