After pregnancy, the skin becomes rough and dry. This set of Audai Lauder is pretty good, pregnancy …

17 weeks of pregnancy +4, the skin is dry and rough, and the skin care cover of Audai Lauder is arranged.

What are the good ways to relieve headaches recently?It’s more than nine o’clock in the evening. Isn’t it Father’s Day today?My dad went out to drink, and he and his friends would not drink too much for a long time.So I usually allow him to go.I just coaxed the child to sleep. In the past two days, I felt that my face was not too slippery, and I felt like that small particles.

I took Olauda’s exfoliating to wash my face. My face should be washed well, and all of them were rubbed.Let me show you you can see it?It’s all in your hands.After pregnancy, the skin didn’t care well, so I felt that my face was rough, and my chin always had acne.After washing, wash your face and wash your face again.

I forgot to show you the cleansing. The entire set of Australian Lauder’s current pregnancy is the skin care water of Audai’s skin care products. Its set of this set is relatively refreshing. I used some of the others before.I don’t like it, I can shoot it twice more.

Because the weather is relatively dry now, apply a mask at night.The face is too small, and I feel that the mask is applied to my face so big. You look at it very well, and the time to apply the mask to eat my DHA.These two milk calcium you eat every day, these two are what I eat every day.

I don’t know why I often have headaches since I was pregnant?There were also when I was pregnant, but I felt particularly frequent after pregnancy.I don’t know if you have this situation, and don’t know how to alleviate it, and the medicine dare not take it.You hear me shooting a video, I do n’t sleep in the middle of the night, I have to drink water, and I have to hold a cat.Hurry up and hurry up.

After the mask is done, an eye cream is done.I woke up from the morning and had a headache, and then I had to go to bed after I had to finish my skin care.If you have any good ways to relieve headaches, you can tell me, and you will get it again.I do n’t apply frost at night. I do n’t like cream in summer. I feel that the cream is a bit too heavy.

I’m going to sleep. There is a good way to relieve headache. Be sure to tell me.

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