As soon as the wife gave birth to a child, the 40 -year -old nanny became pregnant. The husband wants to enjoy the blessing of Qi people.

It seems that the phrase "art originated from life" is right. The TV series dare not act like this, too dog!

Two days ago, A Shan settled in the American cousin Yunli (a pseudonym), and suddenly cried and called to tell her that her husband was better with the 40 -year -old nanny, and she had a child. She did n’t know what to do.manage?

A Shan’s cousin Yun Li has been a good child in the eyes of others since she was a child. She has good quality and helpful. She is not so good -looking, but she is not ugly.

A Shan has been very good with his cousin since he was a child. The two agreed to work together when they grew up. They did not get married and were always together.

After graduating from the university of the cousin Yunli, she went to the internship company to make an accountant. For about one year of work, her aunt suddenly called and asked the cousin to go home and dates.Come back abroad, the two meet together.

Yun Li just refused at first, but she couldn’t hold her mother’s bombardment three or five times. "Just see one side, it is not necessarily that it is not necessarily. The young man is from the village next to your aunt’s house.Time is gone, see you see. "

Yun Li thought that she was just a face. When she went home, she was scattered, so she asked the company for two days, and returned to her hometown to meet the guy. The two sides did not know how to look right, and soon talked about marriage.

After that, Yunli followed her cousin to settle abroad. During this period, A Shan and cousins called every one or two months to tell each other’s living conditions.

Life is unsatisfactory. There are eighty or nine, and things happened not long after Yunli had given birth to her son. In order to make the cousin bring a baby to relax, the cousin deliberately hired a nanny, which was mainly responsible for cooking and cleaning.

This nanny this year is more than 40 years old. After her husband had an accident, he came to relatives abroad a few years after an accident. Usually the task of helping relatives’ houses in supermarkets and cooking.

Because the nanny was very familiar with her mother -in -law, when her husband proposed to ask a friend of her mother -in -law, the cousin had no opinion. After all, the acquaintances were better than a stranger, and they knew it.

But last week, when the cousin was breastfeeding the child, the nanny suddenly came in and told the cousin that she was pregnant for two months.

The cousin froze, congratulated with a smile, and asked when the nanny planned to do, and then resigned to the notice in advance.

But I did not expect that the next thing the nanny made the cousin instantly doubtful life. The nanny said that the child was a cousin’s husband, and the two were together for more than two months.

The cousin did not believe in the nanny’s words, and immediately called her husband. The cousin on the phone was silent, only to say a word, and when he came back.

As soon as he got home, his cousin kneeling down Yun Li, saying that he was sorry for his wife, and he was his own fault. Let Yun Li not let outsiders know about this, and even his parents should not tell, otherwise he would commit suicide.

Centers have two houses abroad, one in the urban area, and now their parents live. After the cousin gets married, the other is used as a small couple.

The nanny leaned on the door for a long time, and came in and told the cousin that she could be small and asked her cousin to rent a house outside. As long as the cousin can occasionally look at herself and the child.

The cousin collapsed, she didn’t know what to do?She is also a mother. Whether it is the child in the nanny’s belly or her own child, it is an innocent life. No matter what, she can’t bear to hurt the child, so she wants to listen to the cousin’s advice.

After listening to the cousin’s cry, A Shan told the cousin not to have a short circuit. The softness of others was the cruelty of himself, and he resolutely disagreed with the nanny to have children!

One: Don’t look at the niceness that the nanny is now!After this child is born, it will be the resistance of the family harmony, the child’s competition;

Two: In case of the original with a three -long and two shorts, the child is so pitiful. Besides, this female nanny has a nanny and knows that it is soft and retreat.

Three: The original husband’s character has a problem, either divorce, and men go out of the house, but divorce abroad, divide in property is very troublesome; or let the nanny be killed, and then never contact!

As the saying goes, men’s words are reliable, and sow will be treated! If the children of the nanny in the future are very good and have the intention, they may also be someone else.

Women are not cruel, their status is unstable, and her words are rough! I hope the heroine in the story can make the right choice.”Overseas creator incentive plan”

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