After pregnancy, why does the pregnant mother’s temper become so bad?It turned out to be caused by this

If you want to use a word to describe pregnant mothers during pregnancy, then most people may choose "bombs" and bomb it as soon as they touch, and this point is often inexplicable, making people unable to catch my head.It can be seen that how changes in the temper of pregnant mothers during pregnancy, right?But do you know why pregnant mothers have changed so after pregnancy?Some pregnant mothers’ husbands will also talk about their wives say that the temper has become bad, and she crying without moving.In fact, this change in pregnancy during pregnancy can be explained by science, which can be seen from these 4 o’clock.

1. Change changes

The emotional fluctuation of pregnant mothers is the biggest reason for the hormones in the body of the pregnant mother.We all know that after pregnant mothers are pregnant, the body’s progesterone and estrogen will continue to rise. It is also the changes in these two hormones that will make the pregnant mother’s temper and mood a great change.It will make pregnant mothers sensitive, want to get angry at every turn, or even cry. Don’t think that the pregnant mother is confusing. In fact, this is not what the pregnant mother originally meant.

2. Physical discomfort

The days of pregnancy are not as easy as outsiders. Even if they are at home early, they will be pregnant in October, and there will be a lot of discomfort on her body. The body of the pregnant mother is preparing for the baby.For example, pregnant mothers will feel chest pain in the early stages of pregnancy, and they will cause stomach pain due to the rapid development of the fetus, and so on.It will affect the mood of pregnant mothers, so the pregnant mother will become very irritable. In fact, this is normal physical changes. Do not be too anxious.If you feel the pain of the chest, the pregnant mother can put on the appropriate underwear, so as to avoid compressing the chest, and the pregnant mothers will feel more comfortable, and the mood will be better.

3. Poor sleep

Since I am pregnant, I believe that many pregnant mothers have never slept again, especially in the middle and late pregnancy, my stomach has begun to show.It will be difficult to turn over when lying down. If you sleep on the side, you will have back pain.Not to mention several nights overnight, and long -term lack of sleep will make the pregnant mother’s mood worse and bad temper.Therefore, if you want to have a good mood, then you must ensure sufficient sleep. It is recommended that pregnant mothers in the third trimester can use pregnant women’s pillows, so as to reduce back pain and back pain, and you don’t have to stick to your left side.Sleep on the right to change the posture.In short, how to be comfortable and how can you sleep more comfortably.

4. Mood anxiety

After pregnancy, the mood of pregnant mothers will become anxious. Maybe many people will not understand. They feel that the pregnant mother is delicious and delicious during pregnancy. Why is it anxious?But only if you have experienced it, you know, especially the first pregnant pregnant mother.Pregnant mothers who are pregnant will become sensitive. Before eating, they must be Baidu, and they will be afraid to affect the development of the fetus.If there is any discomfort in the stomach, you will be frightened, and you will be afraid that the fetus will be bad.Coupled with hearing the childbirth experience of others, can pregnant mothers don’t be anxious?An anxiety is not good, so it is easy to lose his temper.

Pregnant mothers, do you think it is easy to lose your temper after pregnancy?

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