After pregnancy, if you are pregnant, what should you pay attention to?

Many women who are operated by many women now are at a loss when they are pregnant again. What should I pay attention to when pregnancy after cesarean section?

1. Repent after cesarean section, and need to be pregnant after two years.Because the knife mouth of the uterine wall after a caesarean section is not good in the short term.Premature pregnancy, due to the development of the fetus, the uterus continues to increase, and the uterine wall becomes thinner, especially at the connective tissue at the mouth of the surgery, lack of elasticity.Fresh scars are easily bloated at the end of pregnancy or during childbirth, causing abdominal cavity to bleed or even threaten life.Therefore, it is best to be more secure after two years of pregnancy.

2. Prevent the abdomen from being squeezed in the late pregnancy.In order to prevent scars cracks, it is necessary to pay attention to protection and not be squeezed.In daily life in the third trimester, you should avoid the crowd of the crowd by car, walking, etc., and the housework should be appropriate. Sleep should be lying on your back or side. The life of the husband and wife should be restrained to avoid the abdomen.

3. Disordinated with abdominal pain.Some scar uterus will cause spontaneous rupture to occur in the late pregnancy, and abdominal pain is the main manifestation.Due to poor uterine scar healing with the increase of the month of pregnancy, the pressure in the palace increases. Although there is no cause, the uterus can also break from the scar.When the uterus is ruptured, there may be abdominal pain. Sometimes although abdominal pain is mild, the uterus has been ruptured and must be vigilant.

4. Pay attention to fetal movement.Fetal movement is an irregular activity in the uterus. The speed of fetal movement is one of the early manifestations of the fetus in danger in the palace.Generally, at least 10 fetal movements are required 3 to 5 times or one day (12 hours) per hour during pregnancy.After cesarean section, if the uterus with scars has a slight rupture and abnormal placenta, it will cause the fetus to die.The fetal heart sound disappeared.24-48 hours before the fetus died, the fetal movement slowed down or disappeared first.Therefore, pay attention to the abnormalities of the fetus in advance in advance, so as to take measures in time.

5. It is advisable to be hospitalized in advance.The closer the scar uterus, the greater the risk of rupture.In order to prevent uterine rupture or fetal death, they should be hospitalized two weeks in advance for delivery in order to find problems in time.

6. It is advisable to take a cesarean section again.The maternal who is pregnant after the first caesarean section, 80%of the second childbirth is used as a cesarean section, which is safer than vaginal delivery.The timing of the surgery of a caesarean section should be appropriate.Prematurely, the fetus is not easy to survive; too late, it is easy to cause uterine rupture or death.As long as the fetus is mature, surgery can be performed, and it is not necessary to wait until the labor.

7. When a cesarean section is given again, the fallopian tubes should be ligated.During a caesarean section, one person can only do it twice.In order to ensure the health of the mother, while the second caesarean surgery is surgery, tubal ligation must be performed to achieve the purpose of breeding.

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