At 14 weeks of pregnancy, pregnant mothers should pay attention to these five points

1. Constipation during pregnancy: Maybe you are troubled by constipation during this period. How do you solve it? It is the best time to defecate within one hour after eating breakfast every day.Eat more foods such as apples, radishes, celery, and other fiber -containing foods; increase the amount of physical activity in an appropriate amount every day, take more walks, and exercise more, which is conducive to gastrointestinal motility.But you must not take the diarrhea in a short time, otherwise it may cause abortion.

2. Ensure iodine intake: The thyroid of the fetus starts to work at about 14 weeks to create its own hormone.If your intake of iodine is insufficient, the baby’s thyroid function is low after birth, which affects the development of the brain.So at this time you have to start paying attention to iodine supplementation, fish, shellfish and seaweed seafood, which are rich in iodine, and eat at least twice a week.

3. Reasonable arrangement of sexual life: "October ascetic" is actually not reliable. Now it is already in the second trimester. The pregnancy is relatively stable. You can live a moderate sex.At this time, the sex life should be arranged reasonably. It is advisable to use the habit and comfortable posture of both husband and wife, but be careful not to compress the abdomen. The position can be used in front, sitting position or back position.Daddy’s dad should not stimulate the nipple of pregnant women.You should also pay attention to your own adjustment, and do not excessive excitement to avoid inducing abortion.

4. Pay attention to secretions: At this time, your nipples can squeeze out some milk, and vaginal secretion of leucorrhea increases. This is normal.Normal secretions are white, thin, and odorless. If the amount is large and the color shape is abnormal, you should ask a doctor to check it.During this period, you must pay attention to the cleaning of the vulva. You must choose a cotton fabric for underwear, and insist on cleaning every day to avoid stimulating strong soap fluid.

5. Pay attention to activity posture: During this time, your belly gradually increases, and all parts of your body change.At this time, you should maintain a normal activity posture in daily life. Do not bend over or squat for a long time, do not oppress your stomach, and do not stubbornly move heavy items.It is mainly based on activity.

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