After pregnancy, the mood of expectant mothers will be harmful to the baby’s baby. Did you recruit it?

I have heard a word, never want to understand the thoughts of a woman, especially after pregnancy, people’s mood, even more, is rain, and ordinary things can easily make women particularly irritable.Love crying.Although the impact of hormones in the body after pregnancy has put a lot of pressure on the physical and mental body and mind of the expectant mothers, but if the expectant mother is pregnant during pregnancy, it is often upset, irritability and crying, be sure to adjust it in time.Because if you are in a bad mood during pregnancy, you will have a great impact on the baby’s baby, and it will often cause the following three hazards. Are you recruiting?

First, dysplasia.

During pregnancy, if the expectant mothers always feel that the pressure is particularly strong and the mood is particularly irritable, it will affect the development of the baby in the abdomen, because the mother’s physical condition is related to the baby’s development and design.If the expectant mothers often have too much pressure and do not adopt appropriate methods in time, not only, it will cause a great burden on the mother’s health, but also cause the baby in the abdomen.The situation, so during pregnancy, expectant mothers also have to manage their emotions, and must not be careless.

Second, affect the baby’s intelligence.

During pregnancy, if the expectant mothers are in a long -term mood and their own pressure, then the blood supply they talked about to him will be reduced accordingly, which will cause the baby to be hypoxic, and it may occur seriously.Insufficient nutritional functions will cause greatness and impact on the intellectual development of the baby baby, and it is likely to develop into a situation of intellectual obstacles. Therefore, during pregnancy, expectant mothers must not be careless during this problem.

Third, affect the character of the baby.

During the pregnancy, if the expectant mother is in a state of being bumpy and depressed for a long time, and strong mental stress, then the baby in the abdomen will also be affected by the emotion of Mother Ze, and after birthThings always love to cry and are particularly scared. Therefore, during the process of pregnancy, expectant mothers can have a sound personality and grow healthy in the future.This problem must not be ignored.

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