After the cesarean section was produced, it was a scar after giving birth, and Baoma tattooed a rose on the belly.

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When a friend who helped the mother, when she had a baby, she chose a caesarean section for some reason.The pain after surgery is hundreds of times more painful than the delivery, and what makes friends even more troublesome is that if you plan to have a second child after cesarean section, the doctor recommends that three years later.This caesarean section recovery requires a long period of time. After three years, helping her mother has a second child. Even if she wants to give birth, the doctor said that it would be very risky to do pregnant women.However, my friends who helped my mother did not want to have another sword on the first scar, but the doctor said that choosing a baby and pregnant women will have great risks, so you can only choose to take another knife when you choose a second child.

There are two ways to give birth to children: the birth and cesarean section, the mothers who experience the smooth delivery indicate that the early stage is very painful, and the mothers who experience the cesarean section have said that the postoperative pain is too painful, but it is much more painful than the smooth delivery.After an hour, the efficacy of the anesthetic gradually faded, and the mother could feel the severe pain of the abdominal wounds.What makes her sad is that she will leave a scar on her belly.Even if the medical treatment is very advanced, you can achieve beautiful marks, but after all, there is a knife, and scars are still there.

The mothers believe that the mothers who run the gynecological gynecology will think of the scene of the birth of the baby when they see this scar, but with this scar mother, they can no longer wear a navel.Some mothers have deep stretch marks on their stomachs because of their children, which seriously affects the beauty. Some beautiful mothers think of tattoos on the stomach to block the scars on the abdomen.

"Tattoos can cover ugly scars." Now some tattoo agencies can promote tattoos to cover the stomach caesarean scar, restore the mother’s perfect figure, and regain confidence.There was a rose on the scar of the palace, and she regretted it a year later!It is recommended to see all women.

But embarrassing is that when the second child is pregnant, you still have to have a cesarean section. During the production process, you have to get another knife. A rose becomes two halves.I regret "I don’t have to pattern this, but now it’s uglier, but why can’t the doctor cut a knife according to my previous horizontal incision?"

The doctor said the truth. "This must be based on your actual situation, and the position of your placenta, the physical condition of your child and mother, etc., let alone your first child is a cesarean section.The choice has a great impact. If the incision is not accurately selected, it will affect the safety of the fetus and mother. "

Tattoos are risky, which not only destroys the integrity of the skin, but also is likely to cause diseases such as infection.The process of tattoos is very painful, and the body will react allergic due to the color material.If some tattoo appliances are not strictly disinfected, they will be infected with diseases. Many tattoos will cause slight rashes and severe phenomenon such as purulent.

The knife mouth of a cesarean section

The cesarean section is divided into longitudinal incision and cross -incision. The longitudinal incision is from the navel to the top of the pubic bone. The use of this cutting method can view the specific condition of the pot abdominal cavity. Of course, it can also protect the anatomical level of the anatomical anatomical anatomical anatomy.The horizontal incision is not the same. Even if you can’t see the scar in bikini, the only risk depends on the degree of technical proficiency of the doctor. If the technology is not skilled, it can easily cause major bleeding and threaten fetal health.

The doctor stated that "Generally, if the first child is a longitudinal incision, the second child will still choose the vertical incision; the first child is the cross -cut port, and the selection of the second child’s incision should be cautious."

The mother will help everyone want to tell everyone that this mother is very regretted to have a rose on the wound. It is difficult to remove this time. You can only remedy through other methods later!

Beauty must be cautious, helping moms here remind you that beauty is also based on the premise of health, especially the cesarean section, and must be well maintained after surgery.Especially those Baoma who planned to be two -child should be more attentive.

I am a mother, the mother of two children, a senior childcare teacher with an illustrator, and asked me about children’s education, physiological, psychological, nutrition, daily health care and nursing questions.

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