After the end of the sprinkled flower, the "pregnancy" scene of Emilia, the holy domain ended perfectly

Hello everyone, I am Kobayashi, please give me the audience.After half a year, I finally finished the flowers from the second season. I believe that the friends who watched should be almost the same as Kobayashi, and it directly blown out.This is really a big loss for many friends who do not watch because of Rem.

As we all know, there are still a part of the animation of 9:88, but there are very few that can reach 9:99. This part is the work of the once -sealed God, and from the second season, the white fox community uses to generate electricity with love.High -quality production, successfully completed the gods in the last words.

The plot of the last words is not disappointing. 486 and Betty, the pair of Betty, showed superpower strength. Although 486 was not good at his own strength, Betty accumulated more than 400 years of magic.Show an overwhelming battle.

However, 486 is actually not playing effect. After all, the big rabbit likes the witch factors on him, so he acts as a bait and cooperates with Emilia to concentrate all the big rabbits. Eventually, Betty’s ultimate big trick is finally relying on Betty’s ultimate trick.Eliminate the big rabbit.

After eliminating the big rabbit, we ushered in a very interesting venue in the Holy Domain.Emilia talked alone with 486, blushingly said, "I am pregnant with a child, I want to work hard with the child and his father."Emilia thought the cause of pregnancy was also more funny. At first, Parker told her that she would be pregnant, so after 486 kissed her, she always thought that she was pregnant, and then Aimei Yaya’s strong performance was also ridiculed by the audience. "It’s just a mother. "

The Holy Realm, accompanied by the elimination of the big rabbit, basically ended, but 486 Garfield and others still couldn’t forgive all the mules who planned everything, so there was a scene of fighting the mule.I have to say that the mule is beaten by various kinds of face, and the swollen face is funny enough.

486 also finally realized what he said when he appeared in the first season, "I am a knight of Emilia". From the initial weakness, to self -love to redeeming friends and lovers, he really grew up to be able to be a Cavaliers.At the point of this profession, the Holy Realm can really come to an end.

However, there are some regrets. I believe that many friends, like Kobayashi, the part of the Tiantai 486 and Aimeliya spoke alone. Obviously there are stars in the eyes of the two.You are disappointed. "As a result, the two just danced, and there was a" pregnancy "kiss!I personally say that this sugar is not sweet enough and needs more.

Finally, summarize the feelings of this animation, from the buds in the first season, to the Ai in the second season, to the in the second half of the Lichang firm, and the last never belligence. From zeroThe characters of the characters are sincere, and I hope to see the third episode of the animated official announcement as soon as possible. Don’t let us wait for the next four years.

I like to have a three -company company, do you love you?

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