After pregnancy, my mother -in -law always lets you do these things, it seems to be flattering, but it is for you and the fetus.

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My cousin was pregnant after marriage, but I was unhappy every day because my mother -in -law was too wide.She said, "I originally thought I was spreading an enlightened mother -in -law. Who knew that she exposed her true face as soon as I was pregnant. She got up early in the morning and patted me to get up and walk with her. But I didn’t sleep enough every day.I don’t think of it at all, it’s really annoying. "

It didn’t take long later, the cousin said that she was blame her mother -in -law.The mother -in -law called her to walk with her early. In fact, she wanted to get her up and breathe fresh air, which was good for her and the fetus.Because she was just pregnant, she always slept until noon, and often did not eat breakfast.Her mother -in -law was worried that she had been in this time, the air in the house was not good, and the fetus was prone to hypoxia. She was originally anemia, and because she did not eat breakfast, her body was even worse.

Therefore, after pregnancy, my mother -in -law sometimes lets you do this, it may seem flattering, but it may be considered for you and the fetus.For example, the following things are::

Let you eat more, walk more after meals

I remember when I was pregnant, my mother -in -law always asked me to eat more, but I had a bad appetite and couldn’t eat it.In order to avoid hearing the mother -in -law’s nagging, every time I eat, I go aside with the rice bowl.Later, she let me walk more after a meal, and said every day, like the scriptures, I annoyed me.Once I went to the hospital for examination, the doctor told me that the fetus was slow. I was still low blood sugar. I suggest that I eat well and have a comprehensive diet and nutrition.I only realized that my mother -in -law was too thin during pregnancy and worried that my baby was unhealthy, so I just urged me to eat more meals.And because I felt that my appetite was not good, I walked away after meals.In fact, her kind of nagging seems to be flattering, but it is really good for me and the fetus.Therefore, do n’t blame the mother -in -law to always be so embarrassed.

Let you wear a loose point, wear more flat shoes

My classmate said that her mother -in -law was particularly wide after she was pregnant.She has a customer service reception in a company. She usually pays attention to the appearance of work. She not only likes to wear thin clothes with a figure, but also always wear high heels.Her mother -in -law often said her: "After you are pregnant, you have to wear a loose, don’t wear high heels, and wear more flat shoes." Whenever her mother -in -law said, she was annoying.She felt that her stomach was not large, and the environment of work was safe. There was no need to show "pregnancy" early.

But later, she accidentally stabbed her feet in high heels and flashed her waist.I went to the hospital for examination. Although the fetus was fine, they could not take the medicine at will.At this time, she knew that it was good for her mother -in -law to not let her wear high heels.Moreover, tight clothes will indeed get to the stomach, and it is easy to affect the fetus.So she started to listen to her mother -in -law.

Don’t let you hug someone else’s children

A pregnant mother said that she was boring at home after she was pregnant, so she often played with some Bao mom who brought her baby in the community.Sometimes I see those children’s children’s children cute and hug them.Once, her mother -in -law saw it, shouted and ran to her, let her put her children down, and let her not hug her children in the future, and made everyone embarrassed.When she went home, she quarreled with her mother -in -law, saying that her mother -in -law was superstitious, and pregnant women could not hold their children.But her mother -in -law said, "It is not superstition, it is less than three months of pregnancy, the fetus is unstable, in case the fetal gas is not good." Then she understood that her mother -in -law’s intention was ashamed.

Therefore, sometimes my mother -in -law is nagging, and I am really good for you and the fetus. The pregnant mother must understand.


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