After pregnancy, the pain of these parts is that the fetus is "reminding" mother: I need calcium supplement!

An October is a difficult process. The fetus is still small in the first trimester, and the mother’s figure is not very bulky. At this time, the expectant mothers will not be affected by the sleep and action of the expectant mothers, but the pregnancy reaction makes the pregnant mother be better than death;In the middle and late pregnancy, it is no longer pregnant, but the stomach becomes larger day by day, the movement is inconvenient, and the back pain is still sad. The most difficult thing is to sleep.After ten months, I can finally unload, but the 12 -level pain in delivery …

From the beginning of knowing that he was pregnant, before giving birth to a child, expectant mothers were worried about the health of the fetus every day, the baby was short of calcium, the baby was short of oxygen, and the baby was too light …In fact, expectant mothers don’t have to be too nervous. When the fetus is uncomfortable, she will send different "signals" to the mother to remind the mother.For example, when these parts of expectant mothers are in pain, the fetus is "reminding" mother: I need calcium supplement!

1. chest pain

Pregnant women occur from chest pain, and they occur between ribs, like neuralgia.This situation may be caused by different degrees of calcium deficiency caused by pregnancy, or due to the increase in diaphragm.There is no need to worry about this situation. As long as the appropriate amount of calcium supplementation is required, the symptoms will be relieved.

However, if pregnant women encounter the following situations when they are in pain, they should seek medical treatment immediately.These situations are: during the pain of pregnant women, accompanied by cough or dyspnea; when pregnant women have chest pain, they have pain in their arms; chest pain caused by fever; difficulty in breathing during chest pain, dizziness, and abnormal sweaty sweating.Phenomenon.

2. Joint and pelvic pain

If the calcium intake is insufficient during pregnancy, at this time, the pregnant woman will also have the pain of joint and pelvic pain.This is because due to the needs of fetal growth and development in the middle and late pregnancy, the demand for calcium for pregnant women has increased. When calcium intake is insufficient, in order to ensure that the calcium concentration in the blood is maintained within the normal range. At this time, under the action of hormones, at this time, under the action of hormones, it is under the action of hormones.Calcium in the bones of pregnant women will be released in large quantities, which will cause joint pain.

In order to prevent pelvic pain, in addition to supplementing sufficient calcium during pregnancy, we must also avoid long -standing and sitting benches that are standing for a long time. Do not wear high heels.Sleep can be lying on the sideways of the sideways, and the pillow is put on the knee joint when lying on his back, which can relieve pelvic pain.If the pregnant mother’s daily standing time is 4-5 hours and the waist pot is sore, it may wish to use the belt during the day, which may have a good effect.

3, leg pain

The symptoms of leg pain or back pain during pregnancy are related to increasing the fetal neuropathy of the fetus. At the same time, leg pain may have a certain relationship with calcium deficiency in pregnant women.Especially in the middle of pregnancy, leg pain is more obvious, and the appropriate amount of calcium tablets should be added.Pay attention to eating more foods with high calcium content, such as milk, jujube, shrimp, fish, etc., you can usually drink more bone soup for food supplement. You must do regular production inspection.

Pregnant women must pay attention to their labor volume and labor time during pregnancy. Women’s excessive labor during pregnancy will lead to problems such as unstable fetal fetal position. If pregnant women feel that their legs start to pain, this time must stop at this time.Take a break and do not continue to walk.

In October, pregnant mothers spend their heart -ups, for fear that one of them is not careful and cause damage to the fetus.In fact, expectant mothers don’t have to worry too much, as long as they maintain good living habits and check on time, the fetus generally does not have any problems.Moreover, when the baby is uncomfortable, he will "remind you" in a timely manner.

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