After pregnancy, the good mood of the mother that the husband knows that the mother knows is the baby’s most …

Husband must know nine things after pregnancy.

After pregnancy, you need 9 things that your husband knows. When necessary, send them to avoid them always thought that we are arrogant. Otherwise, you are sullen yourself, and it is not good for your baby’s health for a long time.

· The first and after pregnancy will especially like to sleep. This is caused by changes in hormones during pregnancy. If you say that you often feel sleepy and weak in a certain period of time, this is normal.

· The second and the first three months is a good thing, so that at least it can reduce unnecessary risks, such as dry housework bent, mopping, sunbathing, etc. These actions may cause uterine contraction or unstable center of gravity.It is the melanin deposits and stretch marks.We will change a lot with the image before pregnancy. Do not say about it for tens of pounds. A large amount of melanin deposition may appear in armpits, hips, and private parts. Some mothers still have hair on the belly. Do not make fun of us at any time.

· Third, crying in a small matter, the impact of pregnancy hormones may be easy to be emotional and sensitive and anxious during pregnancy. Don’t tell us so much principles, understand forgiveness and hug.

· The fourth, the temper suddenly deteriorated, the fifth spleen, then if the pregnant woman’s long -term stuffy breath does not vent, it will easily produce, so it is also a good thing to vent.

· The fifth one is afraid of heat or cold. My bathing throughout pregnancy is close to cold water. The weather in May has to turn on the air conditioner when sleeping.It is not that our pregnant mothers are confusing, but we are also involuntary. The legs and joints may be edema in the later stages of pregnancy. Some mothers will swell until one pit, and the prospective dad must remember to help.

· The sixth, the pubic pain and frequent urination enter the middle and late pregnancy, and the pregnant mother may need to be in several nights.Husbands should not just take care of themselves, because a large stomach in the third trimester will be very bulky, especially at night, husbands need to help them in time.It was because the daughter -in -law was uncomfortable here, and the dads screamed here.

· Ninth, and the most important one, hot pot milk tea, ice cream, spicy strip, snail powder, spicy spicy.As long as the doctor does not say that it cannot be eaten, the husbands must not intervene. The good emotion of the mother is the best prenatal education for the baby.

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