Allergy to money, allergies to male body fluid …

Miss Liu, 28, just married her husband for half a year, but she was particularly afraid of the same room with her husband every day. I don’t know why. Every time she was in the same room with her husband, her lower body was always red and itchy.

At first she thought it was caused by vaginitis, and she took some medicines in the pharmacy, but the situation did not improve. Each time the same room, Miss Liu was painful.So she began to suspect that her husband had unclean behavior outside, causing herself to infect sexually transmitted diseases, and then quarreled with her husband.

Ms. Liu’s husband also felt very wronged. She was clear and innocent, and she didn’t mess around at all. In the end, the two went to the hospital to check together. They found that Miss Liu was allergic to semen …

Many people may have heard of this disease for the first time. Miss Liu’s case is very rare. In fact, there are really many strange allergens in daily life.

Spring flowers bloom, everything recovers, little couple stepping on spring, you have a "applause" in the final session. However, after full, women suddenly have allergic reactions such as whole body itching and difficulty breathing. This may be caused by semen allergies.Why does someone allergic to semen?

There is a type of semen immunosumer in men’s semen. This is a polymer glycoprotein that exists in semen and adheres to the sperm neck. It can reduce the "sensitive belt" of the immune system, but it can also cause some female allergies.

If you do not pay attention to protection, when semen is allergic, women will have obvious systemic reactions, such as itching, dyspnea, palpitations, asthma, abdominal pain, vomiting, mucosal edema, and even trapped joint pain.Some women may have local vulvar itching, increased vaginal secretions, and labiastock edema.

The most effective way to prevent female semen allergies is to use condoms to avoid semen and vaginal contact, or after sexual intercourse, wash the vagina and vulva immediately with warm water, and wash off the semen.

Can women who are allergic to semen still get pregnant happily?

For women with allergies, you can try desensitization and improve allergic reactions.For patients with irreversible desensitization therapy, they can remove the allergenic part of the patient’s husband’s semen through the in vitro -granting technology, and then implant the processed semen and artificial insemination in the uterine cavity into the uterine cavity to achieve conception.

Allergies are very common. Many people have heard of pollen allergies, drug allergies, and food allergies. Have you seen these allergies below?

1. Water allergy

Water is the source of life, and the human body contains 60%of water, and water should not become allergens.However, some people are unfortunately allergic to water. This allergies are called hydrological urticaria.About dozens of cases of this constitution in the world may be related to the interaction between water and sebum in the skin.For this type of people, they are very amazing to replenish water -hydrating through low sugar cola.

2. Sunlight allergy

Allergies to the sun?Vampire?In fact, there are really people allergic to the solar in life, and medicine is called "sunlight allergy."Patients can cause solaric dermatitis or acute sunburn in sunlight. The skin of the affected area is red, swollen, burning, pain, and even headache, nausea and other systemic symptoms.

3. Money allergy

Allergic to money, incredible.According to foreign media reports, this allergies will cause rash symptoms when they contact money. When dealing with a large amount of banknotes, allergies and asthma symptoms will occur in the nose, and even life -threatening lung disease will occur.In this regard, medical practitioners believe that it may be exposed with nickel materials in coins, or allergic to printing ink, or frequent contact with the skin, which causes dry fingers and causes rash.

4. Confucian allergies

Constitution allergies are usually allergic to latex and protein. According to relevant statistics, about 8%of people are allergic to latex products.After contacting the condom, allergic people will feel the burning and itching of Ding Ding and vaginal skin, there will be local redness, swelling, even blisters and bleeding, and may also be accompanied by cough and sneezing.

Many people report that they were originally allergic to something.According to the World Metaphysical Reaction Organization, human allergies are not static and will change with age.

1. One and a half years old

Common food allergies, such as milk, eggs, wheat and other food allergies.

2. Young adult

Frequent pollen allergies and contact allergies, such as women’s contact with cosmetics, hair dyes, causing allergies.

3. Old age

Common drugs or health products are allergic, which may contain allergens such as color agents, lactose, and oil.

Allergens will change. As age increases, allergens will not only become more, but also may also become less.Due to age growth, resistance increased, etc., unknowingly exposed to low -dose allergens, it produced desensitization. For example, allergies to a certain food, and the response is lighter, it will become weaker and weaker, or evenAllergens disappeared.

Spring is the season of high skin allergies. What prevention needs to be paid to daily to avoid allergies?

1. Skin allergies

There are many sensitization factors in spring, and the temperature difference between morning and evening should be greater. Pay attention to skin care in daily life. Wash your face with warm water to avoid excessive heat and heat stimulation of the skin.When allergies, you should apply coldly to relieve symptoms such as redness, burning, and itching; you must avoid scratching to avoid ulceration of the skin. When the skin redness and swelling are obvious, and even blisters appear, you should seek medical treatment in time.

2. Food allergy

When food allergies occur, they should stop eating related foods.Take measures according to the degree of severity. If you only have skin symptoms, you can go to the pharmacy to buy external medicine; if the condition worsens after medication, you need to seek medical treatment in time.In addition to skin symptoms, it is also accompanied by headache and dizziness, chest tightness and palpitations, abdominal pain and diarrhea, and should also seek medical treatment early.Those who have severe food allergies, it is best to be automatically injected with anti -allergic drugs and emergency adrenaline.

The world is strange. Do you also experience an allergic reaction?Allergies are not terrible. As long as you realize allergens, you can stop it in time.You can also be determined by clinical testing for not knowing whether you are allergic.

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