American female athletes were completed in September and completed speedy. Netizens: "Prosecution!"

30 -year -old Mackeona Mayler is a professional mid -to -long -distance runner who lives in California.

McCann has loved long-distance running since she was a child. During his college, she was a member of the School of Vietnam. In the 2016-2017 season, she was successfully selected as the National Cross-Country Team.Preparation of the trials on behalf of the team.

In order to refresh the results, McCana runs throughout the country to participate in long -distance running competitions all year round, and has been trained six days a week.

Under a high -intensity training system, she has to complete running training twice a day, and long -distance running exercises on the weekend …

I often hurt and do not want to stop to rest …

Three years ago, McCana, 28, was pregnant with her first child with her husband Michael.After learning that she was excited and worried after pregnancy, because production would undoubtedly make her career full of uncertainty, and even her herself did not know how pregnancy would affect her body …

So even during pregnancy, McCann did not stop training.

After consulting the doctor, she flew to the Melbourne track and field club in Australia to continue training and adjusted the strength and training duration according to physical feelings.Except for some time of physical discomfort, the running is suspended, other times the wind and rain are unimpeded …

By the time of Mackeona’s pregnancy, she and her husband were a little curious. How about her current running strength …

At first, the couple just joked and bet, but then McCana really came to the venue to challenge the one -mile (1.6 kilometer) project.

Usually, in the case of non -pregnancy, the average time for women to complete one mile is 10 minutes and 40 seconds, and the best score of McKona is 4 minutes and 43 seconds. Considering that she was 9 months pregnant, Michael was set up to encourage her to set up.With a timeline of less than eight minutes, it was proposed to give her $ 100 incentives.

As a result, Mackeona easily completed the challenge, only 5 minutes and 25 seconds, far exceeding expectations.

Shortly after the first production, Mackeona started a lot of self -weight training and walked a lot in the park to try to restore pre -pregnancy state.

Soon, she changed from going to running for 30 minutes every day, gradually increased to one hour, and then returned to 90 to two hours of long -distance running.Of course, everything is under the permission of a doctor …

In less than six months, most mothers may still be in a recovery period. McCana has returned to the field, and she takes children to participate in the competition …

Breaking the personal 5K record in one fell swoop.

Last year, McCana was pregnant with a second child. Like the last time she was pregnant, she still maintained the intensity of 5 to 6 times a day.

Last month, the fetus was full of full moon, and McCana’s heart was decided to challenge the "one mile" middle and long running in the third trimester.

After a lapse of three years, Magona, who was 9 months pregnant, appeared in the sports field again with her lower abdomen. She wore a tight sportswear and did not hide her bulging abdomen and ran through the whole process.

This time, she even broke her pregnancy record 3 years ago. It took only 5 minutes and 17 seconds to complete a mile, and it was almost 8 seconds.

McCana was very surprised, uploaded to Tiktok during pregnancy, and attached her own running method and understanding of pregnancy exercise …

For example, she will adjust the strength and duration of exercise according to the experience, and at the same time do some strength training to ensure that the pelvic shift will not cause damage, and some science knowledge knowledge for everyone -such as the physical condition that supports her running during pregnancy is a "genetic lottery"., Not everyone has it.Even if some excellent runners, the pelvis may not be able to withstand the exercise intensity of running during pregnancy …

However, after uploading the video of "one mile during pregnancy", it still triggered a lot of controversy. The style of painting in the comment area is large …

Many people are amazed by McKona’s strength and perseverance …

"Bow to this lady …"

"It’s funny, I can’t run all miles after I am not pregnant …"

"A nine -month -old pregnant woman ran 5 minutes 25 miles, and I could hardly go to my own step."

"I just watched a video. A woman who was pregnant nine months ran for five minutes for five minutes. I cleaned the floor downstairs and had to breathe. I had nothing to say."

"This woman runs 1 miles with 5 minutes 25 minutes when I am 9 months pregnant … What am I doing when my mother is …"

"I just watched a TT video. A woman who was pregnant for nine months ran a mile of 5:25. My fastest one mile was nearly 9 minutes. I thought it was defeated but I was proud of her. WomenAwesome. That’s it. "

However, many people have criticized McKenner for professional training, regardless of the safety of babies in the abdomen …

"I dare to be sure that because the uterus is constantly impacted, the baby’s neck and brain will be permanently damaged. I think this is another way to murder the baby."

"Why do anyone want to cause unnecessary pressure on their babies? ??? I can’t even imagine the impact that the baby bear … How irresponsible! Event organizers should also be ashamed!! If she will fall or trip over, she will fall or trip.What to do? The prosecutor or mother is harmful to children? "

Some people think that McCann made these just to stir -fry the eyeballs: "Just because you can not mean that you should, everything in life is weighing risks and rewards.The return of praise … very self -centered … "

Some people even start to sympathize with children who are not born: "Poor children are likely to leave for others to raise."

Some people said: "She should stay at home to wash and vacuum, prepare dinner for her husband" and "agree."

Only a small number of people speak for McCana …

"Elisia Mengtao, on behalf of the United States, participated in the Fifth National Championship of the 2012 Olympic Games, participated in the 800 -meter competition of the American Athletics Championship yesterday. She also happened to be 34 weeks of pregnancy."

"Why did she suddenly give up training when she was pregnant? The question should be, why so many people think that this (pregnancy) is a ticket to sit on the sofa!"

"Pregnancy is not sick !!!"

But for all kinds of negative comments, McCanon didn’t take it for granted. She said that she did not pay attention to money and achievements, nor did she want to be an Internet celebrity …

"I think what women are doing, such as taking care of their babies, are incredible. No one needs to run quickly to be impressive. Moms are already impressive."

As for running, it is her dream of life, and her efforts are just as women and do my best for her dreams …

"I think this mile has made people around me see all my training. I hope it can inspire women, just like I am inspired by other pregnant athletes to pursue the goal. Regardless of the status quo, we should explore."

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