After pregnancy, don’t attend without attending a wedding. Pregnant mothers said: You don’t know where the danger comes from

Many women are restricted after pregnancy, or because of physical problems, they do not want to go wherever they go. When people who have a good relationship around they suddenly have to have a wedding, there will be a long idea of going out to make a lively idea.

But at this time, the elders in the family will stop pregnant women and not let her go to participate, and feel that the impact is not good.

This also makes many pregnant mothers feel angry and incomprehensible. I am pregnant. It should not be a festive thing. How can I not attend the wedding, and this age is superstitious.

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Although the old people do not allow pregnant mothers to attend the wedding, they are more superstitious, but this factor is eliminated. Looking calmly, the wedding scene is really not suitable for pregnant women.


"The best friend held a wedding at home when I was five months pregnant, because I felt that the fetus was relatively stable and in the middle of pregnancy, so I went to a wedding. It should not have much impact, and my friends also said that people would arrange people to take care of me."

"But when he was really busy, no one cared about me, and was accidentally encountered in the banquet. Finally, in order to avoid danger, he was sitting in the position and dare not go anywhere."


"When my relatives and friends got married, I went to make up for a lively, but I resigned after a long time. The sound there was too loud, and the sound of communication with each other was very noisy. Even adults like me couldn’t stand it.How can you stand the hearing just developing? "

"And when you encounter a lot of strangers along the way, you don’t know if their body is healthy, will it be transmitted to themselves and their babies, and I don’t know if anyone on the road will accidentally push you."

@L l:

"When I was pregnant, my relatives and friends also held a wedding, but because the fetus was unstable, I did not go. My husband went to participate alone, but he started diarrhea after eating the banquet."

"Although I was distressed by my husband at that time, I was also glad that I hadn’t gone. The food on the banquet was heavy and the nutrition was not balanced. The most important thing was that you don’t know if their ingredients are fresh. In case of hiding what is harmful to the fetus, the fetus is harmful to the fetus.Bacteria, adults may be fine when they eat, the child may suddenly be gone. "

@Z Lazy:

"Even if the pregnant mother wants to go, it depends on others to answer or not agree. Another saying is that when pregnant women go to the wedding, they will snatch the bride’s good luck, or their own good luck is stained. Some superstitious people, some superstitious people,Dare to invite a woman who is pregnant at all. "

"And what happened in the event of a pregnant woman, the groom and groom may leave the shadow of a lifetime."

"If the wedding owner does not welcome the pregnant woman, isn’t it blessed to go?

▼ Don’t work too much

Although women want to have an ideal wedding, preparation banquets are tiring, and in the process, it is easy to quarrel with family members and partners, which will affect energy and mood, and then affect the health of fetal treasure.

Therefore, it is better not to do anything from the beginning, waiting for her husband to surprise herself.

▼ Do not wear fine heels

Although fine heels are beautiful, they are tired of wear, and women who have not worn them are easy to fall.And when wearing a wedding dress, with flat shoes, thick heels, low heels, it is also very beautiful.

▼ Do not wear heavy, too long wedding dresses

The dress is too heavy, the body is easy to get tired, and it will also put pressure on the fetus. The hem is too long and the chance of falling is very high. It is best to choose a light and short wedding dress.

▼ Pay attention to the choice of cosmetics

If you are your own makeup, it is best to buy safe and harmless cosmetics in advance. If you ask makeup artists, you must make an agreement with the other party in advance.

And pregnant mothers need to observe the behavior of the makeup artist in advance. If they do not pay attention to the packaging, the clean and hygiene of cosmetics allows customers to use cosmetics alternately, it will easily cause bacteria to spread, which is not good for pregnant women and fetuses.Selected.

1) High temperature place

When the temperature of the pregnant mother is relatively high, the fetus is prone to defects. Therefore, women who cannot steam sauna, soak in hot springs, and women who work in high temperature places are also best to leave or leave.

2) Places with dense population

There are fewer people who are closed and less, such as malls, cinemas, Internet cafes, KTV and other places. The sounds here are noisy, the air quality is poor, and the possibility of bacteria is also infected.It’s right.

3) Newly renovated houses

The house is just renovated, and the pregnant mother should not live in, so as not to have defects in the fetus. In addition, it is best not to buy new furniture back. It also has the possibility of formaldehyde or other harmful substances.

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