Allergic cough, nail cough "Cyclonus" evenly recommended by the provincial traditional Chinese medicine bureau

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From March, under the dual influence of seasonal allergies and "Cyclonus" of Awater, cough became one of the biggest health problems of this month.Many netizens posted that they had coughing for a week and had not cured.Following the Beijing Traditional Chinese Medicine Administration, Sichuan also incorporated the cough tablets in the spring influenza recommendation medicine directory in the province’s "Jialiu" climbing situation.

The "Sichuan Provincial Spring Spring Influenza Traditional Chinese Medicine Prevention and Treatment Guidance Plan (Trial)" pointed out that patients with high fever, cough, phlegm, thirst, sore throat, yellow tongue coating, or greasy influenza can take flowers cough tablets.

Why is the cough after the flow of A long?

Cough is one of the main symptoms of nail flow.The direct inducement of influenza with cough is a broad airway inflammation reaction and respiratory epithelium damage caused by virus infection.After entering the human body, the norerum virus will cause a large amount of apoptosis in the respiratory mucosal epithelial cells. At the same time, the inflammatory storm can cause sputum in the respiratory tract and aggravate the symptoms of cough.

The heating caused by the flow of A usually lasts for 3 to 4 days, but cough sometimes lasts longer.After the respiratory tract of some patients was destroyed by the flu virus, it still took 2 to 4 weeks to recover.Some patients have poor repair ability, and even chronic inflammation, especially patients with asthma, allergic rhinitis, and slow pulmonary disease.

According to reports, Lianhua Cough Tablets are innovative Chinese medicines that guide the treatment of exogenous cough based on the theory of linked disease. It has the characteristics of "fast cough and clearing phlegm".

How to treat the cough tablet of the flowers and cough tablets

Even the cough tablets have a good treatment effect on cough caused by a variety of factors.In the random dual-blind study of acute bronchitis-bronchitis, even Hua Qing cough tablets can increase the disappearance rate of cough symptoms by 40.6%; in the evidence-based medical research for new crown infections, even flowers can shorten cough duration to shorten the duration of cough duration3 days.

The reporter learned that Lianhua Cough tablets have antiviral and anti -inflammatory effects, which can help relieve respiratory symptoms and inflammatory responses.

In particular, the release of inflammatory factor and inflammation of the airway can be significantly reduced; at the same time, it relieves the air tract spasm, protects the airway mucosa, and improves the airway resistance.

The norrotic virus can damage the respiratory epithelial cells, and the inhibitory virus can reduce cell damage.In the animal model experiments of antiviral antibacterial antibacterial and anti -inflammatory animal models, Lianhua Cough tablets have been proven to inhibit a variety of viruses including influenza virus and new coronal virus, and a variety of bacteria, including pneumonia biococcus.Shanyin flowers, forsythia, mulberry peel, and Huangpi, etc., have played an important role in this process.

After infection, the respiratory tract will cause a wide range of inflammatory response, leading to a large amount of sputum, aggravating cough symptoms, and abnormal secretion of sputum can also affect the transmission of the disease.Lianhua Cough tablets can reduce the release of inflammatory factor and inflammation of the airway.Among them, Banxia and Chenpi can play the role of reducing the production of hypotonal mucus glands and sputum production.Phlegm and other phlegm drugs such as beniest and Pinellia can reduce phlegm viscosity consistency.

After solving sputum problems, the cure process of cough can be greatly shortened.In addition, experiments have confirmed that even flowers and cough tablets can speed up the normal regular movement of respiratory mucosal cilia, promote the discharge of sputum, and accelerate cough cure.

In the study of various respiratory diseases such as acute bronchitis and new crown infection, even Hua Qing cough tablets can significantly improve the symptoms of cough and sputum, improve respiratory function, reduce the clinical effects of lung damage, and obtain national levels many times, and many timesRecommended provincial influenza and new crown diagnosis and treatment plans.Earlier, the diagnosis and treatment of influenza traditional Chinese medicine in Beijing, Fujian, Shandong, and other provinces (cities) appeared in the diagnosis and treatment of influenza.

Relevant experts stated that according to the past laws, the "A current" is likely to be popular for a period of time.In the next "A current" prevention and control, even the cough tablets may play a significant role.

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