After pregnancy, "vomiting" is uncomfortable.

A friend has been pregnant recently. I called and said that after pregnancy, I really couldn’t stand it, because daily pregnancy, it really made her thin body overload.Lying every day, for fear that some of their incorrect moves will have an impact on the baby in the stomach, but after going to the hospital for examination, there is no abnormality, saying that all this belongs to the physiological phenomenon.

There may be many pregnant women in the early stages of pregnancy. This phenomenon is that pregnancy vomiting is more uncomfortable, but how to relieve it. Many people may not know.Today, let’s take a look at several more common methods. Perhaps after doing it, we can spend the pregnancy stage well and make the body more comfortable.

1. Eat acid appropriately

In fact, the pregnancy reaction of pregnant women has a lot to do with hormone changes in the body. At this time, you can eat a little acidic substance. Of course, it is more effective if it is lemon.If the exercise response of pregnant women is very strong, they can carry a few pieces of lemon slices, so that when drinking water, they can be soaked a little, which can effectively alleviate pregnancy.Because pregnancy vomiting and nausea are a reaction of the stomach and intestines, acidic substances can make the stomach a little more comfortable.

2. Eat less meals

One of the dietary principles that pregnant women need to follow after pregnancy are eating and more meals.This method can reduce the burden on the stomach and intestines well, and it can also help digestion and absorption. For some toxins and garbage in the stomach and intestines, it can be excreted faster.In the state.You may wish to try to change three meals a day to lunch or more, but do not make your stomach feel supported every time you eat.Be sure to eat six or seven points full, and it is easier to digest.

3. Good mentality

If pregnant women have a very bad mood after pregnancy, some physical impacts may be greater.Especially the reaction of pregnancy vomiting is stronger.So everyone may wish to find a way that suits them, soothe their emotions, and slowly stabilize their mentality. You can also release your pressure by listening to music or good friends who are suitable for yourself.Essence

4. Comfortable to wear

Although the stomach has not been bulged at the time of pregnancy, and may not change in the shape, you must wear some more comfortable fabrics to wear clothes, which is better.If it is according to the previous dressing habits, that kind of tight clothes are likely to aggravate the pregnancy reaction.Make the stomach more uncomfortable and more difficult to digest.

5. Relax

Some pregnancy reactions come from psychological discomfort, a happy and peaceful mood helps to relieve pregnancy.So pregnant mothers should not be irritable or anxious because of the vomiting of two ends for three days.Normal and mild vomiting will not have much impact on pregnant mothers and babies.

Xing Shengying, relaxed parenting, happy life!

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