Are you always sweating?Small movement summer

Every woman who is pregnant will have a lot of changes in their bodies, and some changes are very subtle. These pregnant women can only feel themselves.Khan Duo is a hurdle that a lot of pregnant women go through.

First of all, it is necessary to know that the sweat of pregnant women is mostly normal.

In normal circumstances, the body temperature of a woman who is pregnant is slightly higher than before and non -pregnant women who are pregnant and the non -pregnant women. The metabolic rate of the new enrichment is also higher, and sweat is a secretion of metabolism in the human body, so it will increase.

Some expectant mothers love to sweat at night. This is because estrogen during pregnancy increases, and cortisol combination of globulin concentration in blood increases, which leads to the hyperthyroidism of adrenal cortex. In addition, the basic metabolic rate of pregnancy is increased.Changes cause the blood vessels to be unstable, and the blood flow of the skin increases, so sweating increases.Some expectant mothers may still have sweaty eczema in the late pregnancy, and this phenomenon may not be stopped for a period of time after giving birth.

In addition, there is a special situation. The problem of sweating may also be related to plant nerve disorders, so expectant mothers are best to go to the hospital for examination. If the heart rate of the tire is normal, don’t be too nervous.Just accept it.

Pregnant women have higher physical temperature than usual, and their weight has increased a lot. Therefore, it is normal for love to sweat during pregnancy. It is also normal.The symptoms of sweating during pregnancy will have a difference in personal constitution, which may also be related to genetic and have no direct impact on health, so expectant mothers do not need to worry too much.When sweating, metabolic waste such as sodium chloride, potassium chloride, urea, lactic acid such as sodium chloride, potassium chloride, urea, lactic acid and other metabolic wastes are excreted with sweat. It can be said that sweating during pregnancy is a protective physiological reaction, which is beneficial to the health of pregnant women.

Of course, if the sweating is particularly serious, you need to go to the hospital to check whether calcium deficiency, if calcium deficiency is deficient in calcium.

If you are a pregnant woman who loves sweating, pay attention to maintaining the balance of electrolyte in the body in daily life, replenish water in time, and drink water before drinking water.Eating some fruits and vegetables in moderation can not only supplement vitamins, but also supplement potassium ions and sodium ions lost from sweat.

Is there any way to make yourself feel better?Especially in torn summer.

1. Choose cotton clothes that are conducive to sweat, and be loose.

2. Keep the skin more water, spray water mist in the external force, and use moisturizing cream to avoid evaporation of water on the skin, causing the skin to be slightly dry and tight.

3. Appropriate air conditioning.

When the pregnant mother uses an air conditioner, the room temperature is maintained at about 25 ° C, the difference from the external temperature is 5 ° C, and the air -conditioning is weaker in the middle of the night.

4. Change your clothes frequently and use warm water.

Wash warm water, change clothes frequently, keep the skin dry, and prevent skin gardenia problems.

5, sufficient sleep.

6. Pay more attention to water supplement.

Pregnant women must pay more attention to the details of life and have a healthy body.

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