At 40 weeks of pregnancy, you are going to give birth soon. What should I pay attention to?

Most babies will meet their mothers this week, but this is not absolute. It is normal for three weeks in advance or two weeks in advance.According to statistics, only 5% of babies who can really accurately be born during the due date


At this time, the average weight of the fetal baby is about 3 to 4 kg. Boys are often slightly heavier than girls, and they are about 51 cm in length.The function of the fetal viscera and nervous system has been sound, the muscles of the hands and feet are developed, the vitality is vitality, and the development of brain cells is basically shaped.The fetus’s chest will become more protruding. Due to the special effect of the liver in the production of blood red blood cells, the liver of the fetus will naturally become larger.

The fetal sensory organs and nervous systems can respond to various stimuli inside and outside the mother. They can keenly perceive the mother’s thinking, and perceive the mother’s mood, emotion, and attitude towards herself.Your baby should be as active as before.If the fetal movement is reduced, it may be a signal of a problem, so if you think his activity is slower, you should go to the hospital immediately.

What changes in your mother

Now you must be waiting for the baby with a nervous and excited mood, please keep calm and pleasant mood.Maybe on one day of this week or next week, you will feel a burst of abdomen and continuous pain, and when this pain becomes longer, more and more intense, and more and more concentrated, then you may be about to be about to be going toDysfunction.Once the interval between the pain is less than 30 minutes, you should be admitted to the hospital immediately to prepare for delivery.

It is normal for the baby to be born within two weeks before and after the due date, but if there is no sign of delivery after two weeks of delay, the expectant mothers need to go to the hospital to see if they need to take care of the baby as soon as possible.dangerous.

Pay attention

1. Prepare to give birth

This week you have to prepare everything to welcome your baby.First of all, you must prepare a permit for admission permits, health care books, medical insurance cards, etc.; as well as small items such as loose clothing, underwear, pads, slippers, etc., chocolate during childbirth, eating a few pieces during delivery will help shorten the output; in addition, it also alsoPrepare baby bottles, clothes, small quilts, etc. for your baby.

2. Preventing expired pregnancy

If you do not have a sign of giving birth this week, you need to prevent expired pregnancy.First go to the hospital to make the doctor confirm whether the due date is correct. After one week of due date, it should be hospitalized to be hospitalized.

3. Do more delivery exercise

You can do more like a walk -like motion, so that this can make the production smoother.

4. Treatment of energy supplementary energy

In the interstitial period, you can eat more foods that are easy to absorb, less residue, and fresh food, such as egg soup noodles, pork rib soup noodles, yogurt, chocolate and other foods.Go to produce.

What should I pay attention to in the expectant mothers’ diet?

1. Eat more food -assisted foods

It should be used to help giving birth to food, which can help to give birth smoothly, such as kelp, sea fish, bean sprouts, fruits.In addition, pay attention to replenish water, eat full, and reserve energy for childbirth.\

2. Prepare for breastfeeding

If you are preparing to breastfeed your baby, you must ensure that 80-100 grams of protein is consumed every day.You can drink a bowl of lotus root, red dates, octopus dried, mung beans, and pig hands.Among them, lotus root is flat, spleen and appetite, nourish blood muscle; red dates are warm, nourish the spleen and stomach, and nourish qi.

Immediately after giving birth, the expectant mothers should not be nervous first, calm their mentality, and prepare to welcome the appearance of the baby.

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