After pregnancy, the breath was short, and it was so harmful to the baby. Fortunately, I knew this!

Oxygen is a key existence of human survival on the earth. Generally, hypoxia occurs at high altitude, because the higher the altitude, the thinner the air, the thinner the air.Another situation occurs on the expectant mothers who are pregnant. When they are in the third trimester, expectant mothers often feel chest tightness, shortness of breath, feel breathless, suddenly panic, and they are afraid that they can’t breathe and cause syncope.

The shortness of breath is a subjective feeling, that is, the breathing is laborious or insufficient. In severe cases, it will feel that it seems to be pressed by the stone to the chest, and even breathing difficulties.

From the beginning of pregnancy, your body is making more blood to transport nutrition for the baby. The blood capacity of the expectant mothers will increase by about 1500 ml compared with usual.Specific mothers will have so -called pregnancy physiological anemia and accelerate heartbeat.

Coupled with the increase in uterine enlargement, the heart shifted to the left, and the heart was under the conditions of being squeezed. In addition, the physical metabolism of the expectant mother increased the increase in oxygen demand, and it was easy to feel the chest tightness and panic, so you need to increase the breathing to increase the increase.The volume of the lungs.

In general, when the quantities are slightly more activity, when the amount of oxygen is increased, it will further increase the burden on gravity and lungs. At this time, it is prone to the phenomenon of heart panic and shortness of heartbeat.If the expectant mother does not feel the shortness of breath, you can try to take a deep breath, or to rest on the side. If there is no history of heart disease, there is no relief after rest, and it is prompted to go to the hospital for examination.

In general, if the expectant mothers do not have frequent symptoms of panic and shortness of breath, there is no impact on the baby baby. If you are not assured, you can go to the hospital for examination. If necessary, the oxygen absorption can be relieved.

However, if the expectant mothers frequently appear dizziness, panic and breath, it may be a problem with the body. If the expectant mother often occurs during pregnancy, there is often a state of hypoxia, which will affect the blood supply and oxygen supply of the placenta.You should go to the hospital for diagnosis to avoid delaying affecting the baby’s baby.

Short -minded mothers must not be nervous during pregnancy. This is one of the very common symptoms during pregnancy, especially in the third trimester of pregnancy.

In daily life, expectant mothers can try to slow down the rhythm. Regardless of walking or doing things, some expectant mothers say: I want to give birth, I want to supervise I take 10,000 steps a day!Dear, don’t really force yourself.

When sitting here, expectant mothers can keep their upper body straight and do their shoulders backwards, allowing the lungs to expand as much as possible. When going to bed at night, you can use a side sleeping posture, and use a pillow to raise your head. It may make you feel good.Some.Under normal circumstances, after the baby enters the basin, the stomach falls down, the heart is no longer squeezed, and after the baby is born, your breathing will soon return to the state of pregnancy.Essence

Don’t eat too much high fat, high salt and high sugar foods. I believe that this is what many expectant mothers go to the delivery doctor will remind them.The phenomenon of breathlessness is more serious.Eat more iron -rich foods, such as lean meat, dark green vegetables and dark fruits, and make sure you take sufficient vitamin C to help you absorb the iron in the food, so that you will not be iron deficiency anemia.

The heart is the most adaptable organs in the body. When the pregnant mother is pregnant, the heart accelerates its work, as if it is implied to the baby’s mother that you need to work harder to work, and for your baby’s development, you should be developing for your baby’s development.La!

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