After pregnancy, toothache, or not cure?

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Speaking of the first three months of pregnancy.What should I do if my toothache is?

This period is a critical period for embryonic organs to develop and form. The brain nerves and cardiovascular systems, heads and facial features, oral teeth, limbs and other organs are formed at this stage, so they are most susceptible to external affected.Taking improper drugs or X -ray habits can cause abortion or fetal malformations.If pregnant women experience teeth pain and anxiety and stress on the teeth in this period, they may have a bad effect on the fetus and pregnant women. Therefore, during this period, if it is not an emergency, the doctor does not recommend dental treatment.

In the middle of pregnancy, toothache, should I do?

That is 4 to half a year.If you must treat your teeth, this period is a more appropriate and safe treatment time. It is recommended to only do some temporary treatment, such as dental caries filling.If it is necessary, it can be installed for temporary dentures for beauty.

In the late pregnancy, toothache, should I do?

That is the next three months.Pregnant women are not suitable for long -term dental treatment.First of all, the sensitive uterus can easily cause early contraction due to external stimuli. Furthermore, the lying posture during treatment, the weight of the fetus will compress the lower cavity veins, reduce blood flow, cause orthogonal hypotension, and reduce the heart output volume, produce the causeBrain labor is hypoxia, which may be miraculous.Today I will give you a common periodontal period during pregnancy;

(1) Pregnancy gingivitis

It is the most common periodontal disease during pregnancy.The method of preventing and control is to remove dental stones, brush your teeth in the morning and evening, rinse your mouth after meals, and keep oral hygiene.Eat more vitamin -rich foods, and you can also take a variety of vitamin tablets appropriately.

(2) Pregnancy gum tumor

Pregnancy gingival tumors refer to a small tumor -like thing growing on a part of the gums of the pregnant woman, not pain or itchy.This small tumor mostly occurs on the gum nipples between the two teeth, and there is a small Ti Lian on the gums.Some colors are particularly red, easy to bleed, and soft; some are similar to normal gums, which are not easy to bleed and harder.The occurrence of this gingival tumor is related to pregnancy, and gradually increases with the development of pregnancy, but it stops growing when it grows to about 1.5 cm in diameter.

Pregnancy gum tumors are not a kind of real tumor. After delivery, when the endocrine gradually returns to normal state, it will gradually become smaller and even disappear, so there is no need to rush to surgical resection.As long as you go to the hospital earlier to treat oral diseases such as gingivitis and periodontitis, you can effectively avoid the occurrence of pregnancy gum disease.

(3) Other symptoms

During pregnancy, symptoms such as deepening the periodontal pockets and easy shaking of the teeth can also be seen occasionally.In fact, pregnant women with poor oral hygiene and pregnant women who originally have gingivitis may have periodontal problems.Therefore, before pregnancy, oral examination and prevention treatment should be performed. During pregnancy, it should be checked and hygienic in oral cleaning.

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