After pregnancy, I was particularly afraid of eating in my in -laws’ house. Xiaoshan’s expectant mother collapsed: a meal two big chicken legs

On July 19, a expectant mother in Xiaoshan posted on the Xiao Inner Network APP: After pregnancy, she was particularly afraid of eating in her in -laws.There is no appetite in the early pregnancy, I ca n’t eat anything, but my mother -in -law thinks that I have to eat everything, and I have nutrition after eating. Now that I am in the middle of pregnancy, I have a better appetite. I ate two big chicken legs in a meal.No more …

She said that she also knew that her father -in -law was good for herself, but she felt too distressed.

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The expectant mother also said that she also emphasized the doctor’s advice with her father -in -law, drinking less greasy soup, but the old man was stubborn.

The old man always says that pregnant women should eat two people alone.Many netizens said that they have had similar troubles. They have dinner with my father -in -law during pregnancy and have great pressure.

The old man carefully prepared a table of dishes, and kept pinching the best and most complementary to the pregnant woman’s bowl, but as a pregnant woman, it couldn’t eat a few sips.

Some netizens said that pregnant women can’t eat it, don’t eat hard, they should still follow the doctor’s advice and eat reasonably.Some girls said that they ate too much fish and meat in the early pregnancy, and then went to the production inspection. Several indicators were super high.

Some netizens told the landlord that they could not eat, and they could find her husband to solve it or stay directly in the bowl.Some old people do have to be changed. The more they eat, the better the nutrition.

Netizen@网 网 is not Jingjing: After I am pregnant, I am seriously pregnant. If my in -laws cook, I will persuade me. If you can eat it, do n’t eat it if you ca n’t eat it.Give me it, but I didn’t force me to eat.

Netizen@网: I know that I eat less in front of our family. When I go to my in -laws, my mother -in -law asked her husband what meat to buy. My husband is also annoying, because I usually eat two of us, what to eat to ask me, and every time I have every time I eat, I will every time I eat it.It is casual, not just to eat, but he sweeps the plate, he is also tired.So he would tell his mother that you do n’t have to buy too much, you have to pour it out after eating, and you have to spit out too much. He came out.

Netizen@网 呱 3 years old: It’s okay, let’s get the husband to sweep the disk. Communication is very important. Don’t say in person, let the husband be a middleman to avoid contradictions.

Netizen@Snake0088: Too much up at once, directly say that nutritional balance is needed, and you have to eat a little, get a little more, do n’t have too much, you ca n’t eat it like this.To say the reason they can accept.

Netizen @Geyihui: Just eat it or not, just do n’t eat if you do n’t want to eat, and do n’t eat it if you buy it. They will never force you to eat.

Netizen@anonymous: My mother -in -law’s hands and feet, giving me a ribs of pork ribs in the early stage, I am nauseous now, and give me duck eggs. I ca n’t eat anything after eating a large bowl.Then start the blood sugar high glycerin high, and I can only eat coarse grains. I said that she paused with eggs, and gave me 20 completely unchanged. The current disk was the same.Steamed, so I want to say that my mother -in -law who can not cook <can communicate with rice, in the final analysis, because they have not had to eat in the past, the attention of you during pregnancy is 200 points, and the birth is right.The child’s attention is 200 points. It is strongly recommended to ask for a month. If you have the conditions to double the moon, it is not that the mother -in -law is not good, but the habit of their era is already different from the current day, and you have the right to learn.

Netizen@伏 网 网 有: What ca n’t say, say that if you do n’t listen to you, you will be in the bowl. I am like this. What can I do if I ca n’t eat it?Eat the children in the stomach into a big child, and you ca n’t give birth to life. Is it okay? I left the vegetables left and pretend to be vomiting. If they do n’t finish eating, do n’t go. Do n’t go.You caught in your bowl.

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