Anshun No. 90 Women still drug abuse and drug trafficking in 8 months of pregnancy

(Zhang Moumou and his tools for taking drugs.)

On August 9, the Anti -Drug Brigade of the Anshun Development Zone Public Security Bureau notified the media. Recently, the brigade cracked a drug trafficking case. The suspect was a post -90s woman and was pregnant for 8 months.Unexpectedly, the woman was trafficking and drug abuse.

On the morning of August 2nd this year, the police of the Drug Control Brigade of the Development Zone found at work that a woman was trafficking to drugs in a hotel in Anshun, and the police immediately rushed to the scene to arrest.

"When entering the hotel, the woman was holding the curling to take drugs." According to the police, there was a total of a man and a woman in the hotel room. Among them, the woman was holding the curling to take methamphetamine, and the man was making methamphetamine.tool.

The police found that the woman’s belly was prominent and looked like a pregnant woman.The police asked that the woman had been pregnant for 8 months.

It is understood that the woman Zhang Moumou, 21 years old, Anshun.She explained to the police the criminal fact that she had drugs and drug trafficking.

Zhang Moumou said that she had been infected with drugs from April last year. Usually, she had a bad relationship with her parents. She lived in the hotel for a long time and "sucked by trafficking."

Since pregnancy, Zhang Moumou is still taking drugs.In this regard, the police of the anti -drug brigade introduced that women’s taking drugs will not only cause harm to themselves, but if women are used during pregnancy, they will have a great impact on the fetus, including fetal malformations, abortion, etc.Come to many problems such as personality, intelligence, physical and mental development.Last year, a pregnant woman died in the abdomen due to long -term drug drugs in a drug case handled by the police handled by the Anti -drug Brigade of the Anshun Development Zone.

At present, Zhang Moumou has been taken for a bail pending trial.But this does not mean that she can escape legal sanctions.According to the police of the Anshun Development Zone, they found in their work that recently, some women used pregnancy as a shield to use drug trafficking. On July 14 this year, the brigade arrested the suspect of drug trafficking Li Moumou. At that time, Li Moumou was pregnant.3 months.

The police said that women who used pregnancy as a shield to trafficking thought that they could escape legal sanctions. Although the law protects pregnant women or lactating women, it does not take compulsory measures such as detention, but it does not mean that they can evade legal punishment because of pregnancy.Pregnant women are still investigating criminal responsibility.(Liu Zulin reporter Zhou Qiang Photography Report Editor Yao Li)

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