After pregnancy, the eye problems are more correct to use the eyes.

Generally speaking, people who do not myopia before pregnancy will not be myopia after pregnancy. If the eyes feel dry after pregnancy, it is normal for the vagueness of the vision. You do n’t have to worry too much. 6 to 8 weeks after childbirth, the vision will gradually recover.

If the pregnant mother of myopia still pays attention to the deepening of myopia during pregnancy.First of all, pay attention to eye hygiene. When reading and writing, you must ensure that there are sufficient light and lighting indoors. The posture should be correct. The eyes should be 20cm from the book. It should be kept by 3M.After half an hour in a row, you need to rest for 5 to 10 minutes. You can observe more green plants or look at it from a distance.Secondly, we must strengthen physical exercise and maintain adequate sleep, and insisting on eye health exercises are conducive to reducing vision fatigue.

Finally, you must develop good eating habits. You usually eat more animal liver, dairy products, egg yolks, fish and shrimp, carrots, soy products, etc. to help maintain normal vision.

Most of the eye drops or eye ointment belong to antibiotics or hormones, which may have adverse effects on the fetus and neonatal.Eye hygiene habits are the real anti -visual fatigue.

It is not recommended to wear contact lenses during pregnancy

Because the eye degree after pregnancy is different from before pregnancy, wearing contact lenses will feel uncomfortable. In addition, the physical fitness of mothers during pregnancy changes, weak resistance, and improper use can cause cornealitis, edema, and ulcers.For expectant mothers with diabetes and pregnancy hypertension syndrome, they must not wear contact lenses, otherwise they will cause or aggravate the bottom lesions.

Do not do myopia correction surgery during pregnancy

Although surgery does not affect the fetus, the number of glasses after pregnancy is different from before pregnancy. Surgery may be too correct. It is generally recommended to perform myopia correction surgery 6 months after delivery.

When the expectant mothers with a degree of myopia exceeding 600 degrees are doing their best during childbirth, there is indeed a risk of retinal detachment. At this time, it is best to ask a doctor to check it, and decide whether to give birth naturally according to the specific situation of the eyes.

Regarding the question of whether myopia will be inherited, the data is like this: about 5% of patients with myopia are related to heredity, usually high myopia, with a degree of more than 600 degrees.If both parents are highly myopia, the possibility of genetic offspring is 90%, and the parents are highly myopia. The possibility of genetic offspring is 50%, but there are also incomplete performance.It may not be myopia.

The above is our content today, the relationship between pregnancy and myopia, do you understand?

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