After taking contraceptives, when these three cases occur, it is prompted to seek medical treatment as soon as possible

Now people’s lives have become very casual, whether they are diet or emotional.Many young people are more and more casual emotionally. They seek excitement. As long as you are in love, you will have a great sexual relationship.

Many women often don’t care about many things because of their ignorance, which is such an attitude to force themselves to danger.

Xiaoxue is 21 years old and is a college student in a university in Guangxi.Xiaoxue has always been a girl who is very open to feelings. In her opinion, things like sexual relationships are a trivial matter. In her opinion, as long as I take measures, it will not be possible.

After Xiaoxue finished the test, in order to celebrate her liberation, she went out to eat and drink with my friends in the dormitory. Who knew that after the next day, she began to vomit.

There is no way, only let her roommate accompany her to go to the hospital for a examination.She told the doctor that her stomach was so painful that she suspected that she had eaten something unclean, because she couldn’t vomit, but she was always retching.

After the doctor asked her menstrual symptoms, she arranged for a series of examinations.Xiaoxue came back with the results of the examination. The doctor glanced at it and said, "You are ready, let’s perform surgery for you immediately."

Xiaoxue asked panickedly: "What happened to me, isn’t it gastroenteritis? Why prepare for surgery?"

The doctor replied: "The results of the test showed that you are ectopic pregnancy, not gastroenteritis, and you will be dangerous if you do not perform surgery."

Xiaoxue hurriedly said: "Impossible, I took an emergency contraceptive, it was impossible to get pregnant."

The doctor said: "Emergency contraceptives are not 100%contraception. Its contraceptive ability is only less than 70%, and there is still a small probability that there will be symptoms of pregnancy."

The symptoms of ectopic pregnancy are very similar to gastroenteritis, so many women do not find the phenomenon of ectopic pregnancy in time, which is very dangerous.

1. Abdominal pain

The most important symptom of ectopic pregnancy (referring to dysplasmal pregnancy) is abdominal pain. More than 95%of ectopic pregnancy will be in abdominal pain. The front may be abdominal pain and hidden pain.It’s dangerous.

Ectopic pregnancy is actually the place where sperm and eggs are not in the uterus, but in the fallopian tubes outside the uterus. The embryo slowly becomes larger. The fallopian tube will be opened.When it is not opened, the fallopian tube can be ruptured. At this time, it is severe abdominal pain.

Generally speaking, when an ectopic pregnancy in the fallopian tube bed is abdominal pain, it is generally about 8 weeks of pregnancy. When the woman finds a severe pain in her stomach after pregnancy, be sure to go to the hospital for a detailed examination.Hurt.

Of course, some women have low attention to their own body, and may not know if they are pregnant, but as long as they have a bad stomach pain, it is necessary to check to check in a regular hospital.

2, dizziness or syncope

Patients with ectopic pregnancy can also show very obvious in early days, headaches, dizziness, and weakness.Many people don’t care very much about this, and think that they will be fine after a while.Patients with ectopic pregnancy will feel stunned all day. They don’t know what the outside world is doing. She just feels uncomfortable.The hormone of women’s bodies during ectopic pregnancy will change, which will make our body a state of anemia, which is prone to dizziness.

And because of abdominal bleeding and often diarrhea, it may still occur.Even if the amount of bleeding is large, shock will occur.Produced

3. vaginal bleeding

Why do n’t you know the college students above the pregnancy, mainly because some women in ectopic pregnancy will have irregular vaginal bleeding, and the blood volume is a lot, which will make people think that they are irregular menstruation.I feel that I am affected by the affected menstruation, and slight abdominal pain also makes people think about dysmenorrhea caused by irregular menstruation.

Generally speaking, women in ectopic pregnancy will have about 60-80 and irregular vaginal bleeding.Therefore, it is recommended that female friends discover that they have irregular vaginal bleeding shortly after the same room.Our ectopic pregnancy recovers early treatment.If it is discovered too late, it is already major bleeding, and at this time it will even endanger the safety of life.

Mother Jing said: As a girl, we should love our bodies even more. Don’t hurt your body because of his carelessness.Not to mention that you don’t care about your body, because you don’t know when danger will come to you, this is very likely to put yourself in a dangerous situation.

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