After pregnancy, these household chores are best to give it to my mother -in -law and husband to complete it. Don’t be embarrassed to propose

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When you are pregnant, please take care of yourself and your children. Don’t always break your heart for the all kinds of troubles at home. Don’t feel that you can’t get idle.It’s not just you who suffer, but to suffer along with the fetus. Many pregnant women can’t always spend this pregnancy. When a woman, sometimes they really need to love themselves. The queen for ten months is good.When, do n’t always be able to do any housework. These housework dads have to bear it, so that the mother ’s tires are a good event that must be done in the past ten months.

When you are pregnant, don’t enter the kitchen at will, do you want to be a pregnant woman?No, especially in the early pregnancy, you will find that you are very sensitive to some taste, and you can usually accept the taste and disgusting during pregnancy.It is not suitable for pregnant women for a long time, so please try to stay away.

Moving heavy objects is the most taboo behavior during pregnancy. Many pregnant women always feel that they can do it and always do things that are not suitable for pregnancy. Moving heavy objects is an extremely dangerous behavior for pregnant women.In severe cases, you will hurt the fetus. The consequences of this behavior are unbearable, so don’t really do these dangerous behaviors.

Drag the floor is also very dangerous for pregnant women. First of all, the ground will be very slippery when you mop the floor. It is easy to accidentally slip when you accidentally slip. Have you ever thought about the consequences of slipping?Furthermore, when you mop the floor, you need to bend over and hold up the weight of a wet mop. This is also a very dangerous behavior for the fetus. Moms please stop your hands.

Compared with the heavy weights and mop above, mothers probably refute me that it is okay to rub the glass so, not heavy, and the movement is not large. In fact, the crisis inside is not realized.Just wipe out the place in front of you. You must raise your hand to wipe the above places, so this action is enough to make you pay a heavy price. Don’t really feel that you can, you really can’t.

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