After three years of marriage, Xiaosan was pregnant and came to the door to provoke her to divorce. She died and left, but he was anxious.


Title: "Bone Extingmental Marriage: Ex -husband, please let go" (original book name: "Nancheng Flying Flying")

Author: Yan Qingyu Queen

Novel Type: (1V1 + marriage first love + abuse and then sweet + giants president)

Novel protagonist: Wen Nanxu (female lead), Lu Huancheng (male lead)

Novel copy: Wen Nanxu knew that Lu Geheng had always had a woman in his heart, so she married him for three years, and he never touched her, and she was quite self -knowledge, and she couldn’t ask his private life.

But what she didn’t understand was that when she threw the divorce agreement to him, his eyes turned red and whispered: "You climbed into my bed five years ago, stole my heart, and occupied Mrs. Lu’s position so so so.For a long time, now I want to leave me? Wen Nanxu, how ruthless your heart is? "


(Nancheng is flying all over, and good people are waiting for me to return.)

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Song Qingqing didn’t want to care about so much. Anyway, her purpose was to get Lu Huancheng and become Mrs. Lu.

She deleted Wen Nanxu’s call records, and then came out of the bathroom.In order to prevent the plan from being interrupted again, she simply shut down Lu Geheng’s mobile phone.

Song Qingqing climbed into bed, and her fingers had just touched the buttons on the shirt on the shirt. Her wrist was instantly held tightly by a big palm.

Song Qingqing thought that Lu Ge Cheng woke up, scaring her heart to mention her throat, and she did not dare to move.

"Axu, A Su …" Lu Ge murmured, he didn’t open his eyes and drank too much wine at night. His stomach seemed to be burned by fire, and he frowned.

He vaguely felt a woman on his side. This is Nancheng No. 1 and Wen Nanxu’s wedding room, so he should treat her as Wen Nanxu.

He grabbed her wrist and pulled hard with the strength of the wine.

City Hospital.

Since hanging up the phone, Wen Nanxu has been absent -minded. Seeing it at twelve o’clock in the evening, she was not sleepy at all.

In the mind, Lu Ge Cheng is full of Song Qingqing.

Lu Geheng really took Song Qingqing to their wedding room overnight. Thinking of their emotions in her wedding bed, her emotions could no longer be restrained.

So, regardless of her thin clothes, she went out of the ward and went out of the hospital in the winter night of minus ten degrees.

Snow particles are sprinkled on the ground like salt, and they are also scattered on Wen Nanxu. She doesn’t seem to feel cold, but just walks numbly to the roadside, reaching out to stop a taxi.

"Girl, where are you going?" The taxi driver saw her stunned, a little uneasy.

"Nancheng Apartment." Wen Nanxu said lightly.

Wen Nanxu, just this time, no matter what the unbearable scenes are seen, this time, he completely died of him …

Song Qingqing was afraid to make a breath. She just stretched out her arms and wanted to go around Lu Geheng’s neck, but he suddenly stopped, and the pair of drunk peach blossoms opened sharply.

Lu Geheng’s eyes were slightly stunned, glanced at the woman underneath, and then his eyes were cold, turning over and throwing her out of bed, "You are not her, roll!"

At this moment, he didn’t sober, his head was still drowsy, but the fat powder on Song Qingqing’s body was too strong, which stimulated his nerves and made him sober a lot.

His Mrs. Lu would not use so much perfume.

Song Qingqing felt the low pressure from all over his body, and she hurriedly picked up a few clothes and put on it.

Seeing that Lu Ge Cheng’s stomach was a little uncomfortable, she asked bravely: "Hibiscus, you drink too much alcohol, the stomach must be uncomfortable, would you let me stay and take care of you?"

After Lu Juncheng heard Song Qingqing’s voice, his eyes were colder: "Can my name also call it?"

"Yes, President Lu, I dare not dare to." Song Qingqing knew that Lu Geheng was not easy to mess with, but for the first time, she saw that he was angry, which was even more terrible than expected.

"It’s not fast!" Lu Geng Cheng drunk with a cold voice. Seeing Song Qingqing’s clothes full of clothes, his eyes were a little colder: "Song Qingqing, don’t say that I have touched you, my vision is not like this, so I won’t be like this.","

"Yes …" Song Qingqing trembled and nodded again and again. When she was too nervous, she almost fell.

"I warned you for the last time that the children in my stomach can’t be lost!" Lu Ge Cheng said coldly.

"Okay … Okay … I know, I will definitely bring my baby safely to this world."

Song Qingqing fled frightened. After leaving Nancheng Apartment, she finally relieved, and she raised her hand to caress her belly.

This child is her amulet. Seeing Lu Geheng’s care so much, maybe waiting for the child to be born, she can squeeze Wen Nanxu!

When Wen Nanxu rushed to Nancheng apartment, it was almost a morning.

She paid the driver’s master, and her eyes were shameless.

The driver’s master saw her depressed, and when she was leaving, she comforted her a few words: "Girl, I see that you don’t feel good, no matter what you have encountered something difficult, you want to open something.Don’t be true, make yourself happy most importantly. "

"Thank you Master, I’m fine." Wen Nanxu crowded a smile and thanked the driver master.

Yeah, just decades in life, and she has been in this unwavering marriage for three years. It is time to say goodbye!

Wen Nanxu stood at the door of Nancheng No. 1 apartment. She closed her eyes and took a few breaths. When she opened her eyes again, she had a layer of frost in her eyes.

She raised her hand and quickly pressed the password of the door lock. With a "click", the door opened instantly.

Wen Nanxu was a little surprised. I did not expect that the password was not replaced by Lu Geng.

Nancheng No. 1 apartment was a wedding room given to her with Lu Geheng. The decoration inside was designed by her himself. With the password of the door lock, she also specifically chose her birthday with Lu Geheng.

At that time, she really wanted to marry him and live a good life.She thought that after marrying him, she could move here with him, living a small life of only two of them.

Unexpectedly, although she married him later, he left her left …

After marriage, she lived in the old house of Lu’s house, and came to Nancheng Apartment.

Wen Nanxu pressed the door handle, and the corner of his mouth could not help but talk about a ridiculous smile. He should often bring a woman here?Even the door lock password was too lazy to change, so I trusted her wife!Are you afraid she suddenly comes back and meets?

No, he wouldn’t care at all. Even if he was hit by her, he would not take it in heart, after all, he didn’t love her.

Wennan flocked into the house and closed the door.

There are no lights in the living room, black paint, and no sound. You can hear the sound of snow outside faintly.

Should they be the master bedroom upstairs?

Wen Nanxu looked up at the direction of the bedroom and bedroom upstairs. Seeing that the door of the bedroom didn’t seem to be closed, there was a bouquet of orange lights quietly climbing out of the door seam.

Wen Nanxu went upstairs like a ghost. Her eyes kept looking at the light, like a moth who worked hard to rush towards the flame, knowing that approaching the beam of light will make herself shattering bones, but she did not give up.Now!

There was a low moaning sound in it.

When holding the door handle, Wen Nanxu’s whole hand was trembling.

She took a deep breath and pushed the door away.

The man lying on the bed came into her eyes, but Song Qingqing was not seen in the room.

Wen Nanxu walked in, and the smell of perfume and alcohol mixed in the air stimulated her heart. Song Qingqing had gone?

She laughed at herself, feeling that her heart seemed to be held tightly by a big palm, which hurt, and even breathing was like cutting.

Lu Geheng, between us, that’s it!

She stood in front of the bed, looked at him with a high stand, and saw that his eyes were closed, his brows frowned slightly, and it seemed uncomfortable. He kept whispering in his mouth, a cold sweat on his forehead, his tall body curled up on his forehead, and his tall body curled up.Together.

His stomach disease committed again?

Wen Nanxu knew that Lu Geheng’s stomach was not very good. Every time he drank alcohol, Zhang Ma would cook a bowl of sober soup for him. When he was drunk, he did not forget to torture her and pulled her hand.Give him the stomach …

Now Mother Zhang is not here, and Lin Jingxi and Lu Qingqing are not here. Naturally, she does not need to accompany him to play a loving drama.

He hurts, he deserves it!

Knowing that you have a bad stomach, you still drink so much wine, and you can’t live.

Wen Nanxu didn’t want to stay here anymore. When she saw this messy bed, she couldn’t help guess the things he had done with Song Qingqing, so she turned around and prepared to leave.

But at the moment she turned around, her right hand was suddenly held tightly by a big palm, and the man behind her grabbed her arm and pulled hard.The bed fell.

Wen Nanxu fell into a hot arms instantly.

She raised her head, just to the peach eyes of his faint peach, the faint wine and the unique rosin on his body wrapped her.

His palm was burning, holding her wrist tightly.

Wen Nanxu was sore by him. She frowned and struggled a few times without breaking away.

"Lu Geheng, you are loosened."

"Not loose."

Speaking, like a child, he sniffed on her with closed eyes, and after smelling the unique fragrance of her, he couldn’t help smiling lowly and put his head on her shoulder.Essence

He must be dreaming, right?How could Wen Nanxu come here?

Thinking of this, Lu Geheng couldn’t help but tighten his arms, and the big hand began to ignite on her.

"Lu Geheng, you stop!" Seeing that he had unbuttoned the two buttons on her shirt, and extended the big palm into her underwear …

She immediately held his arm and stopped him from continuing.

Especially when he thought that he had just done such a thing with Song Qingqing here, she couldn’t help but fluff in her stomach. She was resisting his closeness with every cold hair all over her body.

But Lu Geheng did not seem to be satisfied with this, and his movements became more and more excessive.

"Lu Geheng, you see clearly, I’m not Song Qingqing." Wen Nanxu struggled and said.

"I know, you are Axu, Mrs. Lu." After that, he leaned and kissed the red lips again.

"Lu Geheng, you are awake, you start, don’t touch me!" Wen Nanxu struggled to avoid his kiss and want to avoid his touch.

I don’t know how many women who had kissed this mouth, she was dirty.

But even if he was drunk, her strength was not his opponent.

The fear of five years ago hit again, her breathing became tighter and the whole body was shaking.

With a "pop", the air was silent instantly.

Wen Nanxu looked at her palm, and the whole person was panicked. She just … seemed to have played Lu Geheng.

She looked up and saw that the desire in his eyes had retreated, but the peach blossom eyes were covered with scarlet blood silk, and there was a slap print on his face, and he stared at her in this way.

Sure enough, even in a dream, she resisted him so.

"Are you sober? Let me go when I wake up!" Wen Nanxu said gasped.

"Let go of you? A Su, where do you want to go?" He murmured.

Yes, Shen Xubai is back. Today he has seen him. Shen Xubai showed up this public appearance. He should not plan to hide his identity again?

I didn’t have to wait for Wen Nanxu to answer, and I saw Lu Geheng said deeply again: "You want to go to Shen Xubai? A Su, I can’t let go, never, you don’t want to get rid of me in this life."

I don’t know why, Wen Nanxu couldn’t help but red eyes after hearing this sentence.

Why?He obviously doesn’t love her, why is he unwilling to let her go?Even ruthless words can be so affectionate.

Lu Geheng, what do you think in your heart?

After seeing the crowd under his tears, Lu Geheng felt tight in his heart, and his stomach seemed to be more painful.

He leaned down and kissed the tears on her face carefully, but did not expect that she cried even more.

The burning pain in the abdomen frowned. He pulled her hand, "A Su, don’t cry, I have a stomach pain, can you help me rub it?"

He said with stomach pain, but grabbed her hand and put it in his heart.

(To be continued)

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