Allergies are painful during pregnancy. How should expectant mothers prevent?

About 1/3 expectant mothers will suffer from allergies during pregnancy. Nasal congestion, tears, sneezing, and sometimes even irresistible itching or rash, and spring is a high incidence season.

For expectant mothers, temporary allergic symptoms are not the most painful. What is even more annoying is that they cannot take medicine at will to relieve symptoms.

How can the mothers of allergic constitution avoid allergies during pregnancy?

Avoid eating foods that may be allergic

Even if the expectant mothers do not cause adverse reactions to some susceptible foods before pregnancy, it is difficult to ensure that they will not be allergic to them at the current hormone level.Before eating a large amount of consumption, you must try a small amount. If you have allergies, you have to fast food with nutrients.

Guarantee environmental hygiene and neat

Expectant mothers should also stay away from the common allergen source in life such as dust and dust mites. To do a good job of dust removal, furniture, daily necessities, etc. should be wiped with wet cloth; pillows, bedding, etc.Select a reliable air filter to ensure fresh indoor air; avoid staying in places with poor air quality and large dust for a long time.

Far away from allergens

Gourmet and animal dandruff are also common sensitivity sources in life.Try to avoid planting plants with rich floral fragrance or a large amount of pollen at home to avoid increasing the possibility of allergies; for expectant mothers who can cause allergic reactions to animal dandruff, try to minimize direct contact with animals. Specific mothers with pets in the family must guarantee at least at least at leastThere is a certain area that pets must not enter.

Trying to avoid contact with can induce allergies is the best way to prevent allergies, and it is also meaningful to reducing the possibility of allergies to such substances after birth.

If allergies occur, it should be disconnected from allergens in time to avoid excessive scratching due to itching.If the range of allergies is large or symptoms such as respiratory allergies, it is recommended to go to the hospital for treatment in time. Under the guidance of the doctor, use calcium, vitamin C and other drugs to anti -allergies.

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