After the daughter -in -law is pregnant, take you to see what my husband is doing every day#husband and wife

What does the husband do at home after the daughter -in -law?

Since my daughter -in -law is pregnant, I don’t say I hugged me to sleep, and my face didn’t sleep at me. I said that I was disgusting when I saw me. Do n’t wake up.The pregnant woman’s temper was old and scolded me again.Now it’s better to be happy to me, and I still listen to me when I have eaten in my hands.

My daughter -in -law is the old Buddha in our house, and my dog is the emperor.In the past, these lives were all the old Buddhas of our family. Now it seems that my slave is too incompetent.How beautiful these uncle and aunts in our community are, like my daughter -in -law, no, no my daughter -in -law looks good.Full the water before going to work.

My daughter -in -law can’t mention heavy things now. It turned out that people were fighting four barrels and four barrels.In the past, my daughter -in -law was Shu Zhishen and gave him a pure willow. He could pull you down.The first thing our old Buddha woke up was to hold, and there was still me as a slave in the eyes of the emperor.Yesterday, a fan friend left a message saying that the underwear could not be washed overnight.Today, my daughter -in -law just entered to take a bath. I just took it off and washed him while it was hot.It turned out that my daughter -in -law took three days and drag down every day.Since my daughter -in -law was pregnant, I never dragged the ground again. This family had no my daughter -in -law to disperse. I sucked it.After bathing and changing clothes, drink a cup of soy milk first.

This soymilk is very good for women in the early pregnancy, and I haven’t had a good meal for several days.Take her out to eat a skewers today.He asked me why her face was so big?Then what can I say?Is it in the eyes of the lover?Are you all your men?At this time, you must not say that your daughter -in -law’s face is big.I went out with a drink, and focused on a bicycle to the bar.After ordering the meal, my God looked too fragrant.

I asked my daughter -in -law to ask for a shabu -shabu mainly because it is cheap. If it is a spicy pot, it is expensive.Today, he has a new tribute to rolls of beef, which is particularly delicious and crispy.My daughter -in -law rarely drink carbonate since she was pregnant, because he felt bloating, and today he wanted to drink a drink.Don’t say you really don’t say it, it’s so good to drink it occasionally!

Seeing my daughter -in -law how happy, I didn’t waste it after eating and drinking.Focusing on a three -light policy: evening light pelvic light wallet light.My daughter -in -law laughed at my shoes again. I said that my shoes with my socks are gradually aging like a Japanese population.What we focus on is a confidence.When I laughed at my shoes just now, I was still so happy.Pregnancy is really too hard.

My daughter -in -law told me to buy her popsicles before going to work. I came back from get off work and immediately fell into ice!Seeing that he was still lying on the bed, it was estimated that he was uncomfortable in the afternoon, and quickly gave him a little bit happy.If you are pregnant, you can eat something if you want to eat something, just do it too much.

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