After pregnancy, I realized that I became a primary three, and now I am in the abyss. I regret it


I never expected that one day, I became the junior of others.

Knowing him was a dinner three years ago.

In the friend group, everyone went to K song together after eating.

A few friends came from the midfield, and there was him, Liu Feng.

Everyone sang, drink, and played games together, and the chat can be talked about later, and they added WeChat.

After turning around his circle of friends, there were some photos of drinking tea, travel, and landscape.

I didn’t pay much attention.

I usually talk a few words occasionally, and it is not cold.

But what happened later made our relationship a step closer.


I was at work that afternoon, and he sent a message: 100,000 torrents, can you accompany me to a wine bureau at night, you must help me!

There was a problem with the project that day, and I was annoyed, so I would go.

In order not to give him face, I went home to dress up deliberately.

The matter is smooth. It was a celebration meeting of their company. He said that everyone brought family members, and I could only ask you to help.

At the celebration meeting, his team performance was outstanding, and he won a prize of more than 100,000.Speaking at the conference, I suddenly felt that the man in front of me made me a little bit moved ~

He drank a lot of wine that day, and sent him to the hotel that he kept talking to me … What I liked for a long time, I have to be with me, and thank me for myself.

Although I didn’t say anything on my mouth, I was very happy.

I wanted to settle in him and then I went home. I didn’t expect him to vomit a mess. I was afraid that he had never returned.

Almost no eyes all overnight.

After waking up the next day, he was surprised and had a little guilty.

I always said that this would be like this, I felt sorry.


A few days later, he asked me to meet in a high -end restaurant.

I am glad to go to the appointment.

I still remember that day, he was dressed very well, bought a bouquet of roses, and gave me the latest Dior’s bag.

He told me: In fact, since the first meeting, I fell in love with me.

He also said: This is the first time I gave me a gift. I asked the cabinet sister for a long time. I hope I can like it.

He wants me to be his girlfriend.

At that time, I performed very calm, but in fact, my heart was already in a random deer.

He likes me, but I actually like him too.

In this way, we are together.


His hometown is from a province, and he is working alone in Beijing.

Although he was rented, his annual salary was good.

Of course, I don’t care very much. I think that the two people will have everything together in the future.

I even felt that if Beijing couldn’t stay one day, I could return to his hometown of Harbin with him.

The woman who is caught in love is always so stupid.

After establishing a relationship, we are like a normal couple, eating, watching movies, dating …

He was the first man in my life, and I love him deeply.

After more than a year, I was pregnant …

That time he drank, he was gone at the house, so he pushed half.

But I did not expect that if I was not careful at one time, it would make him completely exposed to me.

After pregnancy, I was very embarrassed, in the end, or not.

In fact, if you want it, it is also possible, because he was 30 years old, I was 29 years old, and we could get married.


Unexpectedly, he knew that he would let me get rid of it as soon as possible.

I have never seen him that.

I’m scared and I don’t understand.

In order to figure out why he was like this, I deliberately stimulated him and told him: If you don’t go to the hospital, you must give birth!

He collapsed completely and showed off with me!

He is married and has a daughter.

His wife and daughter are in Harbin, and he works in Beijing by himself.

Like the thunderbolt!

I never thought that the person who had been warm and cared for me in front of me was a married and child -like man!

I feel like I am playing.

Many doubts have also had answers.

For example, he rented a house by himself, but never said that let me live with him.

For another example, he sometimes goes back to his hometown during his holidays. After returning, he can’t contact people. Finally, let me tell me that the signal is not good, or go back to help my parents work too busy.



For the first time in love, I was injured and lost, and I also brought innocent children.

I dare not tell my house.

I asked the company for leave and found my girlfriend to accompany me to the hospital.

Later, he asked me to say that he would give me money, say that he can’t afford me, and say that he must compensate me …

Can I still hear it?

I have been a primary three year for others without knowing it. I feel stupid to be home!

I often insomnia in the middle of the night, I can’t sleep, and I cry alone.

I don’t know what I did wrong in my life, let me experience these things!

I haven’t done anything bad!

From small to large, I have been in school step by step.

After graduating from Beijing to work, he has been settled in peace, and he has never hurt others.

Why do God treat me like this?

Now that I am in the abyss and I can’t extricate myself.

I work hard to work, make money, and want myself to forget this experience.

But whenever you see a child, you will be full of self -blame, and the past things will emerge.


Write my story this time, hoping to remind the girls.

If you find that he has a little bit different, you must break the casserole to ask to the end.

Because he is good for you, it may be camouflage and perfunctory.

People who don’t know the bottom, you don’t know what else behind him.

Of course, I also hope that everyone should not experience things like me.

I often think that if there is no pregnancy, maybe he will always disguise, and I have been covered in the drum.

If I didn’t get pregnant, wouldn’t I be so sad even if I knew these things?

But if there is no matter, now I am too late to regret it!

Girls, be sure to polish their eyes when they are in love!See who the other person is, and then decide whether to be with him!

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