After the girl broke up, she knew she was pregnant. After giving birth, she received a package

Xiaohui and the army broke up. The breakup was proposed by the army first. The incident came too suddenly, making Xiaohui caught off guard. She cried for a few nights.What about it?

When they fell in love, the classmates around them were not optimistic, because Xiao Hui was a rural girl, and the army was in the city, and the father also operated a company. With such a big gap, the two were firmly walking together.

After graduating, Xiaohui stayed in the city. Before she knew the army, she just wanted to return to her hometown as an ordinary teacher after graduation.Before the army!

The two got along for 5 years, and their relationship has reached the point of talking about marriage, but at this time, the army suddenly broke up with her without any sign.Xiao Hui ’s guess countless times may be because the parents of the army were opposed, or maybe because the army had someone else, but the reality was reality. They broke up!

After breaking up, Xiaohui returned to her hometown alone, and she had no reason to stay in this sad city.One month after the breakup, Xiaohui found that she was wrong, so she went to the hospital for a examination. After learning that the test results, she collapsed directly and she was pregnant!

Xiao Hui thought about taking off the child, but the child was innocent. She couldn’t bear to kill the children who had never been masked in the cradle.In the end, Xiaohui made a decision, and she had given birth to her family.

It was the most painful time during confinement. She did not dare to let her mother take care of her. She had to do everything by sherself. The pregnant woman could not touch the water, but she had to change the diapers for the child’s laundry.You have to do it by yourself. You have to go to the toilet.

That day, Xiao Hui received a package as soon as he coaxed his child asleep. Xiaohui thought it was what he bought a few days ago. He opened it without seeing it. After opening it, there was a letter and a bank card.Seeing the beginning, Xiaohui knew it was written by the army. After reading the letter, I realized why the army broke up with her.

It turned out that when the army checked leukemia during physical examination at the hospital, he did not dare to face Xiao Hui, and was even more afraid of dragging Xiao Hui. He knew that Xiao Hui would be willing to marry him without hesitation even if he was sick, so heThe heart was directly proposed to break up, and the pain was borne by him alone!

At the end of the letter, the army said that the parcel was sent to her after he died. He also said that there were 200,000 in the card. The password was her birthday. Let her forget him and find someone who was good for her.

Xiao Hui couldn’t restrain the grief of her heart, and she stunned her head a few times, covering her mouth and crying. She regretted not seeing her boyfriend sick, and she regretted not to accompany her boyfriend to finish her last journey.

However, seeing the sleeping child, Xiao Hui’s heart is not so painful again. Her boyfriend is gone, but left her a child who belongs to them. Xiaohui decided to encounter any difficulty.Intersection

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