After pregnancy, you must apply for 6 major certificates, order, time, materials required …

6 major documents that must be processed after pregnancy.

Hello sisters, I am a lot of moms!I have been pregnant for 36 weeks now. Today I have sorted out 6 major documents that must be processed after pregnancy. Share it with everyone. Remember to let my husband go to do it. It will be troublesome to miss the time, especially the last one can help us save a lot of money.How to handle the order of time, the required materials have been sorted out for the sisters.

· The first one is the mother and child health manual. You can handle it in the community health center in about 6 to 12 weeks.When you go to the hospital, you will also need it. Some hospitals need to be carried each time the checkup will record the examination of the entire pregnancy.The required materials are the marriage certificate of both husband and wife, ID card account book, and the B -ultrasound of pregnant mothers.

· The second is the permit. Now it is called a maternity registration service form. It can be handled after 3 months of pregnancy. You can reimburse maternity insurance or participate in some national subsidy policies.Online is processed in the maternity registration service system, and offline is the street office where any party is located.The required materials are the marriage certificate of both husband and wife, ID card account book.

The third is the proof of birth, and the production hospital can be handled within 2 days to one month after the baby is born.The baby will be used to go to school when you get a vaccine, and remember that it cannot be folded.The required materials are the marriage certificate of both parties. The ID card account and the quasi -student certificate must be taken in advance. After the printing, it cannot be changed.

The fourth is to prevent the vaccination certificate. Within 1 month after the baby is born, this will be used within 1 month after the baby is born. It will be used in kindergarten that the vaccination hospital can handle it.Generally, it will be sent to us when the hospital is vaccinated. Although it can be replenished, it is more troublesome.The required materials include the household registration book, the certificate of ID card.

The fifth is the baby’s household registration book. It is done within one month after birth. It can be handled at the Parental Police Police Station in any parent’s household registration, and the household registration station can be handled.The required materials are: marriage certificate, ID card, hukou book, birth certificate, marriage certificate, ID card, household registration book, and baby’s birth certificate.

· The sixth is that the sooner the newborn medical insurance card, the better it is. This is really important. It is best to apply within 28 days. If the time does not workThe cost of hospitalization, bring the household registration book, and go to the medical insurance center where the household registration medical insurance center is located.The required materials are: parents, ID cards, hukou books, baby hukou books, bank cards plus baby’s household registration bank card, remember to transfer to your husband, all running the legs, it will be troublesome to miss the time order.

I wish you all the green lights all the way, and the baby is healthy for full moon!

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