After turning to the overcast, I suggest you: eat less leeks and mutton, eat 5 more, make up for strength

I asked a circle among relatives and friends. I wanted to find a few lucky people who were not yet "Yang". I didn’t expect the answer to surprise me. No one around me could escape.EssenceEven the uncle with a very good physical fitness did not escape. He also got up for more than ten days because he had a high fever twice, and he got up for more than ten days.The pain period … Fortunately, everyone has become overcast now. Although they have not met, they can feel that they are weak from the sound. Presumably, it takes time to be completely recovered.

After turning the yin, it was not resurrected with blood.If you do n’t want to eat, your legs and feet have no strength, you will shake your legs for a while, and you will feel tired if you do n’t do anything. Do you feel the same?As the saying goes: the disease comes like a mountain, and the illness goes like a shit.If you want to recover as early as the beginning, we must not be too anxious. As the so -called nourishing and disease, we must highlight the word "raising"!

How to do it?In addition to maintaining sufficient sleep and moving step by step to ensure sufficient drinking water, a more important part is the conditioning of diet.

What do you need to pay attention to after your diet?What should I eat more after "yang" to "yin"?What can I not eat?This is what we need to understand.

After turning the overcast, it is recommended that you keep the diversification of food, pay attention to the food and vegetables, and the thickness of the thickness; in addition to fried and greasy foods, there are two kinds of foods.EssenceLamb is very nourishing, but it is not easy to digest when eating too much; and leek is more spicy, it is easy to eat at this stage.Moreover, mutton and leek are both hair products. After turning overcast, try not to eat it first.

It is recommended that you eat the five kinds of food you want to say next, make up for the strong legs and feet to help quickly recover. It is recommended to collect it!

After turning to the overcast, if you want to recover quickly, your legs and feet become strong, you have to eat poultry rich in protein in moderation, such as pigeons.As the saying goes, "one pigeon wins nine chickens", the protein content in the pigeon meat is 24.47%, exceeding beef, pork, mutton and some poultry.Not only that, the fat content of pigeon meat is very low, so the pigeon meat is a veritable high -protein, low -fat food.Use a pigeon to cook soup.Let’s learn to make a pigeon soup. The taste is very light. There is no need for too much spices. The pigeon soup is delicious and nutritious.

The required ingredients: pigeon, ginger, cooking wine and salt.

Production method: The pigeons are cleaned, you can cut it or the whole soup.Add cooking wine to the cold water, and the pigeons are scalded to remove blood.

When the color of the pigeons turns white, remove it with warm water and rinse it.

Put the pigeons in the casserole, add ginger and clear water to boil over low heat and boil for 1 and a half hours. Add a little wolfberry and salt to season ten minutes before turning off the fire.

The pigeons are not very expensive, basically everyone can accept it, and everyone can afford it.Do n’t manage the money and no money. After turning the yin, you have to eat some pigeons to supplement the protein. Do n’t feel bad about money.

After the sun, if you want the body to return to the original state, a scientific and reasonable diet is essential. To eat more effort and make more dishes that can improve immunity.Speaking of ingredients that improve physical immunity, you must know the sea cucumber.Sea cucumber contains more than 30 active substances, and often consumption of sea cucumbers in moderation can play a role in improving resistance.

When making vegetables with sea cucumbers, you can send the sea cucumber in advance, cut it into small pieces, and stir -fry with vegetables.You can also use sea cucumber soup or porridge, which can not only enhance the taste of sea cucumber, but also better retain its nutrition and play a better nourishing role.

Bubble sea cucumber is the knowledge of the door, and it takes some time. If some details are not handled, it is likely to fail, and it will be a waste of money.If you have conditions, you can eat one sea cucumber every day. Don’t just know how to save money. If you eat it, you should eat it. There is a good physique than anything.

Fish can provide high -quality protein, and the protein contained in the fish is completely protein. Eat some fish often to provide guarantee for human health and vitality.And fish fiber is thinner than animal fiber, so it is easier to digest, and it is very suitable for friends after turning.

Speaking of delicious fish, it can be described as countless, cinnamon, catfish, fish, flat fish, carp, etc., and big yellow croaker can be described as proper national fish. It is also a delicious memory of many people’s childhood.The protruding characteristics of the big yellow croaker are "garlic cloves". The meat is thorns and less. The meat pieces are as complete as garlic cloves. They are picked with chopsticks. The fish meat is scattered like garlic cloves, which tastes delicious.However, it should be noted that big yellow croakers are not suitable for cooking with steaming, and it is more suitable for making it with braised and dried roasted methods.

Most of the counterfeit yellow flowers on the market are coated with pigment. The color of the real yellow flowers is softer, and the color of the fake yellow flower fish is generally heavy. Wipe it will fall into color. Don’t understand.After turning the overcast, you can often eat some deep -sea yellow croakers to replenish your energy to help recover.

After many people turn "Yin", not only are they not mentally and weak, but they are more worried about their hair become more delicate. At this time, you can eat black sesame seeds.Black sesame seeds are not only particularly fragrant, but more importantly, its protein content is also remarkable. You know, the protein content per 100 grams of black sesame is 6 times higher than milk.Therefore, after "Yang Kang", if you can’t eat meat, you can eat some black sesame seeds in moderation, and you can also supplement protein.

How to eat black sesame seeds?If the black sesame is eaten, it is equivalent to not eating, we need to fried it and then grind it into powder.Black sesame powder can make black sesame porridge, black sesame paste, black sesame steamed buns, etc.In addition, black sesame pills are also very good.Black sesame pills can be made with black sesame powder, and can also be made with other black ingredients such as black beans and black rice.Stir all the ingredients in advance, then mix it into the honey and rub it into a ball, wrap it in tin foil and store, and take it with it.

Many people cough after turning to yin, and their throats always feel dry.At this time, eat hot foods such as lamb and leek to avoid getting angry.You can eat more clear ingredients such as lily, lotus seeds, pears, white radish and white fungus.

Tremella has the function of moisturizing the lungs and righteousness. After turning the overcast, people who have cough and phlegm and poor burnout must eat.Tremella can cook soup and cold, but when it comes to more classic methods, it is the cooked silver ear.

When cooking Tremella, soak the Tremella in advance. Its bubble rate is still very high. Tremella that overnight is not suitable for consumption, so do not soak too much at a time to avoid waste.When cooking Tremella ear, you must first tear it into a small flower before cooking.After adding the water, the white fungus was boiled on the fire first and then turned it to the fire.Under normal circumstances, after 40 minutes of cooking, it will be thick and waxy.During the cooking process, use a spoon to turn the white fungus with a spoon from time to time, so that the glue is more uniform.

Although Tremella is good, if you eat sulfur, the sulfur is not good for the body.When choosing Tremella, it depends on the color. The normal color should be light golden, not too white.When you smell the taste, there is a problem with the pungent Tremella, and the normal taste is fragrant.You might as well eat some tonic.

After turning to the overcast, it is recommended that you don’t rush to make up for it, but make up for it step by step.Eat less lamb and chives, eat more foods of Tremella, black sesame, sea cucumber, fish, and pigeon meat. It makes up for strength. Of course, your legs and feet are energy. You can also try it.

What should I pay attention to after "turning the yin"?I have shared here. What else do you need to add?Share a message in the comment area to benefit more friends!Each of your messages, and every praise, is my motivation to move forward!If you like it, remember to collect and share it with your friends around you.Pay attention to "Eating the Lotus" and enjoy the food and not get lost, goodbye!

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