Appointment for my brother -in -law to have a child, but my sister is pregnant first!My sister asked for 200,000 compensation, is the court support?

Liu is an administrative manager of a real estate company.He knew the middle school Chinese teacher Liu Mouhui through the introduction and began a love relationship.Later, Liu Mouhui took Liu to see his parents and was loved by his parents and sister Liu Moufang.

But a year later, Liu and Liu Mouhui were not pregnant. After many medical examinations, the doctor told Liu Mouhui to suffer from a gynecological disease that might cause infertility.

During the day, Liu and his wife Liu Mouhui went to visit his father -in -law and mother -in -law. The three talked about having children.Liu Mouhui’s sister Liu Moufang, who was resting at home, knew the fact that her sister could not have.Liu Moufang, who has always loved his brother -in -law, volunteered to help his sister to have a child.

He then maintained an improper relationship with his brother -in -law Liu.And their relationship between men and women was discovered by her sister Liu Mouhui in their bedrooms one day and had to end.

What’s more important is that in Liu Mouhui’s positive treatment, he has successfully became pregnant.At this time, Liu Moufang, the younger sister who had maintained a straight man relationship with Liu for three years, was very dissatisfied. She asked Liu for the loss of youth, and Liu also agreed to this request because of his ashamed in his heart.

However, when Liu Moufang asked his sister Liu Mouhui for the cost, Liu Mouhui refused, and then Liu Moufang was anxious to break the knife to block Liu Mou to the door.

Then let’s talk about what is public order.

The public order and good customs were originally moral norms. After the Civil Code was promulgated, it rose into a legal principle after the Civil Code.The purpose of establishing the principle of public order and good customs is to restrict personal abuse of rights and safeguard the basic morality and public order of society.

The so -called public order, that is, public order.In our country, public order refers to public interests in accordance with the relevant provisions of the nine people’s minutes, and the policy is also public interest to a certain extent.

Good customs, that is, good customs, and the prominent characteristics of good customs are regionality. Generally, in a specific area, the basic morality of society that people generally follows and the social value concept of generally recognizedUnlike morality.

Because the morality in human society is layered, the good customs in the legal concept do not include social morality ownership. What it contains the most fundamental and most basic part of these morals to maintain and develop social operations and development.In other words, the kind of kindness is the minimum standard morality.

The principle of public order and good customs has certain composite functions in the civil law system. On the one hand, it shoulders the task of maintaining public order and social basic morality of social and social basic morality. On the other hand, it also has the function of judgment as a judgment as a general clause.

Therefore, in this case, because of the secret of Liu and herself for three years, her sister has now ended her relationship with her because of her sister’s pregnancy. Liu should bear the loss of youth.

However, according to the principles of public order and good customs in civil law, the secret relationship between the sister and Liu is not effective because of violating the good customs.Sister can’t ask her sister and Liu for this reason.

There is another content that needs to be followed in this case.My sister picked up her family on the kitchen knife to ask for the so -called youth loss and the result of the scratching of Huang who opened the door was a kind of harm to Huang’s body, but there was only minor injuries.

After being arrested by the police because of the provocation, her sister and Liu had a bail for her sister out of their affection.At the same time, Liu expressed his forgiveness to understand the understanding of his sister, and the Procuratorate made a decision to not prosecute Liu.

This is a system of "not prosecution" in the Criminal Procedure Law.In accordance with the relevant rules of "non -complaints", if criminal behavior is required to be punished or no punishment, the People’s Procuratorate may make a decision not to sue the people’s court after judgment.

In this case, the sister’s scratching Liu was criminal.But on the one hand, this behavior is in anger, and on the other hand, it does not cause serious harmful consequences.At the same time, after obtaining the understanding of the victim Liu, in accordance with the provisions of the current Criminal Law in my country, no punishment was required. Therefore, after considering the relevant situation, the local procuratorate made a decision to decide not to prosecute.

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