alert!Lisin’s pregnant woman was dragged into severe pneumonia after a week of cold

Recently, Ms. Dai Dai, who was pregnant, had a cold, fever, cough, and did not dare to take medicine. She thought that it was up. I did not expect to be dragged into severe pneumonia.Fortunately, after the medical staff were fully rescued, Ms. Dai gave birth to a child smoothly.After 192 hours of guardianship, Ms. Dai finally broke through the life and death.Yesterday, after evaluation, Ms. Dai was officially discharged.

Dare to take medicine for a cold and develop into severe pneumonia

Ms. Dai, a 31 -year -old resident, resident, was pregnant with a second child last year.At 30 weeks of pregnancy, she suddenly caught a cold, fever, and cough. Due to pregnancy, she dared not take medicine, and only perceived.A week later, Ms. Dai coughed more and more seriously, and had symptoms of chest tightness. The local doctor was initially diagnosed as pneumonia and asked her to move to the hospital quickly.

On April 2nd, the family took her to the Fuyang People’s Hospital for medical treatment immediately with her.At this time, Ms. Dai had shortness of breath, her lips, and her chest CT prompted the double lung blockbuster high -density exudation with the actual changes in the biocontonal lungs. Medicine was commonly known as "white lung".After the multi -disciplinary consultation, Ms. Dai suffered from severe pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome (severe) and was immediately transferred to intensive medical treatment.

At this time, Ms. Dai was severely hypoxic and affected the fetus in the abdomen.In order to bold the mother and baby, the pregnancy must be terminated immediately.After obtaining the consent of the family, the obstetrician and gynecologist performed a cesarean section. Ms. Dai gave birth to a baby boy. She returned to the intensive medical department after surgery and the fetus was transferred to a newborn monitor.

In 192 hours to guard and treat, the patient broke through the ghost gate

After returning to the intensive care unit, the doctor adopted a series of treatment measures for Ms. Dai, but Ms. Dai failed to be controlled as expected.If the patient’s hypoxia cannot be improved in a short time, it will endanger life.

How to run with death?Li Dongfeng, director of the intensive medical care room, led the personnel of the department to discuss and agreed that the ECMO treatment was needed immediately to have a line of hope.

Although the Municipal People’s Hospital has some experience in the treatment of ECMO, it is the first time for maternal women."The scientific name of ECMO is an infective lung oxygen -oxygen device, commonly known as ‘artificial lung’, which is currently the core support method for severe cardiopulmonary functional failure, but it costs a lot of treatment. Due to the critical condition of patients, the hospital immediately opens green channels.Paids have not delayed treatment due to cost problems. "Li Yalin, deputy chief physician, introduced that after more than 2 hours of intensive work and successfully accessing ECMO, the patient’s oxygen indicators quickly rose to the normal range.

Due to many clinical problems during the operation of ECMO, the nursing team took care of the patients, and the medical group carried out ultrasound assessment at any time by the bed, dynamic blood flow dynamic monitoring and solving the problem.After 192 hours of guardianship, Ms. Dai broke through life and death.

Yesterday, after evaluation, Ms. Dai was finally discharged.When the hospital was discharged, the medical staff sent flowers to bless her.At present, the fetus is still for further treatment in the newborn care unit.

Pregnant women should be treated early

Li Yalin reminded that some colds are not treated in time and can easily develop into pneumonia or even severe pneumonia.When the lung infection is too serious, it will cause respiratory failure and even affect the function of the whole body.Spring is the season of influenza, and pregnant women are more groups.Many pregnant women are afraid of affecting fetal development and dare not take medicine. In fact, many pregnant women can use medication.Therefore, when pregnant women have symptoms such as colds and fever, they must go to the hospital for treatment as soon as possible to avoid delaying the condition.

"Pregnant women try to avoid places with many people, pay more attention to rest, supplement nutrition, enhance their physique, and maintain a good mental state. At the same time, pay attention to avoid cold and actively prevent colds." Li Yalin said.

Yin Qingfengwen/Photo, a correspondent of the reporter Duan Huamei

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