After pregnancy, these actions are "prohibited", and pregnant mothers don’t take it seriously anymore

On the Internet, someone used to use such words to describe the life of women after marriage: the princess of the day, the queen of one year, the maid of a lifetime … everyone should understand that "the queen of the year" here refers to the entire pregnancy.EssenceIn fact, many families do pay attention to and do so, especially the first tires.It is always experienced to take care of pregnant women, and there will be some omissions. Today we will take a few people may not care too much, but it will indeed hurt the pregnant woman and the baby.Remember to forward it.

Smoke drinking: This must be said to be ahead. There is no need to repeat it about this, but it is particularly reminded here: not only pregnant mothers, the prospective dad should also stay away from tobacco and alcohol during the entire pregnancy and entire pregnancy.Because of the existence of second -hand cigarettes, it will also threaten the health of pregnant mothers and baby baby.

Except for the prospective father, you must pay special attention to exposing Bao Ma to second -hand smoke.Also shoulder another responsibility, that is, if there are guests (or relatives) visiting at home, they should also discourage them not to smoke indoors.The experiment found that after the indoor smoking, even if the ventilation smoke dispersed, the harmful substances attached to the furniture would have a long period of time, that is, "three -handed cigarettes".

Strong exercise: Like smoking and drinking, it is a common sense.It should be reminded that many houseworks such as Western medicine and mopping the floor, seemingly not heavy household chores, and continuous or large amounts will also challenge the physical strength of pregnant mothers.Especially the oil fume produced during cooking, the impact on the body is no less than that of sucking second -hand smoke (we said in the past, except for smoking in the high incidence of lung cancer, the second one is often in the oil fume environment.People, such as chefs, housewives who often cook).Therefore, the proposal of prospective dad should share more housework to reduce the burden on pregnant mothers if conditions permit.

Sleeping on your stomach: I do n’t talk about the pregnant mother in the middle and late stages. At that time, it was difficult to sleep on your stomach.For pregnant mothers in the early pregnancy, it is best not to sleep on your stomach.Although the stomach has not appeared in the early pregnancy, if you sleep on your stomach, you will still compress the abdomen, affect the breathing of the lungs, easily cause the fetus hypoxia, affect growth and development, and even grow deformed.For most pregnant mothers, the most comfortable sleeping position is the left side, which is also a sleeping position that doctors often recommend during pregnancy.

Emperor: We said when we talked about the impact of anger on the liver in the previous article that the changes in the body when angry.The idea is that anger as a stress reaction will make the body’s hormone level violently (just like entering the battle state), all tissues and organs are fully mobilized, and they should fight at any time.Woolen cloth!

According to data, due to the severe changes in hormone levels when pregnant mothers are angry, it will affect the baby’s nervous system, and the risk of heart disease after birth is higher.If the pregnant mother is under pressure for a long time, or negative emotions, the baby’s personality will become negative after birth, and it is easy to have personality defects in adulthood.More serious, if you have a big temper during pregnancy, cortisol can no longer inhibit the secretion of progesterone, or it can cause frequent contractions, or even abortion!

I am the Medical and Category. The breeding of new life is related to the entire family. The process is happy and full of hardships.But in love, the prospective dad should not be absent.I also hope that every prospective dad can raise awareness and give pregnant mothers more care, so as to make the nurturing environment warmer.Because of their participation, the happiness will be greatly improved. What do you think?What do you think about this?Welcome to leave a comment. If you think the article is useful, don’t forget to like it and forward it to the family and friends around you. Thank you for your support (the pictures of this article are from the Internet. If you have any infringement, please contact delete, thank you)

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