After the accident has a second child, is it born or not?See how people choose

Now that the second child has become a curse of many families, I want to give birth, but I am afraid that I will regret too much.But although so, there are still a lot of second -born mothers, but some second -born mothers do not want to give birth, but accidentally pregnant. Since they are pregnant, it is impossible to kill it like this?So he gave birth to his teeth.

So what has these Baoma look like after having a second child?

When I knew that I was accidentally pregnant with my second child, many pregnant mothers were in a collapse. Some netizens said that my second child was unexpected. When I found that I was pregnant, my whole person was not good.The boss is about to rise, and his work has entered a critical stage in the next few months, the transformation of his mentality, etc. All of these must be re -arranged.For the first time to go to the hospital for examination, because of some redness, the doctor suggested that he should rest in bed and take medicine.

At that time, I didn’t want this child. My husband suggested that I think about it myself. My husband and I were sitting outside the hospital clinic. No one said. The outpatient doctor was still sitting there.Determine the meal again.Later, I wanted to listen to the destiny of the sky. What should I do? I did n’t rest or take medicine. After a week, I checked it. The doctor said that everything was good.Forget it, maybe this child was arranged to me by Tian’an.Now that the second child is one year old, he is super cute, and he is glad that he has no impulsive decision at the time.

Some netizens said that my second child was also surprised. Mom and my dad said that if there is, it is going to be!Children have a companion.My mother -in -law strongly opposed it, brainwashing me for me not to let me want me, saying that there are various kinds of pressure, and what do I do to my husband so many children?There is one.Originally, the boss looked at it myself, and said that, I was going to do it.It happened that Mother’s Day that weekend, I was very bad in my heart. Go to check to confirm the pregnancy. Then the doctor also said that if you have it!Otherwise, where do you let him go?Then my husband and I ran for tears and decided to ask.

Most of the pregnant mothers who are pregnant with the second child will choose to give birth to the child. After all, they are already pregnant. The miscarriage is not good for the child and himself.Although it is the best choice, there is still a gap in reality and ideals.

A netizen said that after giving birth to a second child, I can only say that the ideal is beautiful and the reality is cruel. The two children are two and a half years old. After 21 days of giving birth to the child, I am tired and tired.Tired, it took more than half a month to slow down.From time to time, my brother is playing with a sister. The brother’s brother is not unhappy. Anyway, the second child is very good but tired. In short, you must have a full psychological preparation.

Therefore, after the accident has a second child, whether it is decided or not, the pregnant mother must prepare psychological preparation by themselves, and don’t let yourself regret it.

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