After pregnancy, the 6 things that warm people’s hearts are really happy.

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Many mothers talk about things during pregnancy. The first thing to think of is those "torture" after pregnancy, such as pregnancy, frequent urination, edema, and so on.But in fact, there are not only these hard things during pregnancy, but also a lot of happiness. Like these 6, the pregnant women in the whole middle are really enviable.

1. When you are hungry, someone will cook

After pregnancy, the woman realized what was "10 months of queen", because the appetite of pregnancy became very good, and pregnant women would feel hungry at any time.And when you say that you are hungry, your husband will cook for you, even if it is in the middle of the night, you will get up for you.Some pregnant women are taking care of her mother -in -law. As long as you say what you want to eat, your mother -in -law will do it according to what you want to eat, which is really happy.

2. Her name with the prospective father

Many husbands and wives have made their names before their children are born, including big names and small names.Because I do n’t know the gender of the fetus, the names of the boy and girl will have a few, and then they will be satisfactory.While named, I like the child’s appearance, it is really warm.

3.Feel the fetal movement with the prospective father

At 4-5 months of pregnancy, pregnant women can feel the fetal movement.After returning home from get off work, the prospective dad will stay with the pregnant mother and wait for the fetal movement.Stroking his stomach and putting your ears on your stomach and communicating with the fetus. Thinking about that picture is very loving.

4. Buy children’s supplies together

Before giving birth, pregnant women must prepare the package to be produced.In leisure time, pregnant women will visit the mall with the prospective dad to buy children’s clothes, bottle and other items.Two people choose colors and styles together. They talk and laugh, and they are happy.Seeing everything about children want to buy, I always want to give the best things to the child.

5. Take a walk after meals

We recommend that pregnant women should develop the habit of insisting on exercise during pregnancy, and considering the special circumstances of pregnant women, walking has become the best choice.After dinner, the prospective father accompanied the pregnant mother to take a walk. Walking in a lot of people, the prospective dad will take the initiative to protect the pregnant woman.Then talk about the child’s appearance or future things together, let alone how happy.

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6. Massage

In the middle and late pregnancy, pregnant women will have different degrees of edema, making it inconvenient to move.The prospective father will pour a pot of water before going to bed every day, so that you can soak you and dispel the fatigue for a day.Then help you massage your arms, legs, and feet, alleviate edema, and help you fall asleep quickly.

What time does your husband do it?

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