After release, it was a warm ending

You are pregnant, not long after the divorce, Damei checked that he was pregnant.Girlfriend asked her to get pregnant, do you still divorce?Damei told her that when she was divorced, she did not know that her girlfriend would take her to find the master to make it clear, and Damei was unwilling to go.Girlfriend persuaded Damei and asked her to find Yimin to fight for her happiness.

Damei came to the hospital the next day and wanted to tell her, but thought that the two of them were very close and left.The girlfriend knew that she didn’t tell Dazhu, scolding her to help the mud and couldn’t get on the wall, and made her think about her children.President Fang heard that Damei was also pregnant, so he came to Yimin’s family to find her. Yimin told her that she didn’t care about Da Zhu, only cares about the child, and Damei let her let Dazhu be a child herself.

Her father told her that Damei was also pregnant, but Yimin was unwilling to let the pillar.Yimin found Damei and started to give Damei again.He said a lot of emotional words to Damei, saying that he would do it out of the child, and returned Da Zhu to Damei: It is not something that can be made.Damei asked them to get married, and he did the children back home.

Damei told her girlfriend that she wanted to do it out of her child. She couldn’t bear it. Damei lost the chance to be a mother, and she didn’t want her child to be born without a dad.In the evening, a person called Dazhu and said that he would register to get married tomorrow.Da Zhu agreed that the two came to the hospital the next day, and Damei went in and waited for abortion surgery.Dazhu and one also came to the Civil Affairs Bureau to register for marriage.

When the two were about to register, Dazhu’s phone rang. It was called by Damei girlfriend, saying that Damei was pregnant, and now he is undergoing abortion surgery in the hospital.Da Zhu left a hurry and ran out. When he got to the hospital, he saw that Damei came out and thought that the child had gone away. At this time, the doctor came out to say that he would not say early time, don’t waste time.Watching both her mother -in -law and her father came, they blame Damei secretly abortion. There was no way for them to be asked, and they said that they had divorced.

The mother -in -law passed directly, and his father -in -law asked him to remarry with Damei immediately.Damei looked at Dazhu, who didn’t speak, and said that she would not remarry with her.Two women and two children are destined to have only one father and husband.Damei decided to raise the child and raise it.

In the evening, Dalin came to a family and asked Dazhu happily. Da Zhu asked him why he wanted to return from Japan and why he would hurt himself.And Yimin told him that they would be very happy when they got married, and Dazhu told him that he would leave if he had.Yimin hugged him from behind and said he only wanted to marry him.Da Zhu told him that the wedding materials were ready but only for the child, and a father would not give him a husband.The old lady found Yimin and let him kill his child.An old lady was hit everywhere in the past.

On this day, I came out to buy clothes for the children. The old lady bought two sets directly and was bought by a child.The old man listened to the fire and said, "It’s really wrong to see you.As a result, the old lady fainted directly and sent it to the hospital to find out that the possibility of intracranial tumors was no longer surgery.Everyone hides the old lady.

However, they didn’t know that the old lady knew that they were sick, so they kept urging them to have children.Da Zhu gave the clothes to the child to one. Yimin said happily that the old lady recognized him. Da Zhu was going to say that he would not come to see him again in the future.Yi Min asked him if he reconciled with Damei.Da Zhu dumped him directly and said that his mother was sick.In order to make her mother -in -law feel better, Damei decided to move back to take care of her mother -in -law.When Damei came back, her mother -in -law was very happy to eat a lot.

At this time, Yi Min mentioned things to see the old lady, and saw that the two were together, saying that they were not at the same time, and they left.After a while, both pregnant women were almost giving birth.President Tang came to a family and hugged him, saying that he was the father’s father.At this time, Yi Min said that he was not pregnant at all, and they had no relationship in a few days.

All this was only discovered by Dazhu’s conscience. Yimin told Dazhu that he was not pregnant at all. It was all edited by himself because he loved him too much.Da Zhu said that he was a devil. The two quarreled. Damei came to ask them what they were doing. Da Zhu said that he had no pregnancy at all, and said that nothing happened, and everything was white.

But the two were not reconciled. When the old lady did diapers for the child for a long time, she stood up and suddenly dizzy. When Da Zhu went to help the old lady, he hit his belly.Doctors have to make them make a decision quickly.

Just when Da Zhu didn’t know how to make a decision, Yimin appeared that he would come to the adults and children safely.The old man was afraid that he would not let him give up. At this time, Damei said that he believed in Yimin. At this time, the old lady didn’t fall into a coma for a long time, and Damei gave birth to the child.The two have been calling the old lady and opened their eyes to see the children.

But the old lady has always been blurred, and in the end, Damei and Dazhu reconciled.Gao Yuanyuan was about to get married with Tang, and invited them to go together.The only imperfect thing is that the old lady is gone, and the desire is always the deepest.No matter what we do, we must be calm, don’t use it.

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