After many years, Dong Qing finally talked to the child’s biological father with tears, and my doubt was solved.

The famous host Zhao Zhongxiang once evaluated Dong Qing like this: Dong Qing is an excellent female host who is intellectual, dignified, atmospheric, and decent.

Compared to the dragon and snakes in the entertainment industry, Dong Qing seems to be a clear existence.

In her decades of hosting career, we seem to rarely hear the negative news about her, related to her, all of them are some positive energy things.

There is only one thing that is about her and her unknown children.

In 2014, she chose to go abroad for further studies. Just one year, she obtained a new identity, that is, the title of mother.

At the same time, she was 41 years old this year.

We don’t know about the child’s father.

I guess you want to say, who is the child’s biological father?The transition in the year has given Dong Qing a big contrast, so what did she experience during the period?

Born in Shuxiang Family

Due to the good education given by parents and the excellent genes of their own family, Dong Qing can be said to be a girl with her own aroma temperament since she was a child. Under the strict control of her parents, Dong Qing in the elementary school has across several levels and started middle school directly.Life has learned the same knowledge with a few years old.

With the age of age, Dong Qing, who has become more and more knowledgeable, has begun to have her own thinking. Compared with her father’s stable work, she is more inclined to become an excellent host.

The father and daughter quarreled, but after repeatedly, the father was eventually persuaded by his daughter, and he respected his daughter’s choice.

At the age of 17, Dong Qing was admitted to an art college he was thinking about, and he successively got the opportunity to work in Zhejiang and Oriental Television. It was more than ten years.

CCTV "Sister"

Kung Fu is worthy of the heart. At the age of 28, she was successfully selected as CCTV host.

Three years later, she began to become the resident host of the Spring Festival Gala. That year, she was 31 years old.

After that, she replaced Zhou Tao’s "one sister" status in CCTV and became CCTV’s highly noticed hostess.

In her career, she is quite rich and her emotional life is quite rich.

The child’s biological father is finally mentioned

At the age of 38, it was reported that Dong Qing was going to end his single life again. Until 2015, she went abroad to study abroad. The news was still failed to be confirmed.

Soon after, she was interviewed by the media who returned to the country, but she said her experience with tears:

Because of pregnancy, she had to leave her love stage for many years. She dedicated her youth to this, but was still very reluctant.

This sentence also indirectly shows that she was just going to give birth for a year in foreign countries.

Having said that, the mystery of the child’s biological father was also revealed by Dong Qing one after another. It turned out that he was Mi Chunlei.

And this Michunlei is a well -known rich man in Shanghai. He not only has a net worth of more than 100 million, but it can also be said to be known in Shanghai.

Dong Qing is 47 years old today.After experiencing people to middle age and marriage, Dong Qing has gradually returned to her family life. Although she is not active on the stage, I believe she is still the best female host of CCTV in everyone’s minds.

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