Anhui: The woman was pregnant in March, and she wanted to drink more water in the middle of the night. The husband said: The child is with your surname

"The husband and wife are the same forest birds, and the difficulties will fly."

The problem between marriage and the world is unusual. If the processing methods are superb, then it seems easy, but some people are simple and rude. They are too lazy to deal with them.

Recently, in Hefei, Anhui, a woman who had been pregnant for three months wanted to drink water in the middle of the night. When she called her husband to help Sheng a glass of water, she was not expected to be disgusted by her husband.

The husband was angry, directly rejected the woman’s request, and made theory with the woman at the door of the room.

Husband said that women let themselves do too much. They could do these things by themselves, but they all let her husband do it by themselves, so the husband was very angry.

At this time, some netizens were very angry, saying that they were treated like this as soon as they were pregnant. Such a marriage was decisively divorced. Wait until the birth of themselves with children?

It is understood that after three months of pregnancy, the woman did not continue to work, so she was abandoned by her husband.

Originally, I just wanted to drink a glass of water in the middle of the night, and now it seems to have made things big.

Husband said that other women were still working in the first three months when they were pregnant, but their wives were unwilling to do anything. They had to serve themselves in the middle of the night. This kind of woman was really difficult to convince.

The more the husband said louder, he claimed that the woman would only sleep and watch the mobile phone, and nothing else did everything.

The woman felt a lot of grievances, so she told her husband, do the children want it?Are you pregnant now, do you treat your wife like this?

You said I asked you to do a lot of things, is it to let you pour me a glass of water in the middle of the night?I took me to the hospital when I was in my stomach?Are these things annoying you?

I am currently pregnant. I used to know that I had to smoke to play with my mobile phone. Now I am unwilling to control it, right?

My husband suddenly yelled: Anyway, you should not find me in the future. The child is your child alone, and the child will be with your surname in the future.

The woman also refuted: Now to this extent, you actually say that I have nothing to do. I just ask you to pour a glass of water. Is it too much?When I should go to work, I still go to work. Is the goods in the warehouse just watch it alone?Is there no contribution to me?

The husband finally asked the woman to take care of someone by himself.

The two were deadlocked for a long time, and the farce was ended.

People say: Children are the crystallization of love.Happy families basically have similar happiness characteristics, but unfortunate families have various problems.

Not to mention who is right and who is wrong, and the husband pour a glass of water to his wife in the middle of the night. In fact, it should be very good.It’s right.

And because of the pouring water, do not say that your own children say that letting children and mother’s surnames are actually extremely irresponsible.

This method of dealing with the problem is really inappropriate, it is entirely because the impulse to say this stupidity.

When you encounter something, you should make your thoughts clearly and consider it carefully. Thinking about things and told your wife that reckless collisions like this will only bring unhappiness to the entire family and marriage.

Some netizens said that during pregnancy, you said that you do n’t go to work. When you Gu’s family, you say that you are too idle. Anyway, as a mother, it is wrong to do a lot of things.

What kind of answer will be a kind of answer if you encounter other things?Maybe he will be swept out.

It is very difficult to conceive in October, and as a pregnant woman, it is easy to have depression.

As someone else’s husband, he should pay attention to his wife’s psychological behavior, rather than disgusted with a water, and is unwilling to do it.If two people are indeed inappropriate in behavior, then it is enough to make it clear. Why must it make people so chilling?

Friends, if you meet such a husband and treat you the same during your pregnancy, what should you do?

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